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I’ve been working on a weekend recap post, but it was another crazy weekend and it’s taking forever. Forgive me for getting out of order here, but I just really needed to write this out.

photo-1 photo

I took these pictures over the weekend.

Lily is my Great Pyrenees- but she lives with my parents because their home is on a large lot. I got her four winters ago, after I lost my first Pyr. I rushed into getting another dog and I really shouldn’t have gotten her so quick but I was so heartbroken from losing the puppy I grew up with. This was also around the time that T and I were going through our rough patch.. it was really rough. I was away from the house a lot and withdrawn.

163953_10150106520315452_980499_n12-19-09 077

To be honest the dog was the only reason I ever went home. (Don’t worry this all happened 4 years ago and we have since worked out our issues). But I really wasn’t home as much as I should have been. Pyrenees tend to have food aggression issues, and I didn’t catch Lily’s developing issue as soon as I should have. (Also not to worry- I lived with my parents at this time so they were both there + T + Oly– Lily wasn’t not being cared for).

photo-4 photo-2

My first Pyr, Snowy was a dog we actually got from the mall pet store. My mom and I were shopping when I was like 8 years old and we saw her jammed into a tiny cage. It was heart breaking enough that my mom whipped out her credit card and bought the dog. This is probably one of my most exciting memories ever because I am a planner and my family are all planners so something so spur of the moment was just crazy.

Snowy was pretty much the sweetest dog on the planet- but because she didn’t get very good care in the first 5 or so months of her life she was also a huge chicken and was about half the size of a typical Pyr. I actually loved it because she was a huge lover and she was smaller so she didn’t drool.

When I got Lil I was in for a HUGE surprise.. She’s literally twice as big as Snow was and her personality couldn’t be more different. She’s VERY sweet to humans, but she just doesn’t get along with other dogs well.

She got into a huge fight with my Dad’s dog last winter and almost killed her. They had had scuffles before, but nothing like that. After the fight I researched the best dog training schools around and literally spent thousands having her trained. She went to doggie prison (in patient?) training for 2 weeks straight and then I took her to training every Saturday morning after that for quite awhile.

I trust the trainers, but they basically said she just has a huge food aggression problem and that it was her personality. They trained her (and us) how to best control her- shes a beast at 130 pounds- and told us that she was not to eat around other dogs. EVER. The other major part of our training was that we weren’t to leave dog food bowls down, because she would just freak out.

Lily did pretty well (she would still get in occasional scuffles, but nothing too major) after the training. When I moved out of my parents house I took her and Lori with me. The house that T and I bought is situated close to the neighbors though, and the people who live in the house behind us have this dumb chihuahua who barks at everything. Lily couldn’t take the barking so within a week I had to take her back to my parents house. Luckily my parents love her and were willing to take care of my dog for me.___

Two winters ago my Grandma died and after a few months my Grandpa and his two dogs moved in with us. At that point I was still living at home so it was my parents, Grandpa, T and me + my 2 cats, 2 dogs, my moms dog and my Grandpa’s two dogs. Thank goodness my parents have a large house, but it was still a bit of a madhouse. One of my Grandpa’s two dogs was actually my Grandma’s dog.

I wish I had some puppy pictures of Dutchess handy- because she was the cutest pup ever. She and my Grandma were so attached that it wasn’t even funny. When Grandma passed away it was a full 18 or so months before Dutch would even acknowledge anyone. In the past 6 or so months she became such a sweet girl.

On Saturday I went to my parents and my Dad mentioned that Lily and Dutch had gotten into it pretty bad. Or rather Lily went after Dutch pretty bad. There wasn’t any blood or anything though so he didn’t really think much of it. On Sunday Dutch wasn’t eating so we started to get worried.


This dog never missed a meal.

Dutchess had Cushing syndrome/ thyroid problems and my Grandpa has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t understand that he can’t feed her his meals. Soo.. the poor dog looked like an ottoman.

