Catching Up

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time. Sorry about that! As usual life got in the way of posting. Don’t worry though, it’s been mostly fun things (along with a few more complicated thing).

Let’s do a quick catch up in pictures, shall we?

Christmas was here (who knew??)

photo (2)

Me and my favorite coworker, Lily. (who has since quit, sad face).

photo-1 (2)

The guys built a tire x-mas tree. Yeah, I work in a “junk yard”. Whatever, we can be creative if we want!

photo-2 (2)

I hosted an ugly sweater contest. Wait.. I mean a ugly/cute sweater contest. Patsy wanted to wear “the adorable sweater” she made in 1991. These were the winners. We had a penguin too?

photo-3 (2)

This is my manager..

photo-4 (2)

And this is my 50+ year old coworkers screensaver.

I’m sorry… I HATE twilight. I honestly think that it is the worst excuse at a novel ever written. (This is obviously my opinion, sorry if I offend anyone). I will say that I have a hard time taking her seriously though. Also please note the jar on the desk. I made all my coworkers goodie jars. (and had the intention of writing about it, silly me ;-)). The jars included Christmas socks, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip gloss nail polish and mini lint rollers (from Lorelei).

I had a super blessed Christmas over at my parent’s home.

photo-6 (2)

I prepared my first ever (on my own) Christmas dinner

photo-7 (2)photo-5 (2)

I exchanged gifts with the best of friends

photo-8 (2) photo-9 (2)

J’s wrapping/stickers were the best 🙂 He also got me the adorable apron that I am wearing in the previous set of pictures.

D and I got each other the same teacup set… bff much? Or maybe we just shop together too often?

photo-10 (2)

I ran out of time to decorate, so mini tree it was. Bonus points to whoever can spot the reindeer imposter..

photo-11 (2)

Toby cat helped me wrap gifts

photo-12 (2) photo-13 (2)

I FINALLY got the floating shelves hung (only six months in the making).

All of the snowmen and Santa/the reindeer are from my Grandma’s Christmas decoration collection

photo-14 (2)

Lori got a hold of this Santa (dated 1969). Once I finished crying I dubbed him Confucius Santa. His poor beard will never be the same.

photo-15 (2)

Hand painted goblets and k-cup holder from another bestie. How lucky am I??

photo-16 (2)

Table decorations. The deer are from 1967. How awesome is that??

photo-17 (2)

Cards from friends and family. Flowers from my love for our 9th anniversary.

photo-21 (2)

Redecorated our front door wreath

photo-18 (2)

And to top off an awesome holiday season? I got to spend an entire week with my best friend ever (really my sister). We got started on wedding planning (for real) so I will have some posts up on that soon.

photo-20 (2)

Retiree nearby who goes allll out for Christmas

photo-19 (2)

Christmas in Arizona 🙂

I’ve been pre-writing posts, so I’m back.. for real.

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Five on Friday!

As usual.. sorry for the long lapse. Life happens… and it also happens that everyone I’ve ever met in my life is apparently born at the end of January/ early February.

Onward to Five on Friday!

1.) I had a really goofy schedule today and I ended up stopping by my parents house on my way to work. This little guy was all by himself, so I brought him in to the office with me.


Lori is gonna be PISSED when she figures out that she had to stay home and Mo was in her territory! haha!

2.) As I mentioned- I stopped at my parents house on my way into the office. When I moved out of my parents house (15ish months ago) I purposely left some clothes behind. I figured I have plenty and their house is midway to work + I spend a fair amount of time there so I may need an extra outfit at some point. (This has saved me a few times!) Unfortunately I have taken clothes.. but not brought them back. When I got to my parents I found a shirt that I could wear to work, but no pants. I was pretty desperate so I went and looked through so old clothes that I had in the extra bedroom.  I found a pair of brand new American Eagle jeans (tags still on!) that had some how made it down there. The only way I can think that they made them down was that they were a gift that was too small and I couldn’t return them. BUT they fit now!! Woohoo FREE new jeans!!

