Hello Hello… Thanks to anyone who has stuck around these desolate parts 🙂

I kind of want to say that I wish I had a better excuse to give y’all about why I haven’t been blogging, but that isn’t true. Life has just been incredibly insane and I’ve been rolling with it. There has been lots of not so fun thing (family in the hospital), lots of long nights between 2 jobs + trying to see family once in awhile + somewhat maintain a house +plan a wedding + the billion other day to day things.. but there has also been lots of fun things. I took a quick trip to San Diego with an old friend, nights out on the town, and FINALLY getting the house the way I want it decorating wise.

This is kind of a lame post to come back with, but T is in class late tonight and I plan I recapping a bunch of wedding stuff, San Diego and how Skinny Meg’s Diet Bet went… oh I didn’t tell you guys about that either?? oops! haha

I hope everyone’s been well, I did absolutely nothing this weekend other than catch up on everyone’s blog.. everyone has been busy! Half marathons galore- y’all rock!!!

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Tuesday Check In

Soo.. as I mentioned yesterday, life has been extra crazy as of lately. I tend to let blogging go first when I get busy, and I need to quit that. It’s one of the few relaxing “for me” things I do. Live and learn I guess. The short of it is: the week before last Grandpa was very sick. So I spent most of the week in a hospital room making sure that he got everything he needed. He’s better now, thank God. Then last week was a mad game of trying to catch up on two full time jobs worth of work and balance some semblance of a healthy life! Good Times 🙂

I did join Skinny Meg’s Diet bet that started earlier this month. I also talked T into it. It turns out that we are both very $$ motivated. We finally got our eating together 🙂 Yay healthy dinners EVERY night! I’ll do a recap of my weight and measurements at the end of the month, but so far it’s going well. I do have a wedding preview, trip to San Diego and a bunch of trips up North to work on cabin stuff to factor into it though.

Pretty sure this is the most boring, uninspired post I’ve ever written but it’s all I’ve got today.

I will leave ya with some quotes I like from pinterest, cause it’s 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon and it’s all I got 🙂

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Weekly Goals Link Up + SunShine Award :)

Wow, sorry for the unintended blog vacation there guys. My life turned into one of those “Life Comes at You Fast” Nationwide commercials.. more on that tomorrow though!

Goal time….



Well I made it through the past couple weeks without having a mental breakdown so I think the only goal I set last time was a check! 🙂

New Goals:

1.) Continue Drinking lots of water

2.) Continue with meal planning/eating well

3.) Be more active this weekend

4.) Be active at least 4 times this week

5.) Put the final touches on the house– I’m ready to be FINALLY finished (decorating).


Sunshine award time!!


Kayla nominated me on Friday, and it seriously made my day!

Thanks again Kayla!!

Here’s the rules:

A Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose posts brighten your day. Here are the rules-
1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog (above).
2. Link to the person who nominated you
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award.
5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.
Kayla’s Questions:
1. If you were a Real Housewife, what would your tagline be? If you don’t watch it, I’ll give you an example of what mine would be. “There’s nothing wrong with being classy, sassy, and a bit smart ass-y!”
–I don’t have anything clever for this.. It’s Monday morning. Sorry! Something about the crazy animal woman probably.
2. What is your favorite boy band of all time?
–Backstreet Boys! Duh! I went to their concert when I was in 4th grade and as we were leaving we saw their tour bus leaving the arena. My Dad decided to follow it (along with about 25+ other parents with crazy pre-teens). We followed them to the hotel and saw them get off the bus. Coolest thing ever to a 4th grader haha.
3. Which member of The Brady Bunch can you most relate to?
— Pop culture fail… I never watched it. Marsha? That’s the only name I know!
4. Will you be wearing white now that Labor Day has passed?
–Of course not. I would NEVER do that!!
I don’t look good in white. Therefore I never wear it! haha
5. Nacho Cheese or Cooler Ranch Doritos?
Cheese all the way. Lucky for me the boy likes the others, so if we ever have an occasion where we actually have chips in the house I can pawn them off on him.
6. Describe something about yourself that you secretly love and wish others noticed more.
— Hmm probably my wonderful wit? Can’t you tell with all my answers here? Just kidding.  My creativity.
7. Would you rather be deaf or blind?
–I think deaf… I’m a really visual person. What a hard question to answer!!
8. Maury’s Paternity Tests episodes or Out of Control Teens?
–I prefer my trashy media in the form of tabloids. I can’t stand talk shows, but give me a tabloid and I’m a happy girl! I’m behind though– I have a date with the pool float, drink and stack of magazines this weekend. Wait- is Monday too early to be planning my weekend?
9.  If you could go back in time for 24 hours, where would you go and what would you do?
— Oh man.. I would definitely go back in time and buy a lotto ticket with the winning numbers. I’m talking the BIG one.. obviously I’m only going to win once so I am doing this right!
10. Who’s sexier? Larry King or Steve Buscemi?
— Uhg! You are cruel Kayla!! I guess Steve Buscemi.. at least he isn’t on CNN….
I’m going to mix it up with some of the questions I ask:
1.) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
2.) Sweet or salty snacks?
3.) Where is your favorite place to shop? (for you favorite thing)
4.) What’s you earliest memory?
5.) What’s one thing you’ve been putting off?
6.) 8. First job you ever had?
7.) Why did you start blogging?
8.) What cheesy line do you tell yourself to get motivated for a workout/run/whatever?
9.) 7.  Do you have a lead foot when you drive?
10.) Do you love or hate rainy weather?
And I nominate the following lovelies:
Shannon from Tatlock’s Truth
Carolyn from Fitnasty for Life
Kayleigh from Down at Fraggle Rock
Nicole from A Heart Like Mine
Chrissie from ChrissyLilly
I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!

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