Getting Real About Making A “lifestyle Change”..

Soo as you can see I’ve been having plenty of fun (and stressful) times.. and being a total dummy when it comes to eating well + working out. I have managed to get in a fair amount of workouts, but my eating has been completely atrocious.

I am really tired of promising myself over and over that “next week” will be different. Along with saying “next week”, I’ve been really good at justifying eating crap because of all the events that have been going on. People keep asking me about “the dress” and I keep telling them that I haven’t started looking. Which is mostly true. I am the type that needs to try on things to see how I like them, and I am NOT taking this body to go try on dresses. I’m too embarrassed. I haven’t even been truthful with people when they ask why I haven’t started looking. It completely revolves around being uncomfortable with myself. (Not necessarily the complete lack of time).

To keep myself accountable I signed up for a myfitnesspal account.. my name is Jeni850. For those of you who use this, would you do me a favor and add me? I think knowing that people I “know” are on there will help keep me accountable :-). Also, any tips or tricks that I should know about on myfitnesspal?

In addition to eating better, I know that I also have to get better about working out consistently. The biggest hurdle for me on this one is my insomnia. I know it probably sounds like an excuse, but I often don’t get to sleep until 2-3 in the morning and then I have to be up and ready for work by 8am. I’ve tried going to the doctor, over the counter meds, teas, avoiding caffeine, reading, hot baths + everything that I can possibility think of and nothing ever helps.. It’s so hard to peel myself out of bed in the morning, but I’m hoping that the sun rising will help me wake up earlier (it’s helped in the past).. If I could just consistently wake up and get to the gym I think that the exercise might help me sleep sooner/better… it’s such a never ending cycle.

Does anyone else suffer from insomnia? What do you do to help yourself fall asleep?

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6 thoughts on “Getting Real About Making A “lifestyle Change”..

  1. I just added you to MFP! I love it, personally. One thing I do, is try and only use it M-F and not on the weekend. That way, I’m learning how to be accountable to myself and not a slave to counting calories.

    You know what Jen, take the time to get your diet and water-drinking under control and then worry about working out. I found it REALLY HARD to try and do it all at the same time. Give yourself a few weeks to get on track and then add in the occasional workout. Even a walk with Lori is good!

    You can do it, I have all the faith in the world in you. 🙂

    • Thank you, Shannon! That is great advice.. totally makes sense :).

      Thank you also for the kind words and support. I’m so frustrated at myself for gaining.. but your comment made me realize that I’m not the only one struggling. It’s so easy to feel alone in weight loss sometimes.

  2. Good for you! I’m really trying to watch watch I eat and get more excercise, but it’s so hard when you work all the time.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I was really concerned with my weight before dress shopping too. I had had a major weight gain a few years before (yay for anti-depressants) and still wasn’t comfortable with myself. The good news is that most wedding dresses are super beautiful and flattering! I was really surprised.

    I’m the same way with my sleep! I can never fall asleep before 3am. It’s funny because I’ve struggled with hypersomnia for so long and could easily sleep from 3am to 5pm if I didn’t have a baby but getting to sleep at night is just impossible. My body only wants to sleep during the day!

    • Freaking side effects, they will get you every time! I hope that I am pleasantly surprised too haha. Have you posted any of your wedding pictures? I’d love to see your dress 🙂

      I think some people truly are night owls! My schedule would totally be like that if it was left to itself. Right now I’m kinda dealing with a weird mix of insomnia/hypersomnia I think… I don’t sleep and then when I finally do I waaaay oversleep. So annoying :/

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