3.) I woke up this morning to a super overcast day.. Grandpa’s party is tomorrow and it’s OUTSIDE.. insert freak out. We have 100+ RSVPed too, so it’s not like we can really just move it inside to the house.


LOVE Arizona sunsets..

I just took the above picture a few minutes ago. I think the clouds are breaking up! Grandpa is SO EXCITED for his party, and I am so excited for him. Fingers crossed everything is perfect tomorrow.

4.) One of the guy’s recovered the service truck! The jerks who stole it took a lot of the expensive unique parts that it had on it off.. but it’s back! I really didn’t think that anything would come back. I also love that it was an employee who found it… yay for watchful eyes at Circle K!

5.) This devil of a cold is finally leaving my system! I can’t remember the last time that I’ve been sick for this long… 3.5 weeks and counting. My mom told me that the nurse at her doctors office told her that it’s been hanging around for a month on average. Ick! That is so not okay stupid cold germs!

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Happy weekend friends! I hope that it’s a great one!

What a Day..

Blogging two days in a row?? And planning for three! There has got to be some kind of miracle going on 🙂

As I have mentioned in the past- I work two jobs. One is running my own business, and one is helping my Dad run his. To be honest, I really don’t like the industry my Dad works in (large trucks), but I help out because my Dad pretty desperately needs it. He’s been in business for 30+ years and has built a great business, but a lot of his key people have been retiring over the past couple years and it seems near impossible to find good replacements. I work for him because I am legitimately worried about his stress level and health… but my passion lies in selling residential real estate. How cool is it to help people find their dream homes? Or find great investment  pieces? I live for it.

Unfortunately with all the holiday chaos I have been focusing a lot more on my Dad’s business, rather than my own. (I.e. I’ve helping clients I have, rather than doing that + marketing myself to find new ones and grow my business). I took all of yesterday off from my Dad’s to catch up on my marketing and checking in with old clients yesterday and it was so awesome. I did stuff I enjoy all day instead of putting out fires! Yay!

So of course today I was welcomed back with a lovely surprise down at the lot. As I also mentioned in yesterday’s post- we aren’t in the best part of town.. today I came in to find out that we had been burglarized. The burglars stole our service truck, and a SUV that we had in inventory. They messed up our side fence.. and cut locks. They also decided that they were going to hit my 90 year old Grandpa’s lot on the way out. They stole a ton of batteries out of much of his inventory, cut the batteries out of the golf carts that we use to get around the property and drove a truck through his fence.

Not a great thing to start the morning with. I was venting to a friend via text earlier tonight and she asked what was wrong with people.. I wish I knew. Drugs? Some people are legitimately just bad? I HATE that they stole from my 90 year old Grandpa. It sucks for my Dad and I.. but him? Who does that?!?

Based off of the way everything went down it’s kind of looking like either an employee or someone else who is in the yard often did it.

Maybe my guard Border Collie is on to something?

photo-1 (2)

To top off the day T told me that his check engine light came on. ((On his new (to him) car.)) I asked him to bring it down so that they guys could take a look at it. Apparently some dummy put power steering fluid in his coolant reservoir. What the heck people?!?!

How was everyone else’s Tuesday? Hopefully less dramatic than mine!!

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I’m Back- Liebster + Weekly Goals Week 1

Hey blogland.. it’s been a long time. Sorry about that. As usual I promise to try to do better.. I have so many things to get done that I kind of just feel that I am failing at them all.

Sooo for 2014 I have decided to give up… SLEEP.

Just kidding, kind of.

I have a ton of stuff that I want to write about/document that has happened over the last couple months. It may be a strange holiday blast from the past around here for a bit, so feel free to skip over those posts. I know that I’m over the holidays, so I can imagine that you all are too. Buuut like I said, I want to document them!

