So What Wednesday

I think this may be my favorite link up EVER.


This week I am saying SO What if…

*  If it’s been hitting the 30’s here at night and I’ve been freezing.. I know that’s a lot of peoples high temp, but I’m a Phoenician and I can’t take the COLD!! That’s why I live in the desert!

* In fact I may have had the heat so high the other night that my sidekick pups ditched me. She chose to hang with T downstairs where he had it cool while he studied..

* I’m still amazed with how well T knows me. I told him that “the best thing ever was going to happen on New Years Eve” and he immediately guessed that my bestie is coming into town. She hasn’t been her in town over a year so he had no real reason to guess she was coming, but he knew!

* I get to spend NYE and New Years with Stephie!!! Oh wait, that’s not a so what! haha

* My dog is so spoiled that she even my coworkers spoil her. Yesterday muffin lady brought her a scarf from Target. What can I say, she knows the way to my heart!

(Pictures of the sad border collie to come)

* I was plotting death of the aforementioned Border Collie this morning when I came downstairs to find that she had shattered my favorite Pyrex baking dish. I left it on the counter overnight to soak, and came down to the mess in the morning. Has anyone ever broken Pyrex? I think it literally shatters into a million pieces. A million pieces that I spent 30 minutes picking up in the kitchen, dining room and living room. Apparently Pyrex shatters into a million pieces and FLYS.

* I can’t stand when people start blog posts with “hey losers”, “hey fools”, or anything of that nature.. SO WHAT if I’m over sensitive to it 🙂

* Everyone is in a super feisty mood today and I’m loving it. Everyone is normally zombie status around here, but today the language is coarse and the jokes are crass. But hey at least everyone looks alive!

* I am technology-ed out. I don’t want to take on anymore social media. I should update my work blog, FB, twitter, website, ect more often but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

*We are down to two rolls of toilet paper (in our 3 bath home..) and I haven’t brought myself to do anything about it until this rather drastic point in time. We literally like five minutes from a Costco, but I am AFRAID to go there… People are crazy!

What are you staying So What to this week?

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So What Wednesday


Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if…
* It’s only 8:30 am I kind of want to slap my coworker. I brought in muffins for the office and she felt the need to turn to me and inform me that she didn’t like the pumpkin one. So sorry you don’t like the free breakfast I bought you. How rude!
* Business has been slowing down for the holidays and even though it’s bad for the balance sheets I’m thankful for the slowness.
* I think I was a bear in a past life. I have such a hard time getting up in the morning and I get tired when the sun goes down. I’m quite sure my body wants to hibernate all Winter.
* There was only one other person on the upstairs cardio equipment this morning and I’m pretty sure I made him question my sanity. I got on an elliptical and the TV was broken, so I got off and went to the next, same thing happened… I tried 3 before I found on that worked. Get on fixing that LA!
* I vow to keep up with the laundry every time I get caught up, and yet never do.
* I’m FINALLY ready to start making wedding decision. Only took a year… ha!
* My dog is a spoiled princess (with a sensitive stomach). Amy brought her doggie bagels from a bakery on Saturday. I thanked Amy and then set them on the counter without giving them to the dog. After an hour or so Amy asked if Lori could have them. Princess decided to sniff the bagel, take it in her mouth, and then drop it and go get back on the couch. Nothing like apologizing for a dog..
*I’m excited to get to work on a crafty project for the entry and my office. Last weekend kind of proved that I suck at artsy things, but I’ll keep trying dangit!!
* I’m ready to throw our copy machine out the window. I was it’s only advocate and it just pissed me off for the last time. I keep telling everyone to at least let me finish using the supplies we have for it… but it just burned me so badly that I got an insta blister. Now if I woulda touched the drum I would realize that the burn was my fault.. but the burn was from pulling a piece of paper out of it! The thing is officially a hazard.
* There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this post. Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂

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So What Wednesday

Hello loves!! Is anyone as glad as I am that the dumb hump day camel is finally losing favor? I loved him when he first came out, but my coworkers will forever love him apparently.

I’ve never participated in this particular link up- but I always enjoy reading y’alls responses so I decided to join in on the fun


So what if I took a two day break from dog? She has been a real pain recently and I’ve got too much to do in too few hours. My lovely mom is watching her for me and I’m pretty sure she enjoys her mountains of treats time at Grandma’s house more than going to work with me anyway.

So what if I planned to just drop off cold meds for T at work yesterday and ended up ditching work and taking a lunch with him? He had just clocked out and I can count the number of times that I’ve had workday lunch with him on one hand. Plus he got stuck working all last weekend, so between our crazy work schedules I miss him even though we live together.

So what if I’m skipping the last company softball game tonight. It’s my friend of 13 (omg when did we get so old?!?) year’s birthday and I’m not skipping her celebration!!

So what that I just deep cleaned the rug cleaner- for the first time since we bought it six months ago. That ish is nasty.. and complicated. I put it off for as long as humanly possible.

So what if I decided on a wedding venue and date and haven’t really told anyone. (Other than T and my mom obviously). I’m not ready to make any more decisions for a little bit, so I’ll keep quiet if I want!

So what if I’ve been having a ton of pregnancy dreams and not hating it. WEIRD!

So what that I have had all my diplomas/certifications + the frames I bought to hang them sitting on my desk for 2+ weeks. Oh wait! That’s not so what- it’s really driving me nuts. People quit adding crap to my to do PILE on my desk.. I just wanna hang my damn stuff up! haha

So what if I’m ignoring said pile to write this post..

So what that it’s Wednesday and I’m already looking forward to Friday!!

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