Catching Up

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time. Sorry about that! As usual life got in the way of posting. Don’t worry though, it’s been mostly fun things (along with a few more complicated thing).

Let’s do a quick catch up in pictures, shall we?

Christmas was here (who knew??)

photo (2)

Me and my favorite coworker, Lily. (who has since quit, sad face).

photo-1 (2)

The guys built a tire x-mas tree. Yeah, I work in a “junk yard”. Whatever, we can be creative if we want!

photo-2 (2)

I hosted an ugly sweater contest. Wait.. I mean a ugly/cute sweater contest. Patsy wanted to wear “the adorable sweater” she made in 1991. These were the winners. We had a penguin too?

photo-3 (2)

This is my manager..

photo-4 (2)

And this is my 50+ year old coworkers screensaver.

I’m sorry… I HATE twilight. I honestly think that it is the worst excuse at a novel ever written. (This is obviously my opinion, sorry if I offend anyone). I will say that I have a hard time taking her seriously though. Also please note the jar on the desk. I made all my coworkers goodie jars. (and had the intention of writing about it, silly me ;-)). The jars included Christmas socks, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip gloss nail polish and mini lint rollers (from Lorelei).

I had a super blessed Christmas over at my parent’s home.

photo-6 (2)

I prepared my first ever (on my own) Christmas dinner

photo-7 (2)photo-5 (2)

I exchanged gifts with the best of friends

photo-8 (2) photo-9 (2)

J’s wrapping/stickers were the best 🙂 He also got me the adorable apron that I am wearing in the previous set of pictures.

D and I got each other the same teacup set… bff much? Or maybe we just shop together too often?

photo-10 (2)

I ran out of time to decorate, so mini tree it was. Bonus points to whoever can spot the reindeer imposter..

photo-11 (2)

Toby cat helped me wrap gifts

photo-12 (2) photo-13 (2)

I FINALLY got the floating shelves hung (only six months in the making).

All of the snowmen and Santa/the reindeer are from my Grandma’s Christmas decoration collection

photo-14 (2)

Lori got a hold of this Santa (dated 1969). Once I finished crying I dubbed him Confucius Santa. His poor beard will never be the same.

photo-15 (2)

Hand painted goblets and k-cup holder from another bestie. How lucky am I??

photo-16 (2)

Table decorations. The deer are from 1967. How awesome is that??

photo-17 (2)

Cards from friends and family. Flowers from my love for our 9th anniversary.

photo-21 (2)

Redecorated our front door wreath

photo-18 (2)

And to top off an awesome holiday season? I got to spend an entire week with my best friend ever (really my sister). We got started on wedding planning (for real) so I will have some posts up on that soon.

photo-20 (2)

Retiree nearby who goes allll out for Christmas

photo-19 (2)

Christmas in Arizona 🙂

I’ve been pre-writing posts, so I’m back.. for real.

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So What Wednesday


Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if…
* It’s only 8:30 am I kind of want to slap my coworker. I brought in muffins for the office and she felt the need to turn to me and inform me that she didn’t like the pumpkin one. So sorry you don’t like the free breakfast I bought you. How rude!
* Business has been slowing down for the holidays and even though it’s bad for the balance sheets I’m thankful for the slowness.
* I think I was a bear in a past life. I have such a hard time getting up in the morning and I get tired when the sun goes down. I’m quite sure my body wants to hibernate all Winter.
* There was only one other person on the upstairs cardio equipment this morning and I’m pretty sure I made him question my sanity. I got on an elliptical and the TV was broken, so I got off and went to the next, same thing happened… I tried 3 before I found on that worked. Get on fixing that LA!
* I vow to keep up with the laundry every time I get caught up, and yet never do.
* I’m FINALLY ready to start making wedding decision. Only took a year… ha!
* My dog is a spoiled princess (with a sensitive stomach). Amy brought her doggie bagels from a bakery on Saturday. I thanked Amy and then set them on the counter without giving them to the dog. After an hour or so Amy asked if Lori could have them. Princess decided to sniff the bagel, take it in her mouth, and then drop it and go get back on the couch. Nothing like apologizing for a dog..
*I’m excited to get to work on a crafty project for the entry and my office. Last weekend kind of proved that I suck at artsy things, but I’ll keep trying dangit!!
* I’m ready to throw our copy machine out the window. I was it’s only advocate and it just pissed me off for the last time. I keep telling everyone to at least let me finish using the supplies we have for it… but it just burned me so badly that I got an insta blister. Now if I woulda touched the drum I would realize that the burn was my fault.. but the burn was from pulling a piece of paper out of it! The thing is officially a hazard.
* There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this post. Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂

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Time to Hit Refresh

So.. it’s half way though March. I think it’s time for a progress report as far as my running goals.

I wish I could say I was right on track- but that would be a lie. My dad is out of the hospital, but since the hospital stay I have hardly run at all. I have felt too mentally and emotionally drained, and it just hasn’t happened.

There is good news though- I decided I was just burned out on running (I ran A LOT last year), so I decided to restructure my goals a bit. New goal? 1500 miles before the wedding- This works out to be about the same structure as before- but mentally I feel so much better about it. I started doing way shorter (3-4 mile) runs, and restarted New Rules of Lifting for Women and so far so good. Like I mentioned earlier, I ran a lot last year and reallllly slacked off on lifting weights. I hear over and over that both are important, but now I finally get it. 🙂

I am so thankful that winter is finally over! I know in five minutes I will be whining about the heat, but I really just can’t handle the winter. I would be so royally screwed if I lived back East or in the Midwest. It would be SADD city for sure.. The warmer weather also has to do with my motivation to get back on the bandwagon I think. Produce is getting good again, it’s getting light earlier, and it dawned on me recently that I will be in the Caribbean in the not so distant future..

Happy Monday!