Lauren from Another Mom Another Blog was kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster so I am going to jump back into blogging by answering her questions. Carolyn nominated me for a Leibster some months back, so if you’re curious about that you can check it out here. I am just going to answer Lauren’s questions because I am lazy like that. 🙂

1. What’s the meaning behind your blog name?

Well I started this blog to document wedding planning and my goal to run 1000 miles in 2012. I ran 500 mines in the last six months of 2011, so I thought it would be neat to run 1000 in 2012. Too bad I completely burnt myself out on running in 2011 though.. Also, I tend to get TOO nostalgic at times and live in the past more than I should. Hence “another mile, another memory”. Plus it’s a lyric from a Dierks Bentley song, and I just love him. 🙂

2. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Oh man! That is such a great question. I think I would want to be something aquatic. I love the water.. a dolphin would be cool. They are super smart, intuitive and playful. Who wouldn’t want to be all those things?

3. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I have a lot.. I think I am more easily annoyed than a lot of people. (Aren’t I so loveable?). I really hate bad drivers and when T picks at his nails with his teeth though. He handles money all day..EWW!

4. What’s your dream car?

Another great question!! I am such a Chevy/ GM girl. I LOVE my SRX, but I would also love the truck from this post as a nice weekend ride for up at the cabin ;-).

photo-7 (2)

If I had to pick something besides a GM I would probably pick a VW Beetle- the body style before the current one- or an Audi sports car.

5. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

The fact that it forces me to take a little time out for myself? haha no, I absolutely adore the fact that I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing women from all over North America.

6. What is your favorite breed of dog (or cat if you’re a cat person)?

I love both cats and dogs, and really most animals (not reptiles or bugs though!) but if I had to pick I would have to say Border Collie.What a surprise, right? I have wanted a border Collie since I was 12 years old and Lori is everything that I could dream of. She was housebroken at 6 weeks– you tell me that she isn’t a genius?!

photo (2)

I work in a pretty crappy part of town (for one of my jobs) and Lorelei has picked up an awesome new habit.. If someone she doesn’t like (usually guys) and they come within 10 feet of my desk she goes insane and lunges at them. It’s gotten to the point where instead of anchoring her leash to the chair I had to put a hook on my desk.

Lori is not only smart, but protective. I can’t say she works wonders to make customers feel welcome though..

7. Where do you get your news from?

The internet/ everyday life. It’s really bad, but I can’t stand to watch the news these days. It makes me way too sad.

8. What is something crazy you’ve always wanted to do but never have?

Ooh! Travel somewhere exotic without worrying. I am so neurotic about travel.

9. What was your favorite toy growing up?

Pretty much anything art related. (You would think that I would be able to draw something that actually resembles– ANYTHING). Barbie stuff was always cool too. Interesting how I would up minoring in Women’s Studies in University.. haha.

10. What recipe have you been dying to try but haven’t yet?

Alll the cupcake recipes I have pinned on Pinterest.. some day!

11. What are your goals for your blog?

Easy- be a more consistent blogger!

As far as goals go.. I am going to start back at counting from one for the new year. AND I’m not going to bother recapping my last goals, because it’s been waaay too long.

Fitnasty for Life
I’m going to keep it simple for my first week back:
1.) Drink at least 100 oz water daily
3.) Get back to the gym at least 2 mornings this week.
4.) Become BFF’s with my day planner- this week is another and I don’t want to forget any appointments.

Lastly, WordPress just informed me that today marks my one year anniversary of starting this blog! Woohoo! I can’t say that I have kept this blog up like I wanted to, but I can say THANK YOU to all the amazing friends that I have made over the course of the last year. I may not update often, but I still enjoy following along on everyone else’s adventures 🙂

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So What Wednesday

I think this may be my favorite link up EVER.


This week I am saying SO What if…

*  If it’s been hitting the 30’s here at night and I’ve been freezing.. I know that’s a lot of peoples high temp, but I’m a Phoenician and I can’t take the COLD!! That’s why I live in the desert!

* In fact I may have had the heat so high the other night that my sidekick pups ditched me. She chose to hang with T downstairs where he had it cool while he studied..

