Weekend Recap.. On a MONDAY!

Okay, it may be Monday evening.. but at least this weekend recap is on the correct day! haha

Last weekend was another “chill” weekend and I couldn’t appreciate it more. I really think I’m a bear or something.. once it’s under 60 degrees I just want to hibernate.

T and I spent time together on Friday evening and it was awesome. We had fun just doing nothing and laughing..love moments when we aren’t rushing to the next appointment/chore. T had to work Saturday and Sunday so I extra appreciated the time. When we were in school together he worked every weekend for 6 years in a row.. now he only has to work once a month and I hate it when it’s his turn. It’s amazing how fast you can get spoiled!

We went and did some wedding stuff on Thursday (more about that tomorrow) so we sat down and FINALLY made some decisions on that front. Saturday I spent the entire day in my PJs catching up on work stuff.. it feels so good to be ahead of the game again.

On Sunday we were supposed to run the Hot Chocolate Run.. I was pretty much recovered from my cold, but T was still battling it. I feel like a chunp for skipping it, but it was in the 40s, we were still coughing, and I couldn’t sleep the night before. I think I finally fell asleep 90 minutes before I should have gotten up. With all that being said + the fact that we were going to have to skip everything after the run to get T to work in time I made the sleep induced decision to skip it. Excuses, excuses..

After work we headed out to T’s sister’s home to celebrate a late Thanksgiving and my day improved drastically.

PicMonkey Collage

Probably the least flattering pics I have posted on this blog yet.. Please ignore my cold medicine haze. I promise I was past the contagious stage and cuddled Maddy safely 🙂

I spent a good portion of the evening hanging with Maddy.. I am so freaking in love with this little girl. I hope that I have a baby as laid back as she is.. she hardly cried the entire night and she was totally off her schedule.

My lovely sis-in-law is busy growing our next niece/ nephew. The gender reveal party is January 10th.. I can’t wait to find out what she’s having :). Much to T’s chagrin my prediction is a boy.. Me and Luke’s (bro-in-law) brother were the only ones to predict correctly that Maddy was going to be a girl. So we shall see I guess.

Sami's Shenanigans

How was your weekend? Great I hope!

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