*The Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k*

–Benefiting breast and ovarian health–

I ran my first ever race with an AWESOME group of girls on November 17th, 2012.


(That would be me on the far right)

*The Rave Run 5K- (4/6/13)*

–Benefiting St. Mary’s food Bank

IMG_20130406_201359_764 (2)

Did this one with T. My second “race” and his first. It was a night run, and we ended up knowing another couple who ran it. It was a total blast! Who doesn’t love a dance part/live music after a race?

IMG_20130406_200641_524 (2)

IMG_20130406_200749_813 (2) IMG_20130406_200816_694-1 (2)

*The Susan G. Komen 5k- (10/13/13)*

–Benefiting breast health–


I actually walked this one with coworkers and it was lots of fun. It was a great family environment, and they had amazing freebies which is always awesome :). Best of all it was benefiting a great cause.

*Color Me Rad 5k- 11/9/13

–Benefiting breast health–


Color Me Rad was definitely my favorite race thus far. The race times got moved several times, but everything worked out just fine. The course was flat and it was easy to tell where you were. If you were an advanced runner it may have been a little boring between color stations (every half mile) but it was perfect for kids.. and me! The color was plentiful and parking was easy 🙂

*The Dirty Girl Mud Run- 5k- 11/16/13*

–Benefiting breast and ovarian health–

IMG_20131116_111431_988 (2)

Take 2. They changed the course quite a bit (for safety I think). I didn’t get hurt this year.. but there was also a lot less mud :-/. Still lots of fun with friends though!

Upcoming Races:

* The Foam Run 5k-3/15/14



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