Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 11)

It’s officially time to face the music.

I am so not looking forward to weigh in Wednesday…

It’s time to get serious. For real. I am so tired of “getting serious” about this.

THIS WILL BE my last time saying tomorrow. Today, today, today!!

(Why does living a healthy lifestyle have to be so difficult??)

Operation Skinny Jeans

Recap shall we?

1.) Keep Tracking- Focus on nutrition. 19 birthday cakes later.. not so much.

2.) Ask Guy to start going to the gym with me again in the mornings. This should have been my easiest one- but he’s been a little MIA.. I need to find out what’s been up with him.

3.) Wake up early at least three mornings– Success on one of these- FINALLY!

4.) Make time to get by the mall to get the battery replaced in my heart rate monitor. – This should have been another “gimme”, but it also did not get done. Lame, Jen.

5.) Quit justifying eating crappy/too much food. There will always be an “occasion” to indulge. Now I really just need to get serious. – Failed so bad on this one. If I weren’t so upset with myself I’d be laughing :-/.

This week’s goals:

1.) Get up early at last three times this week- get to the gym- and BLOG about it! My workouts aren’t particularly innovative by any means, but yay accountability!

2.) No Sugar- I need a serious detox from all that birthday cake..

3.) Eat at least 80% clean- more veggies and lean meats, less processed junk!

4.) Water!

5.) Track- Be sure I’m being honest with myself.

Bonus # 6.) Get those batteries replaces & catch up with Guy!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you guys do anything fun??

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