Picking A Venue: Revisting Pioneer

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I may update this post later and link up to Weigh In Wednesday… or maybe I won’t and I will just do a recap of the diet bet I participated in tomorrow 🙂

After previewing all the venues I talked about here, here, and here T and I felt pretty confident in our favorite. We both really liked Pioneer! The location wasn’t too far out, we had history there, the price was reasonable and it apparently has whatever T’s mysterious “requirement” is. Oh and horses. It has a carriage 🙂

We made our decision about a week before September 20th, so we decided to go to the onsite restaurant on September 20th for dinner to celebrate, check it out at night and see what the weather was like. (Hopefully next year is a bit cooler!) The 20th fell on a Friday and T had to close, so we didn’t end up making it out there until about 8:10.

I looked online and yelp said that they have kind of goofy hours, but apparently Friday night is fish fry night so they are open until at least 9. Well, we pulled up to the gate and it was closed. Everything was super, super quiet. Not like “we left 10 minutes ago” quiet.. more like “we left hours ago quiet”.

That was quite worrying, but we decided to come back the next day and check it out.

T had to work the next day, so we didn’t get there until about 3pm. He hadn’t eaten that day and wanted to go straight to the restaurant, but I saw that the park portion of the property closed at 4 so I asked him if we could walk around first. He being the gentleman that he is, he agreed. We walked up to the ticket area and the woman just waved us in since it was so close to closing. (Pioneer is on state trust land and is run by volunteers– they charge an admission to cover maintenance only). There were some employees/volunteers around and they all asked us to take water if we were going to walk very far out. It was nice that everyone seemed genuinely kind and that they weren’t rushing us out since it was around closing time.

We walked around and looked at where the ceremony would be. They trimmed and greened up the grass a lot since the last time we were there and it looked A LOT nicer.

photo (2)3 photo-1 (2)4

Walking up to the area where the ceremony would be.

T and I walked around and looked at all the historic buildings that are on the property. This was actually my first time seeing the cool historic buildings- they have an old school house, teachers house, typical middle class family home, mining camp, barber shop, general store, ranching camp, farm, and a ton of other stuff.

As we walked around it was super neat to see everything, but I also realized everything was in a state of disrepair. As I mentioned the place is run completely off donations– so I guess it isn’t really all the surprising. We took our time after they locked up and just walked around enjoying everything.

Around 4:30 we walked back up to the front where the restaurant was with plans to grab lunch there. We were going to walk in the back door, but at the last minute I thought maybe we should just walk around the building and go in the front instead. We walked around the front and commented that it looked pretty dark… we walk to the second door and try it and it’s locked as well. At that point I needed a bathroom so I went to go talk to the ticket lady as she was closing up and I asked her what was up with the restaurant. Apparently it needs a new roof, so it’s temporarily closed.. This makes me nervous for two reasons.

1.) The restaurant is a main source of income for the museum… if it’s closed?

2.) The restaurant is where the wedding food is cooked…. ummmm?? I don’t think a museum restaurant closes on their own when they need a new roof. I’m worried that the health department got involved..

Soooo….. we pretty much had our minds made up but after that trip I am worried about giving them a deposit and then them being “out of business” by next year. I haven’t contacted the coordinator yet and I’m not really sure if I am even going to. I liked her a lot, but I worried that she may just tell me what I want to hear. ahhhg!!

I guess it’s best to know early, but the whole situation is turning out kind of weird..

What are your thoughts??

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5 thoughts on “Picking A Venue: Revisting Pioneer

  1. This is a beuatiful location! WOW!

    Do you think it’s because of the off-season? Not sure if you have an “off-season” there, but sometimes a place like that is open more from June-August and shuts down more in September? Might be best to come right out and ask the coordinator what is going on, that way, you’ll get an answer before you put a deposit down.

  2. How pretty!!! I hope it all works out….and I can’t wait to hear how the dietbet went! We both know I chicken-shitted-out at the last minute so I sure hope you did well!!!

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