Lotto Dreaming (Link Up)

Ok, so I have been a little MIA this week.. I have mentioned before that I love one of my jobs and can’t stand the other. Well, I definitely reached a breaking point this week at work (more on that later, maybe).

I truly have a million and one things to do, but I can’t not do this link up so here goes 🙂


I’m sure you guys will never believe it, but I have fantasized thought about this very topic a time or two before. I’m definitely gonna have to win big to fulfill all this, but we are dreaming right? My luck would be I’d use all my lotto winning mojo on a $200 win though- ha!!

*First of all I would pay off our house.

* Next I would pay off T’s and my parent’s homes.

* I would help T’s parent’s buy the bar/grill they have always wanted.

* I would hire someone super qualified to clean up my Dad’s business. That way he could finally just “be the buyer” like he wants.

* I would buy T this car:


* And then this one for his birthday, just because..


*I would buy myself this beauty..


It would be slate blue though, duh

* I would donate to charities- Animals, women’s causes, cancer research, Veterans

*I would plan our dream wedding! Complete with party buses to get everyone there since it’s a bit of a trek.

PicMonkey Collage

*I would set up a college/trust fund for two hypothetical kids

*I would invest a big chunk of the winnings

*I would buy my BFF a home here, so she would have no excuse not to visit

*I would give some to friends and family.. so be nice to me people 😉

*I would buy a “summer home” in Crested Butte, CO.


*I would buy my parents a huge vacation package- to force them to travel!

*T and I would travel- Spain, Greece, Ireland, Islands.. all over

PicMonkey Collage1

Can you tell I’m craving some beach time today?

*I would charter a personal jet every Christmas so T’s family could come here or we could go there. In style of course.

*I would design and build a dream “forever” home. I want to stay in the area, but we are going to have to build to accommodate what I want.. Land, horse barn (and someone to take care of the horses..), shop, big garage, AMAZING yard- complete with lazy river, swim up pool and BBQ area. Don’t forget plenty of bedrooms,spa bathrooms gym, great kitchen, playroom, craft room… naw I won’t get carried away.

*I’m obviously going to need someone to help me clean/care for all of this. A fitness coach/trainer would be great too..

*I would hire my hair stylist to stop by my house every morning

*I think a boob job and lazer hair removal would be in order, and I’ve always wondered about spray tanning..

*I would definitely round out each afternoon with some shopping too.

Thanks for the fun link up Holly

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

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