Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 13)

Operation Skinny Jeans

How is it Monday already?? Time is just flying by.. anyway on to a quick recap of my vacation goals:

Fresh (VACATION) Goals:

1.) Quit acting like I’ve never seen a veggie! Focus on nutrition- not just calories– Well I wasn’t 100% on this one, but I did improve things!

2.) Start tracking -.. fail.

3.) Water- More of it and less empty calories (drinks..) -I did drink water.. there were plenty of drinks on T’s birthday though.. oops

4.) Keep up the daily walks with the pups. Sure aren’t going to be able to when we get home.. the weather is AMAZING here! -Success on this one!

5.) Keep up with the wedding planning.. time is flying by.- I am noticing a trend with the words “flying” & time.. scary. I did get the last two venues I wanted to check out scheduled, so that’s cool.

This Week’s Goals:

1.) Get out of vacation mindset. I didn’t even want to be in vacation mindset when I was ON vacation.

2.) Drink 100 oz water daily.

3.) Focus on nutrition AND calories. Track everything.

4.) Eat at least one salad per day.

5.) Get to the gym a minimum of three mornings.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 13)

    • Alcohol is such a waste! That’s pretty much how I feel about the water.. I did well today though 🙂 Nasty work bathroom and all 🙂

      It is easy, too easy!

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