Hello Hello… Thanks to anyone who has stuck around these desolate parts 🙂

I kind of want to say that I wish I had a better excuse to give y’all about why I haven’t been blogging, but that isn’t true. Life has just been incredibly insane and I’ve been rolling with it. There has been lots of not so fun thing (family in the hospital), lots of long nights between 2 jobs + trying to see family once in awhile + somewhat maintain a house +plan a wedding + the billion other day to day things.. but there has also been lots of fun things. I took a quick trip to San Diego with an old friend, nights out on the town, and FINALLY getting the house the way I want it decorating wise.

This is kind of a lame post to come back with, but T is in class late tonight and I plan I recapping a bunch of wedding stuff, San Diego and how Skinny Meg’s Diet Bet went… oh I didn’t tell you guys about that either?? oops! haha

I hope everyone’s been well, I did absolutely nothing this weekend other than catch up on everyone’s blog.. everyone has been busy! Half marathons galore- y’all rock!!!

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