Our Engagement Story (FINALLY!!)

Let me preface this by saying that I didn’t take a dang picture the entire night. With the exception of the two below..


“I SAID YES!!!!”

The picture I took of my ring and the text message announcement to all of our friends..


“And he even flew my best friend in!! <3”

The facebook post.. haha!

Anyway.. backing up.

T and I have been dating for just over 8.5 years. (and we have been engaged for just over 6 months at this point.. hello writing procrastination).

We met in high school through a mutual friend, and the rest was history. Sure we had the expected ups and downs of literally growing up together, but I have thought about it a lot and I don’t think I would change a thing.

We bought a house together last fall, so we were obviously in a committed relationship but the funny thing was I didn’t see the proposal coming at all. (and I REALLY should have!!)

There were times when we were younger (4 or 5 years ago) when I really wanted to get married, but T never proposed and I wasn’t about to “force” myself on someone. So I finally decided to just started living in the moment and quit worrying about the future. (Good lesson!)

Anyway, last December 15th was our 8 year anniversary. It fell on a Saturday and the whole weekend it was just pouring rain. I wasn’t feeling too hot and it was FREEZING (relatively I guess, haha!) out. T told me he made dinner reservations at the Wrigley Mansion for 5pm.

At this point we had been in the house for a couple months and had most everything unpacked. That being said we were still working out the kinks as far as getting (some) housework done during the week so that we weren’t totally overwhelmed once Saturday morning hit.

Saturday morning came around and it was pouring rain and about 35 degrees out. I was totally content to just hang out in PJs all day and do a whole lot of nothing. Trent kept cleaning (usually I’m the one nagging him to get up and help!) and I kept telling him to just sit down and relax. I really just wanted to veg on the couch. Once dinner time started getting closer I even asked him if we could skip it or move our reservation to a later time.

Somehow he made me get up and dressed (I was soo lazy- pathetic!!) and we made our reservation.

We had a really nice dinner, the mansion is gorgeous too which helped! T knew the server from work so we had great service and lots of fun conversation with him. We got there at 5 and it was totally dead, I commented to T that it was weird that 5 was the only time they said they could get us in. He completely played it off and was just like “hmm, yeah strange”.

So we enjoyed our dinner, had a glass of wine and then paid. After dinner we asked if we could walk around the mansion and the hostess said sure. It was around Christmas time so everything was decorated beautifully. It was fun to imagine what a 1910 (appox) Christmas would have been like there.

We toured the whole mansion and T took me up onto a balcony that over looks Central Phoenix’s lights. Again super pretty, but also SUPER FREEZING. He went out and I followed him, glanced at the lights and then turned around to go back inside! hahaha!

He asked me to come back out and then got down on one knee and proposed. It was short and sweet and I was so happy to say yes!

After that we wrapped up the tour and walked to the front of the building. When T went to go get the car I called my BFF to tell her the news! She was excited- but seemed to cut the conversation a little short so I was kind of sad (more about that later!).

At that point T had gotten the car and I called my parents to tell them.

When I called I asked if we could stop by (their house is on the way home), but I didn’t tell them why. They said they were at the Smith’s which is 30 minutes away, but we could get together later. I was disappointed and thought it was weird, because they are basically social hermits but I said we would see them later.

As we were driving I kept asking T if we could go to my favorite book store (also on the way home). It was still early, and normally he is pretty open to letting me hit the book store but he kept saying he was worried about the dog. I thought this was strange.. T puts up with Lori, but she is definitely MY dog. I mean he would make sure she has food and water, and plays with her occasionally, but for the most part he sees her as the annoyance that insists on being between us in bed. haha!

At that point I was a little put off and sad, but I decided to use the car ride as a time to take a million pictures of the ring on my hand.. followed with a mass text message to all of our friends!

