Who is a terrible blogger?? Meeee! (A Birthday recap)

Wow, it has been a long time. A verrrry long time. Sorry blogland.

Remember that birthday party I may have planned/invited everyone to while I was intoxicated?? Well, it happened.. a week ago. Oops.


My favorite picture from the night. Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.. a bit out of order 🙂

photo-1 (2)

Oh, look- I got J to behave..

The party was soo much fun. (almost) all my favorite people were there and it was a total blast.

Joy came over at noon and helped me decorate. I definitely couldn’t have pulled it off without her. She was in matching band in high school.. huge bonus when it comes up to blowing up balloons, pool toys, and the beer boat..

PicMonkey Collage

The theme was tiki/redneck chic.. obviously.

Joy was also kind enough to help me with those lights. They came from World Market.. completely un-assembled. While I was madly cleaning the kitchen & prepping food she put together about 100 of those rainbow globes.

photo-6 (2)

Toby helped too. Not.

🙂 Typical cat.

Some pictures from the night

PicMonkey Collage3

I am a terrible blogger.. didn’t even think to take pictures until it was already winding down.. oops again.

And the Border Collie stole the show like usual.

PicMonkey Collage2

She also stole a coffee bean gift card..

photo-14 (2)

The BFF was kind enough to send me this awesomeness

And there was cake. Too much cake. The only downside of many awesome friends, family, 2 jobs (one of which has 2 locations..?) There were no less than nine cakes this week- between me and my Dad’s birthday. I felt bad turning people down, and I think I literally gained 10lbs this week. I know..not trying to turn this into a “poor me” situation- but weigh in Wednesday IS NOT going to be pretty.. 🙂

But I’m officially back on track!

Side note: fiance is working on cleaning up the yard and just brought me this:

photo-15 (2)

We did a mini bonfire at the party- complete with s’mores. Turns out you can’t leave a bag of marshmallows outside in Phoenix in July for a week– who knew??

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