Catching Up Part ll

To follow up my last post.. here is New Year’s through now in (mostly) pictures.

photo-24 (2)

We planned on a nice quiet New Year’s in, playing Uno on the couch, to be exact. That’s what we did last year and it was surprisingly fun. One of our friends was having a get together though, so we agreed to stop by there for a bit and say hi. Our friend’s new roommate is from CA where fireworks aren’t allowed.. so of course we had to show him how NYE works in Phoenix. We started with sparklers and as you can probably predict we felt like we had to stay for the midnight finale. Our “quiet night in” ended with us closing down the bar behind J’s house at 3am. Oopsie.. ha!

photo (2)

Finale was literally this x6.. good times.

In mid January J told me about a painting class that he had found online that was a great deal. As in FREE + they gave us a ton of wine goodies + apron to promote/celebrate the launch of a new season of Cougar Town. J and I rounded up a bunch of friends + coworkers and made a bit of a party out of it.

photo-25 (2)

AmTruck Group Picture.. Not sure who the chick on the far right is. She was quite friendly and hopped in our photo though.. haha!

photo-26 (2)

Can you tell who is related?

photo-27 (2)

Entire Group

photo-28 (2)

Blurry as heck picture of my “masterpiece”.. Please refrain from laughing 😉

After all that fun I followed up January with a month long cold from HELL. SO glad that’s over!

photo-30 (2)

“The Creeper”.

There was lots of tabloid reading in the bathtub and that was about it other than the bare necessities for work.

photo-29 (2)

Tennyson is only friendly when I’m in the bath tub. Weirdest cat around.

photo-31 (2)

He enjoys tea, too. Apparently.

Other than trying to survive the cold of 2014 (I’m a little dramatic.. maybe) + working — most of my spare time was spent planning my Grandpa’s 90th birthday.

He’s been in business for 70+ years, he has a large family and he’s just all around awesome so there were a tonnn of people at his party. I think 100+ showed up.



PicMonkey Collage


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My favorite picture of the day. They have been friends for 60+ years.

The end of February/ the beginning of March brought a huge increase in business.. like 3X. It’s hectic, but I love it so much.

PicMonkey Collagecc

Toby inspecting the files & keeping the work place professional. He did this while my best friend was signing a contract to buy her first home.

Other than work, it seems everyone I know was born in February, so there were lotssss of birthdays to attend.

PicMonkey Collagedd

Literally only a quarter of the birthday people in February.

PicMonkey Collage521

And a wine night thrown in for good measure.

photo-41 (2)

My favorite “selfie” ever.

T and I had a great Valentine’s day evening together. We got with the wedding photographer and finalized things and then he took me out for a really nice dinner.

(No pictures, because I suck).

I surprised him and told him that I am going to be taking his last name. (I was seriously on the fence).


Not my future last name, but I made something similar to this and wrapped it up for him to open. 🙂

J was kind enough to take me as his date for this quarter’s Cactus League event.

photo-1 (2)

The venue was gorgeous, as always :-).

Annd this time I’m not making any promises as to when I will be back. I have been pre-writing, so it should be soon. But then again, every time that I say that it never is haha.

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TGIF + The Birthday Dog + Pool Problems


The Birthday Dog.

Thank God it is Friday, I am so over this week.

Nothing drastically bad has happened, it’s just been one of those weeks where absolutely nothing goes according to plan. When T and I were house hunting we agreed no pool. Mainly because they require a lot of care and they are expensive. Of course the house we fell in love with had one, so next thing we know we are now responsible for a pool. We bought our house in November, so we took care of the pool all winter long and now its finally warm enough for us to enjoy it.. so what happens? The pump quits working and the pool quickly turns an awesome shade of green. Wonderful. I really wanted to swim so I asked dragged T to go over to my parents so we could swim there. We get there and their pool is looking less than stellar as well.

This all happened last week, but after two days of going into work late it’s finally fixed, and I am SO READY to go swim this weekend. So this morning I took the dog out to potty and I see our yard is flooded. I look at the pool and the water is down a good 5-6 inches and the auto fill is on. I go look at the “newly fixed” pool equipment and it’s wet over there too, so I flip it on and water starts POURING out of the freshly re-plumbed area near the pump. Arg, our water bill is going to be insane this month!

About 30 seconds after this happens I get a call from my Dad saying that his pool now officially looks like a swamp.

So I call our pool guy and he is stumped why T and I’s pool equipment worked for 2 nights then seemingly exploded.. He told me he was super busy and going to be out of town this weekend for a wedding so it would have to wait until Monday. He did say he was on his way over to my parents though, and he would let me know what was up once he knew. I got a call from him about 45 minutes later saying that there was a decaying prairie dog like animal stuck in the skimmer. EWWWWW. I definitely stuck my feet in there last weekend. I keep telling myself that the animal wasn’t in there with me but it makes me want to gag..

Enough whining though, how was everyone else’ week? Any exciting weekend plans?

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Wine Night Thursday

This post isn’t timely at all.. I gotta get with it!

Thursday night I had a friend over for wine night. I LOVE entertaining, but never have time to get things prepped the way I’d like them. Sooo we had fruit dip I whipped up and hummus and pita chips. At least my presentation was there?


I am also pretending that this is healthy- wheat pita chips and hummus. Right? Ha!

The dip was coconut based, and definitely sugary and delicious. So much for my weekly link up goal of making something healthy. We win some and we lose some I guess.

J came over and pretty much the first words out his mouth were ” I was going to do my hair, then I remembered you weren’t a guy I’m trying to impress”. Which was fine, I told him I was going to put on make up, but then I decided I didn’t care. Mutual understandings at their best. 🙂

Then things got weird.


We decided we needed wine STAT. I was struggling, so J took over as I sat on the counter and watched. We were joking around, talking and such and I looked out the open window behind him (above the lampshade). I looked up and my 45ish year old neighbor was standing on his kids trampoline in the back yard- AND WE MADE EYE CONTACT!

He was out with his kids thankfully, so at least he’s not a total creeper, but it was so awkward! I told J and he turned around and looked too, and the neighbor totally saw. At that point we were cracking up.. I haven’t seen the neighbor yet, but the whole awkward/ridiculousness of the situation was just weird.

I LOVE my house, but I really do wish it was on a larger lot.

Anyone else have any weird Thursday night stories for me?