On Monday my Mom took her to the vet first thing and the doctor drained a bunch of infection from her back. It all seemed pretty weird because she never bled. The vet put her on pain meds and a bunch of antibiotics and kept her for the day. My Mom picked her up last night and said she was quiet, but okay. Last night around 10 my Dad went to give her a pill and she was cold.

I am so upset that I am sick. I feel terrible that it was my dog that did it. I feel like I let my Grandma down in the worst possible way. When my Grandma passed away she was in the hospital for a couple weeks before hand. She had also been quite ill for 10 or so years before she passed. I could tell that this was going to be the last time in some sick and weird way. She was in so much pain and so tired and I could just tell. Family was around all the time, but there was one point when she was still conscious that I was alone with her and got to speak with her. I told her I loved her and that I would take care of Grandpa and her dogs. My whole family thought she would get better at that point, and telling this story also makes me sick. I hope she didn’t think that I was giving up on her. I just wanted to give her some peace.

Now Dutch is gone and I’m so worried about what it’s going to do to Grandpa. That was kind of his last tangible piece of Grandma. I feel devastated and guilty all at the same time.

Sorry about the huge downer post, I’ll be back tomorrow with a (good) weekend recap.

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So What Wednesday


Linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! if…
* It’s only 8:30 am I kind of want to slap my coworker. I brought in muffins for the office and she felt the need to turn to me and inform me that she didn’t like the pumpkin one. So sorry you don’t like the free breakfast I bought you. How rude!
* Business has been slowing down for the holidays and even though it’s bad for the balance sheets I’m thankful for the slowness.
* I think I was a bear in a past life. I have such a hard time getting up in the morning and I get tired when the sun goes down. I’m quite sure my body wants to hibernate all Winter.
* There was only one other person on the upstairs cardio equipment this morning and I’m pretty sure I made him question my sanity. I got on an elliptical and the TV was broken, so I got off and went to the next, same thing happened… I tried 3 before I found on that worked. Get on fixing that LA!
* I vow to keep up with the laundry every time I get caught up, and yet never do.
* I’m FINALLY ready to start making wedding decision. Only took a year… ha!
* My dog is a spoiled princess (with a sensitive stomach). Amy brought her doggie bagels from a bakery on Saturday. I thanked Amy and then set them on the counter without giving them to the dog. After an hour or so Amy asked if Lori could have them. Princess decided to sniff the bagel, take it in her mouth, and then drop it and go get back on the couch. Nothing like apologizing for a dog..
*I’m excited to get to work on a crafty project for the entry and my office. Last weekend kind of proved that I suck at artsy things, but I’ll keep trying dangit!!
* I’m ready to throw our copy machine out the window. I was it’s only advocate and it just pissed me off for the last time. I keep telling everyone to at least let me finish using the supplies we have for it… but it just burned me so badly that I got an insta blister. Now if I woulda touched the drum I would realize that the burn was my fault.. but the burn was from pulling a piece of paper out of it! The thing is officially a hazard.
* There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this post. Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂

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Weekend Recap.. A Day Late

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am such a rebel- posting a weekend recap on Tuesday afternoon. I impress myself 🙂

Last weekend was so much fun, but definitely one of those weekends that you need another weekend after the fact to recover from. Does any one else enjoy lazy weekends as much as I do? As in you need a minimum of one a month?

Between commuting, working two jobs, maintaining friendships and the normal day to day stuff I just never get to housework on weekdays. I try to clean as I go, but I NEED those weekends to catch up! Who has the willpower to deep clean grout on a Wednesday night?? Not me! (I wish I did though!)

Friday started out pretty low. I drove 40 miles to attend my Great Aunt’s funeral. She was ill and we knew it was coming, but it still didn’t make it much easier. After the funeral I went and picked up T and I’s race packets for the COLOR ME RAD. After that 20 mile trek I headed into my other job. Luckily for me Friday traffic was pretty light so I made it in in 40 minutes. After work, I spent rest of the evening cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping and running other random errands.

