What a Day..

Blogging two days in a row?? And planning for three! There has got to be some kind of miracle going on 🙂

As I have mentioned in the past- I work two jobs. One is running my own business, and one is helping my Dad run his. To be honest, I really don’t like the industry my Dad works in (large trucks), but I help out because my Dad pretty desperately needs it. He’s been in business for 30+ years and has built a great business, but a lot of his key people have been retiring over the past couple years and it seems near impossible to find good replacements. I work for him because I am legitimately worried about his stress level and health… but my passion lies in selling residential real estate. How cool is it to help people find their dream homes? Or find great investment  pieces? I live for it.

Unfortunately with all the holiday chaos I have been focusing a lot more on my Dad’s business, rather than my own. (I.e. I’ve helping clients I have, rather than doing that + marketing myself to find new ones and grow my business). I took all of yesterday off from my Dad’s to catch up on my marketing and checking in with old clients yesterday and it was so awesome. I did stuff I enjoy all day instead of putting out fires! Yay!

So of course today I was welcomed back with a lovely surprise down at the lot. As I also mentioned in yesterday’s post- we aren’t in the best part of town.. today I came in to find out that we had been burglarized. The burglars stole our service truck, and a SUV that we had in inventory. They messed up our side fence.. and cut locks. They also decided that they were going to hit my 90 year old Grandpa’s lot on the way out. They stole a ton of batteries out of much of his inventory, cut the batteries out of the golf carts that we use to get around the property and drove a truck through his fence.

Not a great thing to start the morning with. I was venting to a friend via text earlier tonight and she asked what was wrong with people.. I wish I knew. Drugs? Some people are legitimately just bad? I HATE that they stole from my 90 year old Grandpa. It sucks for my Dad and I.. but him? Who does that?!?

Based off of the way everything went down it’s kind of looking like either an employee or someone else who is in the yard often did it.

Maybe my guard Border Collie is on to something?

photo-1 (2)

To top off the day T told me that his check engine light came on. ((On his new (to him) car.)) I asked him to bring it down so that they guys could take a look at it. Apparently some dummy put power steering fluid in his coolant reservoir. What the heck people?!?!

How was everyone else’s Tuesday? Hopefully less dramatic than mine!!

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