* I’m still amazed with how well T knows me. I told him that “the best thing ever was going to happen on New Years Eve” and he immediately guessed that my bestie is coming into town. She hasn’t been her in town over a year so he had no real reason to guess she was coming, but he knew!

* I get to spend NYE and New Years with Stephie!!! Oh wait, that’s not a so what! haha

* My dog is so spoiled that she even my coworkers spoil her. Yesterday muffin lady brought her a scarf from Target. What can I say, she knows the way to my heart!

(Pictures of the sad border collie to come)

* I was plotting death of the aforementioned Border Collie this morning when I came downstairs to find that she had shattered my favorite Pyrex baking dish. I left it on the counter overnight to soak, and came down to the mess in the morning. Has anyone ever broken Pyrex? I think it literally shatters into a million pieces. A million pieces that I spent 30 minutes picking up in the kitchen, dining room and living room. Apparently Pyrex shatters into a million pieces and FLYS.

* I can’t stand when people start blog posts with “hey losers”, “hey fools”, or anything of that nature.. SO WHAT if I’m over sensitive to it 🙂

* Everyone is in a super feisty mood today and I’m loving it. Everyone is normally zombie status around here, but today the language is coarse and the jokes are crass. But hey at least everyone looks alive!

* I am technology-ed out. I don’t want to take on anymore social media. I should update my work blog, FB, twitter, website, ect more often but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

*We are down to two rolls of toilet paper (in our 3 bath home..) and I haven’t brought myself to do anything about it until this rather drastic point in time. We literally like five minutes from a Costco, but I am AFRAID to go there… People are crazy!

What are you staying So What to this week?

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Turf War

Is anyone else super thrown off with which day it is today? Just me? I’m blaming the cold meds..

As I mentioned yesterday I have been battling a cold I got from T over the weekend.. I’m the worst sick person ever. I always hear people complain about how annoying men are when they are sick.. I’m pretty sure I’ve complained at least twice as much as T did when he had his cold. Sorry T, thanks for tolerating me 🙂

I had a couple meetings this morning that I couldn’t reschedule so I went to those and then took the rest of the day off. I don’t spend much time home during the day and I’ve made some interesting observations so far:

* The birds in our neighborhood are insane.. it appears that our pool is the neighborhood watering hole.  There are three different pairs battling it out now.

*Vanderpump Rules is surprisingly entertaining.. or maybe that’s the cold meds talking again?

* Lori had to stay home while I was running to my meetings (a rarity) and she’s been completely clingy since I got home. I did take an advantage of it though and taught her a few new tricks. She knows how to sing and dance now. 🙂 Literally. Win!



I now understand why the upstairs couch cushion is covered in fur.. It’s Toby’s favorite spot to sun himself.

Hot tea in the middle of the day is amazing.

I should probably quit watching trashy TV and do something productive now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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No Words

I’ve been working on a weekend recap post, but it was another crazy weekend and it’s taking forever. Forgive me for getting out of order here, but I just really needed to write this out.

photo-1 photo

I took these pictures over the weekend.

Lily is my Great Pyrenees- but she lives with my parents because their home is on a large lot. I got her four winters ago, after I lost my first Pyr. I rushed into getting another dog and I really shouldn’t have gotten her so quick but I was so heartbroken from losing the puppy I grew up with. This was also around the time that T and I were going through our rough patch.. it was really rough. I was away from the house a lot and withdrawn.

163953_10150106520315452_980499_n12-19-09 077

To be honest the dog was the only reason I ever went home. (Don’t worry this all happened 4 years ago and we have since worked out our issues). But I really wasn’t home as much as I should have been. Pyrenees tend to have food aggression issues, and I didn’t catch Lily’s developing issue as soon as I should have. (Also not to worry- I lived with my parents at this time so they were both there + T + Oly– Lily wasn’t not being cared for).

photo-4 photo-2

My first Pyr, Snowy was a dog we actually got from the mall pet store. My mom and I were shopping when I was like 8 years old and we saw her jammed into a tiny cage. It was heart breaking enough that my mom whipped out her credit card and bought the dog. This is probably one of my most exciting memories ever because I am a planner and my family are all planners so something so spur of the moment was just crazy.

