Finally in the Mindspace

and it feels wonderful!

It seems like every year (wow that’s depressing to say..) around this time I get on track and then vacation throws me off.

This year WILL be different though!

For one thing T is on board, for another my mom has had gastric bypass. Needless to say her eating habits are drastically different. This just leaves me to battle with my Dad who wants Pizza everyday for lunch. I don’t blame him, the pizza at the local place in CB is awesome.. just not healthy everyday! haha

Colorado is wonderful in the fact that there are a million and one things to do outside. One of me and T’s favorite thing’s to do it walk from Mt. CB down into town. It’s approximately 3 miles and the views are amazing!

PicMonkey Collage

As far as this week goes- so far so good.

I went to the gym yesterday and ran 6 miles, and plan to go again tomorrow morning before work. I have kept the calories in check and have definitely upped the water and cut back on the processed crap.

My biggest victory so far was probably last night-  Joy came over and wanted to roast s’mores since she had to leave the other weekend before we got to it. I tried to get the fire started, but it was a no go.

She was determined though and wanted to make them inside.. so I helped her but didn’t partake. The chocolate smelled good, but about three minutes after she had one she commented on how she wished she didn’t because all the sugar made her sick.

So yay for skipping the calories and the stomach ache 🙂


Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 9.48.12 PM

A couple nice little reminders, thank you pinterest!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

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