Catching Up Part ll

To follow up my last post.. here is New Year’s through now in (mostly) pictures.

photo-24 (2)

We planned on a nice quiet New Year’s in, playing Uno on the couch, to be exact. That’s what we did last year and it was surprisingly fun. One of our friends was having a get together though, so we agreed to stop by there for a bit and say hi. Our friend’s new roommate is from CA where fireworks aren’t allowed.. so of course we had to show him how NYE works in Phoenix. We started with sparklers and as you can probably predict we felt like we had to stay for the midnight finale. Our “quiet night in” ended with us closing down the bar behind J’s house at 3am. Oopsie.. ha!

photo (2)

Finale was literally this x6.. good times.

In mid January J told me about a painting class that he had found online that was a great deal. As in FREE + they gave us a ton of wine goodies + apron to promote/celebrate the launch of a new season of Cougar Town. J and I rounded up a bunch of friends + coworkers and made a bit of a party out of it.

photo-25 (2)

AmTruck Group Picture.. Not sure who the chick on the far right is. She was quite friendly and hopped in our photo though.. haha!

photo-26 (2)

Can you tell who is related?

photo-27 (2)

Entire Group

photo-28 (2)

Blurry as heck picture of my “masterpiece”.. Please refrain from laughing 😉

After all that fun I followed up January with a month long cold from HELL. SO glad that’s over!

photo-30 (2)

“The Creeper”.

There was lots of tabloid reading in the bathtub and that was about it other than the bare necessities for work.

photo-29 (2)

Tennyson is only friendly when I’m in the bath tub. Weirdest cat around.

photo-31 (2)

He enjoys tea, too. Apparently.

Other than trying to survive the cold of 2014 (I’m a little dramatic.. maybe) + working — most of my spare time was spent planning my Grandpa’s 90th birthday.

He’s been in business for 70+ years, he has a large family and he’s just all around awesome so there were a tonnn of people at his party. I think 100+ showed up.



PicMonkey Collage


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My favorite picture of the day. They have been friends for 60+ years.

The end of February/ the beginning of March brought a huge increase in business.. like 3X. It’s hectic, but I love it so much.

PicMonkey Collagecc

Toby inspecting the files & keeping the work place professional. He did this while my best friend was signing a contract to buy her first home.

Other than work, it seems everyone I know was born in February, so there were lotssss of birthdays to attend.

PicMonkey Collagedd

Literally only a quarter of the birthday people in February.

PicMonkey Collage521

And a wine night thrown in for good measure.

photo-41 (2)

My favorite “selfie” ever.

T and I had a great Valentine’s day evening together. We got with the wedding photographer and finalized things and then he took me out for a really nice dinner.

(No pictures, because I suck).

I surprised him and told him that I am going to be taking his last name. (I was seriously on the fence).


Not my future last name, but I made something similar to this and wrapped it up for him to open. 🙂

J was kind enough to take me as his date for this quarter’s Cactus League event.

photo-1 (2)

The venue was gorgeous, as always :-).

Annd this time I’m not making any promises as to when I will be back. I have been pre-writing, so it should be soon. But then again, every time that I say that it never is haha.

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Catching Up

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time. Sorry about that! As usual life got in the way of posting. Don’t worry though, it’s been mostly fun things (along with a few more complicated thing).

Let’s do a quick catch up in pictures, shall we?

Christmas was here (who knew??)

photo (2)

Me and my favorite coworker, Lily. (who has since quit, sad face).

photo-1 (2)

The guys built a tire x-mas tree. Yeah, I work in a “junk yard”. Whatever, we can be creative if we want!

photo-2 (2)

I hosted an ugly sweater contest. Wait.. I mean a ugly/cute sweater contest. Patsy wanted to wear “the adorable sweater” she made in 1991. These were the winners. We had a penguin too?

photo-3 (2)

This is my manager..

photo-4 (2)

And this is my 50+ year old coworkers screensaver.

I’m sorry… I HATE twilight. I honestly think that it is the worst excuse at a novel ever written. (This is obviously my opinion, sorry if I offend anyone). I will say that I have a hard time taking her seriously though. Also please note the jar on the desk. I made all my coworkers goodie jars. (and had the intention of writing about it, silly me ;-)). The jars included Christmas socks, lotion, hand sanitizer, lip gloss nail polish and mini lint rollers (from Lorelei).

I had a super blessed Christmas over at my parent’s home.

photo-6 (2)

I prepared my first ever (on my own) Christmas dinner

photo-7 (2)photo-5 (2)

I exchanged gifts with the best of friends

photo-8 (2) photo-9 (2)

J’s wrapping/stickers were the best 🙂 He also got me the adorable apron that I am wearing in the previous set of pictures.

D and I got each other the same teacup set… bff much? Or maybe we just shop together too often?

photo-10 (2)

I ran out of time to decorate, so mini tree it was. Bonus points to whoever can spot the reindeer imposter..

photo-11 (2)

Toby cat helped me wrap gifts

photo-12 (2) photo-13 (2)

I FINALLY got the floating shelves hung (only six months in the making).

