What An Insane Week..

First of all, thank you so much for the sweet comments on my last post. You are all the absolute best.

This past week has really just been too weird. On Tuesday I went back to work to (I was just going to say ‘put out fires’…) deal with me and my Dad’s unexpected absence. Everything was a bit crazy as per usual, but I also had a meeting with the City to deal with the road project. Lets just say I’m not a fan of emanate domain.. it didn’t actually get to that point, but it sure feels like it some times.

Wednesday was another day of craziness.. it never ends šŸ™‚

Thursday it was back up to the cabin. We met with the insurance people and the fire investigators. The insurance people were absolutely amazing- we had a good policy, but I just can’t say enough good things about the crew they have put together for us.

Farmer’s had a builder come in and look at the damage- mainly because they do this every day so they can work with the adjustor to get the costs where they need to be. Our builder is awesome. I was joking that he had my dream truck (Remember this post?) and he basically forced his keys on me when we had to run up to the community center for a working bathroom.

photo-7 (2)

So I did what any sane person would do.. Took it and then posed with it before I brought it back. Maybe I’m not that terrible of a blogger?? haha

We know a fair amount of families up there- the neighbor informed us that the Women’s Bible study group heard what happened and “we are officially the talk of the town”. Ohi. Small Towns.

photo-8 (2)

There was no shortage of people up there.

This was early in the day. By 1pm there were plus five more cars/trucks + firetrucks.

photo-9 (2)

Trying to take an inconspicuous picture.. and TOTALLY got called out. Thanks, Will! haha

The pattern of the fire was a little bizarre so everyone wanted to know what the fire investigator had to say. They had 2 local guys look at it, brought someone in from the nearest “big” city (ha), and then the insurance company had a private person come out. Right now it’s looking like it could be related to the gas line (it was corrugated- there have been problems with this type in the past) so now the insurance company is investigating. Unfortunately, this means there’s going to be back and forth with the lawyers so instead of starting next week they aren’t sure when they will be able to. Right now they are hoping to have demo, framing and mud done before it snows.

This is also the time that I need to go through and inventory the ENTIRE house. Let me just say that my parents had it nicely stocked. My Dad and Uncle when a little crazy last January and decided they wanted a doomsday retreat if need be… even my Dad thinks it was dumb now! ha! Beyond that- the closest store was 50+ miles away so there was no running out for Q-tips, batteries, TP, soda/whatever. Once I get the inventory done I have to collaborate it with receipts and then try to find replacements.

This is going to be an adventure for sure.

photo-10 (2)

Command Central.

Did I mention our team is amazing. Seriously, thank you God..again.

It was alternately sunny and rainy- Will was kind enough to bring covering, water + chairs or everyone.

The day ended kind of ironically and sad though. I realized I have spent more quality time with my parents up there in the past week than I have ever before šŸ˜¦ As we were packing up my Dad was standing there and he kept commenting how sad he was that my room was completely demolished. He knew how much time I spent getting everything just right.. as for me I was facing away from the house enjoying the trees. He talked about how it was sad to watch it rain in the house.. me? Still enjoying the trees. I’m trying to look at this as an adventure.. and I think I’m still in denial. Is that bad?

Lucky for me I have some amazing friends. They were waiting for me when I got home with a lovely wine night.

photo-11 (2)

Don’t ask me why J thought it necessary to grab every wine bottle in the house and pile it in front of us for the picture..

E found a pin on pinterest that we tried last night. (I’d link it, but I couldn’t find it).

It called for mango sorbet and champagne. We used a melon baller and put the sorbet in our glasses and then the champagne melted it and it combined.

Super yum, in case anyone is looking for a fruity champagne drink šŸ™‚

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend

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