Catching Up- Oh Monday


Why can’t weekends be 5 days and work weeks be TWO??

Who am I kidding? I haven’t had a weekend since I went to San Diego for 2.5 days last month.  I feel like my life is one giant “life comes at you fast” commercial. Things haven’t necessarily been bad, just incredibly hectic. As I mentioned in my about me I work two jobs + have a long commute and I really just believe that there aren’t enough hours in the day. ((Updates coming to the about me and race pages, by the way)).

The wedding is coming up FAST. In preparation for this I am participating in another diet bet. I did really well with the last one- it turns out the possibility of winning $$ is very motivating to me :-). I need to get into some good habits now before Winter strikes… I am such a summer person- I ❤ sunshine. This equates to I need to start excising in the morning. I am worthless at motivating myself to do it after work! I always feel like its my time (hello cleaning), plus the gym closes at 10 so that doesn’t leave me with much time.

But enough goals and work talk. One thing my Dad has taught me is make time for friends (he never did :().

Sami's Shenanigans

So without further adieu- my weekend in pictures:


Some of the team on Saturday. We hosted a big, industry wide event and everything went surprisingly well! We only had one customer sneaking beers- a BIG no no when you’re driving a heavy truck. Our guys/the caterers were awesome and caught him quick though, and there were no other snafus!

Around 3:30 I left that I went and did some quick shopping for an engagement party we were going to.


Most of the group at the engagement party.


J and I- New Glasses!!

Man I hit the amazing friend jackpot. I’m not sure how I am blessed enough to have so many amazing people in my life, but I sure am grateful. 🙂

There was plenty of wine consumed at the party and shortly after the group pictures were taken the following chaos ensured…


Ripping down balloons and throwing them your good friends is always a good idea after a couple glasses of wine.

Of course J’s main concern was his hair 🙂

Until T got vicious with the balloon launching and J went down. Lucky for J- Juan is well versed in the Heimlich.. well sorta and it helped when he put down his beer.. hahaha!



Good times all around, everyone was silly and it was fun to not have to worry about working for a bit.

After the engagement party we had to make another appearance.. Some of our other friends recently bought a house and they were kind enough to invite us to their Housewarming/Halloween party.

I saw had to, because I was pretty hot mess express at this point. T decided that we should just go straight to the party as it was already 10pm.


So we were “those people” who showed up without a costume. Sorry Kayla!!

It was at this point that the guy on the right announced he was Polish and that he liked the Chicago Bears.. so for some reason in my drunken mind I decided that I needed to play matchmaker. I basically had him married to my friend Sara. Luckily he was a good sport though, and they have a date next week :-).

It was also at this point that I officially decided that I needed to chill out, hahah. So I did what I did best and went and found the resident animal and hung out with her :-).


Kayla went all out with the decorations- my cats would murder me!


We made it home at a fairly decent hour and then it was back to work on Sunday. Sunday morning was definitely spent re-hydrating, but it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. haha.

After work on Sunday T, J and I went to the Phoenix Symphony and listen to Harry Potter/Halloween music. It was different than I was expecting, but they put on a super cute show for the kiddos. Dumbledore came out and introduced songs, and they had people flying Hedwig kites throughout the auditorium.

Annnd now everyone has no doubt about what a nerd I am :-).

After that I had to be an adult and meal plan, grocery shop, clean, pay bills and get gas.. cie la vie! It was a busy, and fun weekend all around.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything, or did ya stay in and have a quiet one?

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    • Hi April, Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the congratulations as well!! I must be losing my mind, but I couldn’t find you in the link up! Can I please get you blog URL so I can check it out? 🙂


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