Saturday was the fun day! We got up and drove out to Goodyear to participate in the Color Me Rad 5k. We underestimated how long it would take it get there and we ended up getting to the race three minutes after we were supposed to start running. The race times were a little confusing- I signed up for the 9:30 wave originally. About 2 weeks before the race I got an e-mail saying that all the waves would be starting at 10. Then I got another e-mail saying go with you original time. Then I decided to check out the times online and they had them scheduled for 9:20 and 9:40. All the confusion really worked to our advantage though- we fell in with what I think was the 9:40 wave (who started early).


Starting Line from a distance.

This was the first color run type run that I have participated in, and I have to say out of the 5 races I have done it was definitely my favorite. I didn’t train much (aka not at all), but I surprised myself and ran a good portion of it. T is/was recovering from a chest cold, so for the first time ever I was even faster than him :). I’ll take what I can get here people!

All of the runners were excited and all of the volunteers were great. The police who were working the event were all cool and cheering everyone on as well. There were a ton of adorable kids (ahhhhhh!) One of my favorite parts of the run was when one of the motor cops let some little girls “color bomb” him and then let her and another little one sit on his bike for a photo- op. Community relations was out in full force and I was loving it.




After the race we rushed home to clean ourselves up and wait for the cable guy. Did I mention that have cable again? I am a little too excited about it I think! haha. I’ve missed watching my trash tv… I’ve been referring to myself as (pop) culturally irrelevant, and [maybe] sadly it really wasn’t an exaggeration.

The cable guy was actually supposed to come last weekend, but Cox forgot to put the work order in so it got pushed to this weekend. My lovely mom was kind enough to come hang out at our place for a bit in case we didn’t make it back in time. We were luckily that she was willing too, because he beat us by about 10 minutes.

The tech that came out and installed it was really strange.. When T and I pulled up in the driveway he completely glared at us and grunted at T when he asked him if he would like a water bottle. The guy was in and out of the house, so we just let him go about doing his own thing. T was in the backyard and me and my mom were in the kitchen. She was sitting with me while I did dishes, and after 15 or so minutes I realized the dude was just sitting on out couch watching Saturday afternoon football. He didn’t leave until he got a call from his next customer asking where he was. The whole thing was sooo weird!

After the weird cable guy left T and I hung out for an hour or so and then it was time to get ready for Cactus League.  Cactus League is T’s company event for all the employees who have had outstanding numbers that quarter. T has made the last nine events, but didn’t make this one due to being responsible for a new team. The company always goes all out and makes sure that the events are amazing. Luckily for me I have made friends with pretty much all his coworkers and I have the best fiance ever. Soo I ended up going to T’s company event with J and E while Trent hung out at home and watched UFC fights un-harassed by me.


My man date and I. Is it just me or does this photo remind anyone else of a modern American Gothic?? (Maybe I should mention that I am sitting in a rocking chair?) haha!


My lady date and I.


I always look like the Jolly Green Giant next to cute, petite E.

So T was watching UFC.. or so I thought. One of our friends Grandmother’s recently passed away and I asked her to shoot me a text when she felt like hanging out because I haven’t gotten to see her in the month or so since it happened. While I was out she sent me a text saying she was out. I asked her where and she said with my husband! Ha! It was then that I found out T doesn’t like UFC as much as he thought and got bored so he decided to go out.

After the event I met G, T and T’s family out at the grill that they all frequent. It was a fun night, but there were definitely too many drinks involved for my old [term used loosely] body. I was super excited to see G though, and glad to see that she was doing relatively okay.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early at 8am (ha!) to put together the brunch I invited my mom and Amy to. We had a lovely girly morning of brunch and bridal magazines.

