Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I decided to participate in this lovely link up for the first time ever. I always enjoy reading what others come up with so why the heck not?!


I officially can never get a blog post written at work. It doesn’t matter if I know what I want to say or even if I have it pre-written.

It. Just. Never. Works.

Fate forces me to be a good employee I guess. ha!


I’m signing T and myself up for two expensive 5ks that are in the next 6-8 weeks. We need motivation and these ones look like fun. One has an amazing race bag and the other just looks awesome. Who doesn’t want to be covered in neon dust that’s going to make a huge mess everywhere? Plus, it’s a tax write off….

hahahah like I make enough money to really need to worry about that.


I have a randomly smelly dog.

Lorelei has been getting extra stinky the past couple months and I can’t figure out what the deal is. I thought it was coming from her ears so I called the vet and described the symptoms and they agreed that it was probably an ear infection. Her ears looked clean to me.. but I’m no vet. So I took her in and the vet agreed her ears are clean and not infected. This dog is literally my child and always with me so I know she hasn’t been getting into anything in the yard. I’ve been bathing her the same amount as always and she JUST started stinking! so weird!

Did my dog hit puberty or something??


I’m driving myself crazy with the wedding venue picking. I am going to look at a couple more tomorrow and then I think it’s time to just make a choice already.

But what if I choose wrong?? Major pressure here!


Diet bets really do work!! Turns out I’m way money motivated.. big surprise 🙂

I got down to 192.4 this month.

I couldn’t be more pleased, I ate pretty well most of the time but got virtually no exercise. (Aside from all the walking I do on a daily basis- I have a fairly active job). This number does include a short 3 day vacation too. I didn’t eat particularly well on vacation but I did make it up with two solid days walking.

I’m not dummy, I know I need to get moving. Enter the races I signed up for.

I do have to admit that while I’m glad that the diet bet worked for so many people I’m also a little disappointed… I wanted to win a bigger pot! haha

Happy weekend everyone!

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