How is it Monday Already??

Welcome to the most random post ever…

First up: TV.


Sad part is I don’t live on the East coast..

Does anyone else do this to themselves? Why does Sunday night TV has to be so good and so plentiful!! Thank goodness for Netflix.

In somewhat related news T and I are getting cable again. We had the sweet move in deal for the first 9 months we lived here and then the cable company tried to jack our rates to almost twice per month! At that point we decided we had to just let the cable go. (I’m not sure why the random number– I guess cable companies like to measure their deals in pregnancy time?)

But the good news is we outlasted the cable company and they are giving us back the good rates for the next two years. Maybe now I won’t be so culturally irrelevant??

Random Item #2

I woke up this morning to Lori greeting me in the bathroom. This itself isn’t particularly odd because once it gets cold she becomes a little turncoat and stays in bed. In the summer she gets up with me, but forget it once its below 70. The odd part was the smell. OMG. THE. SMELL… I looked at her and the side of her head was all crusty… not a fun thing to wake up to. Of course this was a morning that I woke late this morning too..  I decided to finish my hair and make up and then go try to clean up before I got dressed. When I went to go investigate I didn’t find any mess in the bedroom.. so I tried the hall way and all the rooms upstairs but I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. So I tried downstairs… nothing there either. So now I’m paranoid that I’m going to find something nasty in a really random place some day. ICK! Love the dog, but I’d be lying if I said she never drives me crazy.

Random Item #3

Being tall has some seriously drawbacks. I took Friday off from Job A so that I could catch up at Job B.  I came back to Job A today only to find a Staples receipt on my desk. Apparently while I was out of the office the new woman decided that she had to have Kleenex- so she took the company Staples credit card and drove 10 miles to get Kleenex. (Let’s not even talk about the fact that there is a grocery literally across the street). When I asked why this all went down on a Friday afternoon she calmly explained that she had bad sinuses and needed the Kleenex. I asked her why she didn’t look in the supply closet and she said she did. I walked her to the supply closet and took the Kleenex off the shelf and handed them to her and she got this amazed look on her face. Moral of the story: apparently I need to quit using top shelves and only place office supplies at eye level. Just kidding, real moral of the story- I can’t take time off. HA!

Random Item #4

We finally picked a venue!! AND we got our engagement photos back!! I am writing a post that will be going up tomorrow right now. So be ready for lots of pictures, because I can’t choose which ones I like the best!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you do anything fun for Halloween after the fact?

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