Catching Up- Oh Monday


Why can’t weekends be 5 days and work weeks be TWO??

Who am I kidding? I haven’t had a weekend since I went to San Diego for 2.5 days last month.  I feel like my life is one giant “life comes at you fast” commercial. Things haven’t necessarily been bad, just incredibly hectic. As I mentioned in my about me I work two jobs + have a long commute and I really just believe that there aren’t enough hours in the day. ((Updates coming to the about me and race pages, by the way)).

The wedding is coming up FAST. In preparation for this I am participating in another diet bet. I did really well with the last one- it turns out the possibility of winning $$ is very motivating to me :-). I need to get into some good habits now before Winter strikes… I am such a summer person- I ❤ sunshine. This equates to I need to start excising in the morning. I am worthless at motivating myself to do it after work! I always feel like its my time (hello cleaning), plus the gym closes at 10 so that doesn’t leave me with much time.

But enough goals and work talk. One thing my Dad has taught me is make time for friends (he never did :().

Sami's Shenanigans

So without further adieu- my weekend in pictures:


Some of the team on Saturday. We hosted a big, industry wide event and everything went surprisingly well! We only had one customer sneaking beers- a BIG no no when you’re driving a heavy truck. Our guys/the caterers were awesome and caught him quick though, and there were no other snafus!

Around 3:30 I left that I went and did some quick shopping for an engagement party we were going to.


Most of the group at the engagement party.


J and I- New Glasses!!

Man I hit the amazing friend jackpot. I’m not sure how I am blessed enough to have so many amazing people in my life, but I sure am grateful. 🙂

There was plenty of wine consumed at the party and shortly after the group pictures were taken the following chaos ensured…


Ripping down balloons and throwing them your good friends is always a good idea after a couple glasses of wine.

Of course J’s main concern was his hair 🙂

Until T got vicious with the balloon launching and J went down. Lucky for J- Juan is well versed in the Heimlich.. well sorta and it helped when he put down his beer.. hahaha!



Good times all around, everyone was silly and it was fun to not have to worry about working for a bit.

After the engagement party we had to make another appearance.. Some of our other friends recently bought a house and they were kind enough to invite us to their Housewarming/Halloween party.

I saw had to, because I was pretty hot mess express at this point. T decided that we should just go straight to the party as it was already 10pm.


So we were “those people” who showed up without a costume. Sorry Kayla!!

It was at this point that the guy on the right announced he was Polish and that he liked the Chicago Bears.. so for some reason in my drunken mind I decided that I needed to play matchmaker. I basically had him married to my friend Sara. Luckily he was a good sport though, and they have a date next week :-).

It was also at this point that I officially decided that I needed to chill out, hahah. So I did what I did best and went and found the resident animal and hung out with her :-).


Kayla went all out with the decorations- my cats would murder me!


We made it home at a fairly decent hour and then it was back to work on Sunday. Sunday morning was definitely spent re-hydrating, but it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. haha.

After work on Sunday T, J and I went to the Phoenix Symphony and listen to Harry Potter/Halloween music. It was different than I was expecting, but they put on a super cute show for the kiddos. Dumbledore came out and introduced songs, and they had people flying Hedwig kites throughout the auditorium.

Annnd now everyone has no doubt about what a nerd I am :-).

After that I had to be an adult and meal plan, grocery shop, clean, pay bills and get gas.. cie la vie! It was a busy, and fun weekend all around.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything, or did ya stay in and have a quiet one?

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Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I decided to participate in this lovely link up for the first time ever. I always enjoy reading what others come up with so why the heck not?!


I officially can never get a blog post written at work. It doesn’t matter if I know what I want to say or even if I have it pre-written.

It. Just. Never. Works.

Fate forces me to be a good employee I guess. ha!


I’m signing T and myself up for two expensive 5ks that are in the next 6-8 weeks. We need motivation and these ones look like fun. One has an amazing race bag and the other just looks awesome. Who doesn’t want to be covered in neon dust that’s going to make a huge mess everywhere? Plus, it’s a tax write off….

hahahah like I make enough money to really need to worry about that.


I have a randomly smelly dog.

