The Wedding: Deciding on a Venue & Engagement Photos are in!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Holy cow, 2 posts in 2 days- it’s a miracle!! 🙂

Picking the Venue:

T has been kind enough to pretty much let me do whatever I want with the wedding,. His one stipulation being that the location has to meets his one requirement.

Can we talk for a minute about how much I want to demand that he tell me what he’s planning?? Surprises make me nervous..

Anyway, in total we went out probably 5 separate days and looked at a total of approximately 20 places. From the beginning I told everyone that I wanted something with character, didn’t want to break the bank, wanted to keep everything local (to be easier on the grandparents) and that I did NOT want a hotel wedding/reception. The is certainly nothing wrong with the hotel atmosphere, I just really wanted something extra unique. (Wow I should crazy).

Pioneer was the first place we looked at and I loved it immediately. T didn’t mind it, but wanted to keep looking to see if there was anything better (and honestly I’m the type that has to see alllllll my options too). My Mom literally liked every venue we went to, and Amy and Beth really kind of trashed it. They thought that it was too hot (we looked in August), too much walking, and basically that it was too rustic. So with that being said we kept looking, and looking.. and looking. We also went back to Pioneer and I got a little nervous when I saw that their onsite restaurant had been closed down. Luckily Shannon is a genius and recommended that I just reach out to the wedding planner and ask what the deal was. I e-mailed Tamra at 8:30 on a Sunday night totally not expecting a response for at least a day and she e-mailed me back within the hour. Major bonus points!

T, Amy and I had breakfast together last Saturday and talked about how it’s really time to start making a decision on this. Amy is pushing us, and even though I hate it in a way I do KNOW she’s completely right. After breakfast we went to go see a hotel that she really liked. It was beautiful, but unfortunately the only thing from my above list that it really was a hit on was being local. Hotel + waaaay expensive is isn’t us.

After we parted ways with her I asked T if he would go out to Pioneer again with me (25 minute drive) and he agreed. So we headed out that way and were surprised to see that it was completely packed! Apparently they have a fall festival/pumpkin patch out there every year and we just stumbled on it to. We decided to pay the entrance fee and go check it out, and I am so so happy that we did!! We had such a blast!

They had all kinds of arts and craft vendors, all the exhibits in the museum open, the blacksmith working, all the animals out, hay rides, the pumpkin patch + all the other typical stuff you would expect to see. Best of all they had a wedding there later that evening, so we got to see what everything would look like in our preferred area.

The “worst” part was all the adorable kids everywhere. T laughed at me when I hit myself in the stomach and told my ovaries to shut up 😉


In other news:


Help me decide which ones to use for our save the dates, please?? I love them all! Keiko did SUCH an amazing job, I literally can’t thank her enough. Not only are all the pictures amazing, but she did the photo shoot at 8+ months pregnant. The woman is a machine 🙂

What are your top picks??






She kept telling me to kick my leg up, not my typical style, but I think it turned out fun 🙂




My Mom’s favorite! haha!!



Every left anywhere with a pumpkin and a wedding location?? It’s a bizarre, but awesome combo!! 🙂

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