Snowy was pretty much the sweetest dog on the planet- but because she didn’t get very good care in the first 5 or so months of her life she was also a huge chicken and was about half the size of a typical Pyr. I actually loved it because she was a huge lover and she was smaller so she didn’t drool.

When I got Lil I was in for a HUGE surprise.. She’s literally twice as big as Snow was and her personality couldn’t be more different. She’s VERY sweet to humans, but she just doesn’t get along with other dogs well.

She got into a huge fight with my Dad’s dog last winter and almost killed her. They had had scuffles before, but nothing like that. After the fight I researched the best dog training schools around and literally spent thousands having her trained. She went to doggie prison (in patient?) training for 2 weeks straight and then I took her to training every Saturday morning after that for quite awhile.

I trust the trainers, but they basically said she just has a huge food aggression problem and that it was her personality. They trained her (and us) how to best control her- shes a beast at 130 pounds- and told us that she was not to eat around other dogs. EVER. The other major part of our training was that we weren’t to leave dog food bowls down, because she would just freak out.

Lily did pretty well (she would still get in occasional scuffles, but nothing too major) after the training. When I moved out of my parents house I took her and Lori with me. The house that T and I bought is situated close to the neighbors though, and the people who live in the house behind us have this dumb chihuahua who barks at everything. Lily couldn’t take the barking so within a week I had to take her back to my parents house. Luckily my parents love her and were willing to take care of my dog for me.___

Two winters ago my Grandma died and after a few months my Grandpa and his two dogs moved in with us. At that point I was still living at home so it was my parents, Grandpa, T and me + my 2 cats, 2 dogs, my moms dog and my Grandpa’s two dogs. Thank goodness my parents have a large house, but it was still a bit of a madhouse. One of my Grandpa’s two dogs was actually my Grandma’s dog.

I wish I had some puppy pictures of Dutchess handy- because she was the cutest pup ever. She and my Grandma were so attached that it wasn’t even funny. When Grandma passed away it was a full 18 or so months before Dutch would even acknowledge anyone. In the past 6 or so months she became such a sweet girl.

On Saturday I went to my parents and my Dad mentioned that Lily and Dutch had gotten into it pretty bad. Or rather Lily went after Dutch pretty bad. There wasn’t any blood or anything though so he didn’t really think much of it. On Sunday Dutch wasn’t eating so we started to get worried.


This dog never missed a meal.

Dutchess had Cushing syndrome/ thyroid problems and my Grandpa has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t understand that he can’t feed her his meals. Soo.. the poor dog looked like an ottoman.

On Monday my Mom took her to the vet first thing and the doctor drained a bunch of infection from her back. It all seemed pretty weird because she never bled. The vet put her on pain meds and a bunch of antibiotics and kept her for the day. My Mom picked her up last night and said she was quiet, but okay. Last night around 10 my Dad went to give her a pill and she was cold.

I am so upset that I am sick. I feel terrible that it was my dog that did it. I feel like I let my Grandma down in the worst possible way. When my Grandma passed away she was in the hospital for a couple weeks before hand. She had also been quite ill for 10 or so years before she passed. I could tell that this was going to be the last time in some sick and weird way. She was in so much pain and so tired and I could just tell. Family was around all the time, but there was one point when she was still conscious that I was alone with her and got to speak with her. I told her I loved her and that I would take care of Grandpa and her dogs. My whole family thought she would get better at that point, and telling this story also makes me sick. I hope she didn’t think that I was giving up on her. I just wanted to give her some peace.

Now Dutch is gone and I’m so worried about what it’s going to do to Grandpa. That was kind of his last tangible piece of Grandma. I feel devastated and guilty all at the same time.

Sorry about the huge downer post, I’ll be back tomorrow with a (good) weekend recap.

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