All of the snowmen and Santa/the reindeer are from my Grandma’s Christmas decoration collection

photo-14 (2)

Lori got a hold of this Santa (dated 1969). Once I finished crying I dubbed him Confucius Santa. His poor beard will never be the same.

photo-15 (2)

Hand painted goblets and k-cup holder from another bestie. How lucky am I??

photo-16 (2)

Table decorations. The deer are from 1967. How awesome is that??

photo-17 (2)

Cards from friends and family. Flowers from my love for our 9th anniversary.

photo-21 (2)

Redecorated our front door wreath

photo-18 (2)

And to top off an awesome holiday season? I got to spend an entire week with my best friend ever (really my sister). We got started on wedding planning (for real) so I will have some posts up on that soon.

photo-20 (2)

Retiree nearby who goes allll out for Christmas

photo-19 (2)

Christmas in Arizona 🙂

I’ve been pre-writing posts, so I’m back.. for real.

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Turf War

Is anyone else super thrown off with which day it is today? Just me? I’m blaming the cold meds..

As I mentioned yesterday I have been battling a cold I got from T over the weekend.. I’m the worst sick person ever. I always hear people complain about how annoying men are when they are sick.. I’m pretty sure I’ve complained at least twice as much as T did when he had his cold. Sorry T, thanks for tolerating me 🙂

I had a couple meetings this morning that I couldn’t reschedule so I went to those and then took the rest of the day off. I don’t spend much time home during the day and I’ve made some interesting observations so far:

* The birds in our neighborhood are insane.. it appears that our pool is the neighborhood watering hole.  There are three different pairs battling it out now.

*Vanderpump Rules is surprisingly entertaining.. or maybe that’s the cold meds talking again?

* Lori had to stay home while I was running to my meetings (a rarity) and she’s been completely clingy since I got home. I did take an advantage of it though and taught her a few new tricks. She knows how to sing and dance now. 🙂 Literally. Win!



I now understand why the upstairs couch cushion is covered in fur.. It’s Toby’s favorite spot to sun himself.

Hot tea in the middle of the day is amazing.

I should probably quit watching trashy TV and do something productive now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Let Me Introduce You To My Children {Crazy dog woman post ahead }

Did I mention my children have fur? ‘Cause they do… ResizedImage951368464751532-1                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lorelei…In her typical pose

I have had Lori for almost three years now. (Wow, I can’t believe that..) She is literally the smartest dog in the world. I read an article awhile back that said border collies know as many words as a nine year old child… she’s gotta be smarter than that though.

I got her when she was 7.5 weeks old, and the guy I got her from told me she was already housebroken. I pretty much brushed it off and mentally labeled him a salesman. Crazy thing was he wasn’t lying! She was already trained!

This is the dog that you can show/teach a trick to once, then ask her to do it again 2 months later and she still knows it. She’s my baby, I am waaay too attached to this dog. At least I know it?


Lori thinks she’s a human…                          Except when she’s looking like a stoned bush dog

Next up is Lily.. “The Beast”


(Bonus! Grandpa too :))

Lily is 4 years old.. and still behaves like a puppy. She’s a Great Pyrenees, but my mom decided to shave her so she kind of looks like a gigantic white lab. She’s the sweetest, most protective dog ever.

She weighs more than a lot people I know (~120).. When I say she’s protective I really mean she likes barking. A lot.

She currently lives with my parents, because they have a huge lot and only two neighbors.   I tried to bring her with me when I moved out of my parents house, but she was not digging the new place (high density- on top of your neighbor- style living arrangement).


They love each other. Yes, that is the fiance, minus a head. I was taking a picture of the dogs. Duh. (And I just got a new phone so pictures are a bit limited since I’m not on my desktop at the moment)

Next up: Toby


I have had Toby since I was 12 years old. When he was younger he was refereed to as “devil cat”. He has mellowed a lot and is the best cat ever now. My Grandpa took him in as a stray when he came into his car lot and then gave him to me when I fell in love with him. He acts like a dog now.. which may be why I like him so much.

Next: Tennison


Tennison is the cat that was meant to be a dog. No, I don’t mean he acts like a dog.. I mean I went to go look at a dog and came home with a cat.

2006: I was a senior in high school and little “toy” dogs were so in. I wanted one. (I’m embarrassed to admit that, by the way).

Anyway, I decided that I wanted a Papillon and saw one in the newspaper for a decent price so had the guy hold it and drove out to BFE to go meet it. The dog that I went to go see was already nine months old (older than I wanted), wanted nothing to do with me or anyone else, and walked over to the owners couch and peed on it while we were standing around talking.

Needless to say I felt the need to politely decline the dog. I actually really did feel bad because a bunch of people answered the newspaper ad and he held the dog for 5 days so I could make my way out to meet it. As the boyfriend (now fiance) and I were trying to figure out how to get out of there the owner mentioned that his cat had just had kittens and he needed to find them homes as well. And so Tenny came to be.

tennison 2

Who could say no to this adorable little face?

Bonus, Bonus: Moose

Remember how I said I wanted a Papillon, but left the (newspaper) guy’s house without the dog. After that I decided that the next best thing would be a Pomeranian.

Enter Moose


Teenage Mo- He loves floating on rafts in the pool. Spoiled.   Current day Mo- Trying to pretend he’s angelic.

Moose is another strange case. I got him before I went to college and time didn’t spend the time I should have with him. My mom adopted him, and he’s pretty much her dog now. Except when I come home to visit. (I secretly love that). He’s also one of the smartest little jerks around. He manipulates people (my mom) and its equal parts infuriating and hilarious.

Recently he got into a fight with Lily-it was bad enough that my mom was concerned enough to take him to the vet the same day. I came home not knowing anything about the fight and he was fine. We played for a good 5 minutes. My mom walked in and he started limping/walking on three legs…

Annnd now all three people who read this officially know I’m THE crazy dog woman… 🙂