After brunch T and I had a class at a local painting studio. The class was byob, but we were pretty boozed out from the night before. About halfway through the class I realized that T is actually a really good artist. I also realized that maybe I should have brought booze, because I suck at painting and I’m pretty sure it would have only improved my painting! haha


T’s painting. I’ll share my weight on the internet, but not my lack of artistic skills.

On Friday T won basketball tickets through work to a Phoenix Suns game, so after our class we headed out to that. The tickets were pretty much court side and included full access to the Blue Moon Club. This weekend was packed and unbelievably fun, but not good diet-wise.


I know it’s Tuesday, but how was everyone’s weekend? Good I hope!

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Happy Thursday everyone!! This week has been such a blur, it’s flown by and crawled by at the same time.

Alex’s get together ended early last nightso I was able to make the company softball game after all. I was glad to go out to support the boys, but I was even more thankful for all the laughs. I work mostly in the admin side of things, so I don’t have all that much interaction with the guys. I truly forgot how fun they are. Last night all the admin people came out (a rarity) and we had fun getting out of the office to cheering them on. My take away for the evening was that my coworkers are actually pretty cool. Who knew? I really need to plan a team building event in a fun & causal environment.

The downside of last night was the fact that I didn’t get home until almost 11:30. The second game didn’t start until 9:45 (it was quick thankfully) and it was around 35 miles home to get home. I usually try to go to bed early and wake up early, but last night and this morning that most definitely did NOT happen. I’ve been taking a sleeping pill to get to sleep, and it was so late when I got home that I was afraid to take it and not be able to wake up in the morning. Sooo… I am now almost caught up with Sons of Anarchy, but I didn’t get to sleep until almost three this morning. Uhg! It was a loooong Thursday!

I’ve always had trouble sleeping, so I try to practice good “sleep hygiene”. This includes no caffeine after 12pm, steady sleep schedules, no screen time less than 1 hour before bed, and other similar stuff.  Well I do watch TV in bed, but I try to follow “the rules”.

Recently I have been having super vivid dreams thought and it’s really kind of freaking me out. So far this week I have dreamed I had a newborn and that I was pregnant.Three nights and counting… and probably the weirdest part of it all was I was actually kinda sad/ disappointed when I woke up baby-less. I’ve told T about it and he says he’s glad I’m having these dreams, which just freaks me out further haha.

He wants kids sooner than me.. Then again he doesn’t have to do the whole pregnancy/ trying to make huge decisions regarding his career to have kids soon either though..

The one thing I do know is that I don’t want a kid before the wedding!

I am actually a couple months past the time that I needed to get my IUD replaced (not worried about it though because Europeans use the same device I have for 7 years- instead of the 5 that the US does). On Monday I called the doctor’s office to see if they could run the device and procedure though my insurance to see how much everything would cost. I’ve been saving $$ wherever I can for the past bit (also why I waited a little longer than the 5 years) because the last time I had this it was close to $600! The doctor’s office finally called me back today and told me that insurance wouldn’t cover the two ultrasounds they do- so I’d have to cover those.. but that insurance is covering the rest. I was so excited to find out that I am only going to have to spend $100 total.

I was excited because I didn’t want to drop a ton of cash on medical stuff, but also because if I’m only spending $100 I won’t feel bad taking it out earlier than 5 years. I’m so cheap! haha. I wish my body would tolerate hormonal birth control so I wouldn’t have to mess with the IUD at all though! Paying $600 for birth control last time painful was painful in more than one way!

In other news- I am pretty sure everyone in the office officially thinks I’m insane now. I went to put the IUD appointment in my phone calendar and as I typed in I-U-D autocorrect changed the letters to K-I-D. The letters are not even close! I started laughing so hard that I had to step out and call T to tell him about it. The autocorrect gods are messing with me big time.

