In a Funk + Tuesday Randoms

I have been in a serious funk the past two days..

It started on Sunday night when I read about the Volunteer Fire team that was killed in Northern Arizona. 19 people were lost. They were all volunteers. They didn’t have to be there.. but they were. They did solely it to help their communities. The fire spread so fast it basically took out an entire town. At this point they still don’t know if/how many residents didn’t make it out.

My heart literally hurts. I have so much respect for all those men who were out there.

I love Arizona soooo much–especially in the winter. Whenever I see natural disasters on the news I feel for the people who have to go through such terrible things but at the same time I am thankful for our virtual lack of them.

The few things Arizona does have are floods and fires. Floods are pretty easy to avoid- danger wise- as long as you have common sense and don’t drive though washes, watch the weather when out hiking, ect. The fires however… there is a degree of common sense there as well-no camp fires when its dry, don’t be using spark/flame emitting machines before 8 pm (ie yard equipment), ect– but there is almost mother nature. This fire was started from lightening- not human caused in any way.


Picture I stole of FB- Blue Ridge Hot Shots

My parents have a cabin up North. A few weeks ago there was a fire nearby and the team that was killed came and helped fight it. The picture above is our team after they heard the terrible news. I just can’t even put into works how bad I feel for their community and family members.


So that was Sunday night before bed- then while I was asleep I had a freaky dream that really stuck with me. I don’t know that freaky is the right word really- but the dream stuck with me.

I dreamed that I was next door at my Grandpa’s business- not that weird. Except I was by the back door and Grandpa came in and heard me but couldn’t see me from where I was standing by the kitchen.. Then my Dad and Grandpa came around the corner with my Grandma. They were all talking about who was going to do the bank run (aka completely mundane stuff). Meanwhile I saw Grandma and she acknowledged me (while no one else did) and all I could focus on/wanted to do was walk towards her while I asked her if she was “real”. I walked to her and she said yes and I remember touching her face. Then I woke up.

My Grandma died last year and I would be completely lying if I said it didn’t effect me big time. In my conscious mind I knew she wasn’t alive.. I’m trying to remember if I’m dreaming about an old memory and inserting current day (Grandpa not seeing me because his bad vision and me knowing she wasn’t on this Earth anymore) into it or if it was something else.

Really, “freaked me out” isn’t a good phrase for it- more like made me curious and sad. I miss her 😦


On to some better things.

4th of July Decorations


Finally remembered to snap a picture of the wreath I put together for the 4th.

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I don’t think we should need a reason to act patriotic, but I do love the feeling of pride and unity on the 4th.


Early and Unexpected Birthday Gifts

photo-2 photo-3

Looking a hot mess in the nasty infamous work bathroom.

My uncle Guy surprised me yesterday with 2 pairs of earrings that he got for me at the gun show last weekend. He got me a pair with horses and a pair with hummingbirds. Horses are one of my favorites and hummingbirds were my Grandma’s thing. The timing was a little funny please I don’t think he knew/remembers that. The style is definitely not something I would have picked myself, and I love them for that very reason!

I also love that my big, bad, tough military guy uncle was buying me delicate glass earrings at the gun show! hahaha!


I also received a box of Fairy Tale brownies last week as a closing gift..  I was a good girl and shared them (and the calories 😉 ) but that was a fun first.

Usually I am the one who loves giving gifts, but I gotta say the unexpected gifts in the past week or so have been fun!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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