Lorelei has been getting extra stinky the past couple months and I can’t figure out what the deal is. I thought it was coming from her ears so I called the vet and described the symptoms and they agreed that it was probably an ear infection. Her ears looked clean to me.. but I’m no vet. So I took her in and the vet agreed her ears are clean and not infected. This dog is literally my child and always with me so I know she hasn’t been getting into anything in the yard. I’ve been bathing her the same amount as always and she JUST started stinking! so weird!

Did my dog hit puberty or something??


I’m driving myself crazy with the wedding venue picking. I am going to look at a couple more tomorrow and then I think it’s time to just make a choice already.

But what if I choose wrong?? Major pressure here!


Diet bets really do work!! Turns out I’m way money motivated.. big surprise 🙂

I got down to 192.4 this month.

I couldn’t be more pleased, I ate pretty well most of the time but got virtually no exercise. (Aside from all the walking I do on a daily basis- I have a fairly active job). This number does include a short 3 day vacation too. I didn’t eat particularly well on vacation but I did make it up with two solid days walking.

I’m not dummy, I know I need to get moving. Enter the races I signed up for.

I do have to admit that while I’m glad that the diet bet worked for so many people I’m also a little disappointed… I wanted to win a bigger pot! haha

Happy weekend everyone!

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Picking A Venue: Revisting Pioneer

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I may update this post later and link up to Weigh In Wednesday… or maybe I won’t and I will just do a recap of the diet bet I participated in tomorrow 🙂

After previewing all the venues I talked about here, here, and here T and I felt pretty confident in our favorite. We both really liked Pioneer! The location wasn’t too far out, we had history there, the price was reasonable and it apparently has whatever T’s mysterious “requirement” is. Oh and horses. It has a carriage 🙂

We made our decision about a week before September 20th, so we decided to go to the onsite restaurant on September 20th for dinner to celebrate, check it out at night and see what the weather was like. (Hopefully next year is a bit cooler!) The 20th fell on a Friday and T had to close, so we didn’t end up making it out there until about 8:10.

I looked online and yelp said that they have kind of goofy hours, but apparently Friday night is fish fry night so they are open until at least 9. Well, we pulled up to the gate and it was closed. Everything was super, super quiet. Not like “we left 10 minutes ago” quiet.. more like “we left hours ago quiet”.

That was quite worrying, but we decided to come back the next day and check it out.

T had to work the next day, so we didn’t get there until about 3pm. He hadn’t eaten that day and wanted to go straight to the restaurant, but I saw that the park portion of the property closed at 4 so I asked him if we could walk around first. He being the gentleman that he is, he agreed. We walked up to the ticket area and the woman just waved us in since it was so close to closing. (Pioneer is on state trust land and is run by volunteers– they charge an admission to cover maintenance only). There were some employees/volunteers around and they all asked us to take water if we were going to walk very far out. It was nice that everyone seemed genuinely kind and that they weren’t rushing us out since it was around closing time.

We walked around and looked at where the ceremony would be. They trimmed and greened up the grass a lot since the last time we were there and it looked A LOT nicer.

photo (2)3 photo-1 (2)4

Walking up to the area where the ceremony would be.

T and I walked around and looked at all the historic buildings that are on the property. This was actually my first time seeing the cool historic buildings- they have an old school house, teachers house, typical middle class family home, mining camp, barber shop, general store, ranching camp, farm, and a ton of other stuff.

As we walked around it was super neat to see everything, but I also realized everything was in a state of disrepair. As I mentioned the place is run completely off donations– so I guess it isn’t really all the surprising. We took our time after they locked up and just walked around enjoying everything.

Around 4:30 we walked back up to the front where the restaurant was with plans to grab lunch there. We were going to walk in the back door, but at the last minute I thought maybe we should just walk around the building and go in the front instead. We walked around the front and commented that it looked pretty dark… we walk to the second door and try it and it’s locked as well. At that point I needed a bathroom so I went to go talk to the ticket lady as she was closing up and I asked her what was up with the restaurant. Apparently it needs a new roof, so it’s temporarily closed.. This makes me nervous for two reasons.

1.) The restaurant is a main source of income for the museum… if it’s closed?

2.) The restaurant is where the wedding food is cooked…. ummmm?? I don’t think a museum restaurant closes on their own when they need a new roof. I’m worried that the health department got involved..

Soooo….. we pretty much had our minds made up but after that trip I am worried about giving them a deposit and then them being “out of business” by next year. I haven’t contacted the coordinator yet and I’m not really sure if I am even going to. I liked her a lot, but I worried that she may just tell me what I want to hear. ahhhg!!