The other weird thing is that my dreams are always most vivid right before I wake up. Based off the little bit of research I have done on sleep cycles I thought that you had to be in the deepest stage of sleep (REM) to dream. It’s weird because I’ve been hitting snooze (bad Jen!) a lot, and as soon as I do I go right back to where I was in the dream. I don’t know if I’m truly hitting snooze in my sleep (and getting up to turn off my actual alarm clock!!) or if I’m out of it when it goes off and I want to know what happens so I go back to sleep??

Is it weird to ask what motivates you all to get out of bed? Really loving you job??

Does anyone pop out of bed or have I just been watching too much TV?

What weight do you give to your dreams?

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So What Wednesday

Hello loves!! Is anyone as glad as I am that the dumb hump day camel is finally losing favor? I loved him when he first came out, but my coworkers will forever love him apparently.

I’ve never participated in this particular link up- but I always enjoy reading y’alls responses so I decided to join in on the fun


So what if I took a two day break from dog? She has been a real pain recently and I’ve got too much to do in too few hours. My lovely mom is watching her for me and I’m pretty sure she enjoys her mountains of treats time at Grandma’s house more than going to work with me anyway.

So what if I planned to just drop off cold meds for T at work yesterday and ended up ditching work and taking a lunch with him? He had just clocked out and I can count the number of times that I’ve had workday lunch with him on one hand. Plus he got stuck working all last weekend, so between our crazy work schedules I miss him even though we live together.

So what if I’m skipping the last company softball game tonight. It’s my friend of 13 (omg when did we get so old?!?) year’s birthday and I’m not skipping her celebration!!

So what that I just deep cleaned the rug cleaner- for the first time since we bought it six months ago. That ish is nasty.. and complicated. I put it off for as long as humanly possible.

So what if I decided on a wedding venue and date and haven’t really told anyone. (Other than T and my mom obviously). I’m not ready to make any more decisions for a little bit, so I’ll keep quiet if I want!

So what if I’ve been having a ton of pregnancy dreams and not hating it. WEIRD!

So what that I have had all my diplomas/certifications + the frames I bought to hang them sitting on my desk for 2+ weeks. Oh wait! That’s not so what- it’s really driving me nuts. People quit adding crap to my to do PILE on my desk.. I just wanna hang my damn stuff up! haha

So what if I’m ignoring said pile to write this post..

So what that it’s Wednesday and I’m already looking forward to Friday!!

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The Wedding: Deciding on a Venue & Engagement Photos are in!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Holy cow, 2 posts in 2 days- it’s a miracle!! 🙂

Picking the Venue:

T has been kind enough to pretty much let me do whatever I want with the wedding,. His one stipulation being that the location has to meets his one requirement.

Can we talk for a minute about how much I want to demand that he tell me what he’s planning?? Surprises make me nervous..

Anyway, in total we went out probably 5 separate days and looked at a total of approximately 20 places. From the beginning I told everyone that I wanted something with character, didn’t want to break the bank, wanted to keep everything local (to be easier on the grandparents) and that I did NOT want a hotel wedding/reception. The is certainly nothing wrong with the hotel atmosphere, I just really wanted something extra unique. (Wow I should crazy).

Pioneer was the first place we looked at and I loved it immediately. T didn’t mind it, but wanted to keep looking to see if there was anything better (and honestly I’m the type that has to see alllllll my options too). My Mom literally liked every venue we went to, and Amy and Beth really kind of trashed it. They thought that it was too hot (we looked in August), too much walking, and basically that it was too rustic. So with that being said we kept looking, and looking.. and looking. We also went back to Pioneer and I got a little nervous when I saw that their onsite restaurant had been closed down. Luckily Shannon is a genius and recommended that I just reach out to the wedding planner and ask what the deal was. I e-mailed Tamra at 8:30 on a Sunday night totally not expecting a response for at least a day and she e-mailed me back within the hour. Major bonus points!

