Weekend Recap.. A Day Late

PicMonkey Collage2

Sleeping in the truck, no shame, begging

These three pictures pretty much summarize our weekend last weekend. It was AMAZING!

T and I joked that when we are old and gray we are going to have a bunch of pictures of our dogs traveling, but none of us. I’m okay with that. 🙂 (At least for now!)

There was some of this:

PicMonkey Collage1


We packed dog food, and then promptly forgot it at home. So we ended up taking a trip into Winslow. It was everything I have ever heard about it– completely boring! haha! Buuut it was fun to get out for a bit.

And plenty of that:

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see we kept in pretty in check last weekend. There was plenty of eating going on, but we did keep it pretty “clean”. Beer never counts as clean when you’re at the cabin– right??

This was the first 24/7 time T and I spent together in awhile. He sees me eat dinner (usually when I eat the worst), but not breakfast or lunch. The 24/7 time was good- I think he finally gets that I am serious about it. We had  a bit of a “come to Jesus” talk about how I really wanted to work on cleaning up our my dinners.

He was great, and really supported me. Two things make me really believe it this time though:

1.) He went grocery shopping with me when we got home on Sunday

2.) He ate Skinny Taste Buffalo Chicken Wraps with me. Lettuce and all! I got him tortillas for them thinking there was no way he would do lettuce- but he wanted lettuce.. and even said he preferred it!


Thanks to the aforementioned beer I decided last minute that I wanted to have a birthday party. Apparently my new go to thing to do when I am drinking is invite everyone I know  to events.

So between working, commuting, cooking, gyming, and not losing my mind this week I am party planning! woohoo!

I decided it’s going to be tiki theme. I found some cute stuff online- so expect lots of pictures next week 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap.. A Day Late

  1. Your pup is adorable! I had a border collie that looked just like her. I will always have dogs in my life, they’re so worth it!

    Just found your blog and I’m looking forward to following you in reaching your goal of 1000 miles in a year! Congratulations on your wedding!

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