Turf War

Is anyone else super thrown off with which day it is today? Just me? I’m blaming the cold meds..

As I mentioned yesterday I have been battling a cold I got from T over the weekend.. I’m the worst sick person ever. I always hear people complain about how annoying men are when they are sick.. I’m pretty sure I’ve complained at least twice as much as T did when he had his cold. Sorry T, thanks for tolerating me 🙂

I had a couple meetings this morning that I couldn’t reschedule so I went to those and then took the rest of the day off. I don’t spend much time home during the day and I’ve made some interesting observations so far:

* The birds in our neighborhood are insane.. it appears that our pool is the neighborhood watering hole.  There are three different pairs battling it out now.

*Vanderpump Rules is surprisingly entertaining.. or maybe that’s the cold meds talking again?

* Lori had to stay home while I was running to my meetings (a rarity) and she’s been completely clingy since I got home. I did take an advantage of it though and taught her a few new tricks. She knows how to sing and dance now. 🙂 Literally. Win!



I now understand why the upstairs couch cushion is covered in fur.. It’s Toby’s favorite spot to sun himself.

Hot tea in the middle of the day is amazing.

I should probably quit watching trashy TV and do something productive now.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Turf War

  1. I thought I had you on my Bloglovin feed (the only thing I ever check, haha) but it looks like I didn’t, until just now! Anyway I am a TERRIBLE sick person and that is the cutest pic of your pup ever!!

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