Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 10!) + Blog Changes

Hi Lovlies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I certainly did 🙂

Goals first, fun second- k??

Operation Skinny Jeans

Recap of last week’s goals:

1.) Eat Better- Keep Using Daily Plate

Tracked 6/7 days. Not quite sure what happened on the day I didn’t..

2.) Water

Success. I think I’m literally living in Hades.. It has been.so.hot. We have been hovering around 110 minimum- but then you have to take in to account the fact that it’s always hotter around/ on asphalt. Monsoons are on their way as well, so there goes our lovely “But it’s a dry heat..”. I don’t understand how people live with humidity.. ick!

3.) Gym

Success. Oh how I drug my lazy, unmotivated butt through my runs this week though.. But, they did get done!

4.) Start Waking Up Earlier

Fail. Work is killing me.

5.) Stay on Track over the Long Weekend

Half Credit. I was good Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Saturday there was alcohol and peer pressure from the fiance to eat junk food with him. We did have a serious talk though, and he promised to be more supportive in the future. (More on that in tomorrow’s post).

6.) Quit Being Lazy and Start Posting More

Umm.. haha. I did put in a good couple hours on the blog this weekend though- see below!

Newish Goals:

1.) Keep Tracking- Focus on Nutrition

I tried to fight it, but I’ve realized that I just need to make “rules” for myself when it comes to food. I definitely do not eat enough fresh food, and I’ve come to rely too much on packaged food because it’s easy to track. I am asking for a food scale for my birthday to combat the “hardness” of tracking fresh food. As far as making sure that I eat enough fruits and veggies? The new rule is at least one meal a day needs to be a salad and the other two better have a least one fruit or veggie involved.

2.) Ask Guy to start going to the gym with me again in the mornings.

When my best friend got married last September (and I was maid of honor) I got serious about weight lifting thanks to my Uncle. He met me at the gym 3-4 days a week and acted as my very own personal trainer. It was awesome! When I’m left to my own devices I pretty much entirely do cardio- bad I know. It’s easy though- no planning. When I was lifting weights (and not doing much cardio) I didn’t lose any weight, but I had people telling me left and right how good I was looking. I miss that. Hopefully Guy will be so generous with his time again!


Same weight, but consistently lifting weights.

3.) Wake up early at least three mornings.

Like it or not I’m going to have to convince myself to start getting up earlier. I am just way too rushed in the morning and I get my best work outs in the morning.. which hasn’t happened in forever.

4.) Make time to get by the mall to get the battery replaced in my heart rate monitor.

5.) Quit justifying eating crappy/too much food. There will always be an “occasion” to indulge. Now I really just need to get serious.


So.. as you can probably see I made some changes around these parts.

I decided I wanted a cleaner layout, what do you think of it?

I also made a signature and added a button to follow me via blog lovin’. Lastly, and I think best of all I also made a button! I feel legit now! haha

Thanks to my lack of blog skills I spent about 2 hours figuring it all out and then finally ended up recruiting the fiance. Whatever though- it got done, right??

Check everything out and let me know what you think!!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 10!) + Blog Changes

  1. New layout looks awesome!! Though I slightly miss the fishie on the left 🙂

    Awesome goals this week– sounds like you have a solid plan for getting it together post-holiday, which can always be tough. Lucky you to have a built-in [kinda] personal trainer! I gotta get me one of those 😉 Good luck this week!!

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