T, Amy and I had breakfast together last Saturday and talked about how it’s really time to start making a decision on this. Amy is pushing us, and even though I hate it in a way I do KNOW she’s completely right. After breakfast we went to go see a hotel that she really liked. It was beautiful, but unfortunately the only thing from my above list that it really was a hit on was being local. Hotel + waaaay expensive is isn’t us.

After we parted ways with her I asked T if he would go out to Pioneer again with me (25 minute drive) and he agreed. So we headed out that way and were surprised to see that it was completely packed! Apparently they have a fall festival/pumpkin patch out there every year and we just stumbled on it to. We decided to pay the entrance fee and go check it out, and I am so so happy that we did!! We had such a blast!

They had all kinds of arts and craft vendors, all the exhibits in the museum open, the blacksmith working, all the animals out, hay rides, the pumpkin patch + all the other typical stuff you would expect to see. Best of all they had a wedding there later that evening, so we got to see what everything would look like in our preferred area.

The “worst” part was all the adorable kids everywhere. T laughed at me when I hit myself in the stomach and told my ovaries to shut up 😉


In other news:


Help me decide which ones to use for our save the dates, please?? I love them all! Keiko did SUCH an amazing job, I literally can’t thank her enough. Not only are all the pictures amazing, but she did the photo shoot at 8+ months pregnant. The woman is a machine 🙂

What are your top picks??






She kept telling me to kick my leg up, not my typical style, but I think it turned out fun 🙂




My Mom’s favorite! haha!!



Every left anywhere with a pumpkin and a wedding location?? It’s a bizarre, but awesome combo!! 🙂

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How is it Monday Already??

Welcome to the most random post ever…

First up: TV.


Sad part is I don’t live on the East coast..

Does anyone else do this to themselves? Why does Sunday night TV has to be so good and so plentiful!! Thank goodness for Netflix.

In somewhat related news T and I are getting cable again. We had the sweet move in deal for the first 9 months we lived here and then the cable company tried to jack our rates to almost twice per month! At that point we decided we had to just let the cable go. (I’m not sure why the random number– I guess cable companies like to measure their deals in pregnancy time?)

But the good news is we outlasted the cable company and they are giving us back the good rates for the next two years. Maybe now I won’t be so culturally irrelevant??

Random Item #2

I woke up this morning to Lori greeting me in the bathroom. This itself isn’t particularly odd because once it gets cold she becomes a little turncoat and stays in bed. In the summer she gets up with me, but forget it once its below 70. The odd part was the smell. OMG. THE. SMELL… I looked at her and the side of her head was all crusty… not a fun thing to wake up to. Of course this was a morning that I woke late this morning too..  I decided to finish my hair and make up and then go try to clean up before I got dressed. When I went to go investigate I didn’t find any mess in the bedroom.. so I tried the hall way and all the rooms upstairs but I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. So I tried downstairs… nothing there either. So now I’m paranoid that I’m going to find something nasty in a really random place some day. ICK! Love the dog, but I’d be lying if I said she never drives me crazy.

Random Item #3

Being tall has some seriously drawbacks. I took Friday off from Job A so that I could catch up at Job B.  I came back to Job A today only to find a Staples receipt on my desk. Apparently while I was out of the office the new woman decided that she had to have Kleenex- so she took the company Staples credit card and drove 10 miles to get Kleenex. (Let’s not even talk about the fact that there is a grocery literally across the street). When I asked why this all went down on a Friday afternoon she calmly explained that she had bad sinuses and needed the Kleenex. I asked her why she didn’t look in the supply closet and she said she did. I walked her to the supply closet and took the Kleenex off the shelf and handed them to her and she got this amazed look on her face. Moral of the story: apparently I need to quit using top shelves and only place office supplies at eye level. Just kidding, real moral of the story- I can’t take time off. HA!

Random Item #4

We finally picked a venue!! AND we got our engagement photos back!! I am writing a post that will be going up tomorrow right now. So be ready for lots of pictures, because I can’t choose which ones I like the best!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you do anything fun for Halloween after the fact?

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