So we get home and I walk in the entry (from the garage) and I see my mom’s walker. At that point it clicked that my parent’s were there and T had surprised me. I went to look at him and then looked back and as I rounded the corner into the kitchen area I saw his parents as well. I was so happy to see everyone!! I remember that I turned around teased T about how he really didn’t care about the dog after all. Then as I got further and further into the room I kept seeing more and more friends. T and I are lucky to have a lot of different “groups” of friends. It was so amazing to see everyone, but sooo overwhelming!

Everyone was saying congratulations and I was walking around saying hi and thank you to everyone. I had just about made it to the last person (actually I was hugging her) and someone opened the pantry door and STEPHIE walked out. It was pretty funny, I hadn’t cried at all that night, but once I saw her the waterworks started.

T had literally officially thought of EVERYTHING!!

The last time I had seen her was almost a year before when I was in her wedding and helping her pack to move 14 hours away. I think in the car one of the things I told T was that I was sad that Steph wasn’t there for our engagement like I had been for hers.

Seeing everyone was just too much, everything was just so amazing. T definitely couldn’t have planned a better night. I was disappointed at one point, but really that just made the surprise that much better.

**A few side notes for the story**

**That morning I woke up to a FB message from Andy- Stephanie’s husband. Before I could even read the message I rolled over and told T about it. I told him it was weird he messaged me (we don’t normally talk). Once I opened the message I saw that he had some thing like “we miss you guys sooo much! maybe we’ll see you sooner than you think..” I read it to T and asked if he knew anything about it.. he swore he wasn’t planning anything and said it so earnestly that I believed him (I can usually tell when he’s BSing..) I thought it was weird, but I also put it out of my mind because I didn’t want to get excited for nothing and then be disappointed.

Later that evening I told Steph about Andy’s message and she was soo annoyed- she couldn’t believe that he almost gave it away!! haha!

T is literally the most easy going person I know and once he heard me talking about it he was like ” I couldn’t believe he would send that- what a way to give it away!!” (Not his exact words- but my recap makes him sound a bit Leave it to Beaver like hahah!)

**Obviously once I saw everyone we knew shoved into our house I realized what T had been up to with the cleaning..

I felt like such a jerk! I didn’t help a bit.

Normally I’m the one taking charge with cleaning, but I had no clue and kept trying to get him to just come veg on the couch with me. I think I was pretty much leaving a trail of messes behind me too.. nail polish bottles, tools, remover on the coffee table, ect.. Poor guy deep cleaned the house, and yet I was still completely CLUELESS!

** Another highlight of the evening was when everyone started telling me about when I called Steph.

I called her and she told everyone it was me and they all started laughing so she had to go hide out in the bathroom. We did talk for probably 5-10 minutes so the whole time she was stuck in my bathroom trying to get me off the phone so I didn’t hear everyone talking in the background.

Which I did.. so she had to lie and say she was out with Andy and couldn’t really hear well so she would call me later. (I was so disappointed shot down by my BFF AND PARENTS!!!)

Everyone was also quite entertained about getting my mass text message while they were standing together in my kitchen/ dining/living room.

Normally I am the most suspicious person ever, but I REALLY didn’t see any of it coming for some reason. There were soo many clues. The biggest one being I knew he had bought me a ring!!

We are terrible at keeping secrets from each other and he was so excited about it he wanted me to try it on to make sure it fit.. and this was maybe 3 weeks before our engagement party! I cannot believe I had no clue!!

I was so impressed with T though, he pulled it all off so well and I really can’t think of any other way I would have preferred it. What else is there to ask for besides friends and family??

 Oh and a surprise weekend visit from the BFF!!

The picture above (that I mentioned posting to FB) had some particularly interesting comments.



One (great) way to confuse the heck out of long distance family…

I love the random comment from my Grandma (who is still trying to master FB) and the fact that FB tagged us in to a non-existant mobile home park!!

Oh and the fact that we went to a cowboy bar after the party so we all decided plaid was obviously the way to go 🙂

Luckily my wonderful friends and family did take pictures, so I will come back and add them once I have access to the computer they are on.

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