I guess it’s best to know early, but the whole situation is turning out kind of weird..

What are your thoughts??

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Picking A Venue: The Winery

ResizedImage951380656109450-1 (2)2

As you may recall I was super excited about this place. The venue it’s self was VERY nice… but I think I maybe built it up a little too much in my mind. It doesn’t help that it’s located in Florence, AZ.

There is one thing Florence, AZ is known for…. it’s prison.

I know my family and the jokes will never end if I were to pick this place. Our initial introduction was actually priceless.

T, my mom and I left work early a couple Wednesdays ago so that we could make their 5pm open house. Phoenix traffic can be a bit of a beast so with that and the distance it was an approximately 90 minute drive. Realistically I wouldn’t have even considered this places, but I really fell in love from the pictures so we decided to check it out.

I work the closest, so everyone came to my office and we left from there. I plugged the address on their website into my GPS and we head out… annnnd 90ish minutes later we show up LITERALLY TO THE DOOR STEP OF THE PRISON.

My mom and T thought I was messing with them.. I was not. We tried calling the venue and no one picked up (thankfully?). Finally T pulled up the address himself and after a couple moments realized that I had put in East when it should have been West.

Wow. Such a first impression :-).

ResizedImage951380656128364 (2)

ResizedImage951380656145858-1 (2)

Traffic moving into the venue was moving super slow and we couldn’t see why at we got up the road we saw it was because there was a tractor on the street! So many random things.. haha.

Once we got there we were greeted by a friendly older man who directed us where to park. An employee asked us to sign in and then within 5 minutes someone came over and lead us on a personal tour of the property. It is quite large, so there were a couple different options for the ceremony and reception spaces.

I really liked that where were animals and cool antiques around. Couples can rent a driver and the car in the picture above if they’d like.

IMG95201309189517591695812 (2)

Attack Turkey. This guy was mean.

 ResizedImage951380656264567 (2)IMG_9925 (2)

Burro. Also- see first evidence that my mother will never be a photographer… No that’s not a fisheye lense.

Apparently they have little saddle things they put on the Burros so that couples can have “Beer Burros” at their special day.

These guys were so sweet… they kept pushing the other out of the way to try to get more pets.

ResizedImage951380656218585 (2)

Kitty over by the bridal cottage.

PicMonkey Collage2

One of the spaces you could choose. Complete with an old T-bird.

PicMonkey Collage

Remember the arches? The picture above kind of does them too much justice.

T and I are both tall… and we were about as tall as them. The water is also on the backside and not visible to the guests during the ceremony.

The open house we went to was to premier the new “Lake House”.

ResizedImage951380656394216 (2)

Barn like interior.

It was nice.. but it wasn’t finished for the preview. This was the first venue that we toured that had all of their vendors there so that couples could meet them and see their offerings. The lake house had the upgraded catering, and oh my gosh was it good. We were only in there for a total of 10 minutes and the power went out and was out for all but about 30 seconds of it. That made me a bit nervous as well..

ResizedImage951380656371524 (2)

Neat Chandelier (for a winery) that they are working on in the lake house.

ResizedImage951380656428684 (2) ResizedImage_1380656413916 (2)

Where the ceremony would be held if we choose the lake house.

It’s pretty, but we have enough guests coming that people would be split between the “upper” and “lower” areas which I don’t really like.

This is at the back of the property and the last thing that we saw. It was right about then that I realized that I hadn’t seen anything very vineyard-like. (I’m quick on the uptake like that ;-))

Apparently Winery is in name only haha. The venue had bars open for the event and as we were leaving I checked them out to see the wine and I didn’t even see them serving their own wine! it was odd to me.

ResizedImage951380656174482 (2)

The walk back to the car. Nail in the coffin- my mom will never be a photographer.

I even asked if it turned out and she said yes! hahaha!

We had a fun time previewing the property, but between the price and how far out it is I just don’t think it will work. It’s more than I wanted to spend, but I figured if it was my dream location I would figure it out.. I’m glad I looked and realized I’m not missing anything there. 🙂 I do however want to go back for a wine tasting! I saw flyers for it, so I know that it does exist.

I’ve got a recap of our trip back to Pioneer scheduled to go up tomorrow 🙂

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