Wedding Planning: The Venue

Happy Thursday Everyone!

As some of you may have seen I finally decided to get my butt in gear regarding the wedding planning.

I am so blessed to have a friend who had to have been an event planner in a past life.

We spoke (rather offhandedly, or so I thought) one evening about what I was thinking style-wise. I asked if she would help, but I really thought she would just want to tag along to look a venues or dresses or whatever. She has great taste, so I was totally game for this plan!!

I also mentioned how I was stressed about the budget changes + work.

The next evening I checked my inbox and she had put together a list of ALL of the venues in ARIZONA that she thought I may be interested in.

I was floored. She literally must have spent hours doing all that research.

There were probably 20-25 places on the original list.. including my top three (that I didn’t mention by name!). There were also three others that she found (and I never would have!) that made the final list.

She did all this about six weeks ago. As soon as she sent it I poured through everything, but I was just so dang overwhelmed that I thanked her profusely and then did my best ostrich impression and buried my head in the sand.

Thank Goodness for vacations!

Sunday night T and I sat down and picked out our top 4-5. I talked to Amy and she asked me to look at two additional places.

So I made appointments and we are set to go see 4 places. Just waiting to hear back from 1! woohoo!

Ish is getting REAL

I do have a quick question for you wonderful people though..

How many is too many to go look at venues? I have lots of people I’d love to have come (and who have offered!), but I don’t want to look like the circus came to town as we all pile out of the car 🙂

Is there some etiquette I don’t know for this? Maybe we go preview the places we are interested in and ask specifics and then if we have to narrow it down we invite extended family then??

I’m so lost!

I am so incredibly grateful for everything she has done, thank you Amy!!

Pictures to come

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: The Venue

  1. Well I’ve never been married but I work in a hotel that has a wedding just about every weekend and I’ve helped plan some friends’ weddings. In my OPINION, the group going to look at venues should be limited to you, your fiance, your planner (or designated helper/planner), and maybe your mothers (assuming fathers are uninterested). Depending on the venue, they may be planning on offering you lunch or some sort of experience while you visit, so bringing a huge entourage can definitely come off the wrong way. Definitely limit it until you find THE place. Then you can bring your friends by whenever you want. I’ve honestly never heard of making looking at venues some kind of event haha 🙂 I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all at all, just giving you some perspective from the venue’s side of things 🙂

    • Hey Nicole, thanks for your insight! I had no idea that the venues may do lunch, so yes I can definitely see where that may come off wrong. Haha i guess it’s just a bit of an event because a couple of the places are wineries.. so my two best friends want to tag along as well 🙂

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