26.3 MILES!!! ((Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 9))

Operation Skinny Jeans
Recap Time!
1.) Eat better- started using daily plate, I plan to use it and track EVERYTHING on my phone. Good or bad.
–Woohoo complete success on this one. Tracking wise at least. Definitely went over my calories a couple times this week. I exercised a lot, so I got in that toxic mind set that I could eat practically whatever I wanted.. uh not the case!
2.) Water!
Did pretty well on this one- I want to further up my intake though. Last weekend was SO, SO, SO hot. Like 129 degrees in the car hot (after it had “cooled off”).  The weather itself is going to make this one fairly easy I think..
3.) Gym
I swore to myself I wasn’t going to go another week promising that I would get my “make up” gym time done and then not do it. I ran just over 6 miles twice early last week, then Wednesday I was at the gym and got sucked into a movie and ran another just over 7 miles fairly “easily” and at that point decided I wanted to run a “marathon” this week. Or JUST over! (So what if it’s over the course of 4 runs! haha) T and I went out of Friday and had a big night out, so Saturday was a pretty blah day… Sunday came and I did NOT want to go to the gym. Usually once I get there I am okay, but the whole run was terrible. BUT I kept going.. I wanted to be able to say I did it and I knew I would be soo disappointed in myself if I got that close and then wussed out. So I did it, and it’s over- thank goodness!! haha
4.) Start Waking Up Earlier
Pretty big fail.. Over the weekend it wasn’t a problem. I just can’t stand my job and it’s.so.hard to get going in the morning.
5.) Weekly Weigh Ins + Post Scale Pics Online
Done! (and it was scary..) But y’all are so sweet and gave me lots of encouraging words. As I mentioned there were lots of drinks + calories over the weekend so I really gotta be on my best behavior from now ’til Wednesday (and from here on out).
Newish Goals:
1.) Eat Better- Keep Using Daily Plate
This one is pretty broad, but it encompasses a lot. I want to stay within calories, keep tracking every bite and try to eat less processed crap (either a fruit or veggie at each meal). Last week Carolyn pointed out that (Hi Carolyn!) that I may do better breaking it down to specifics, and I agree- when I started the link ups I had it more broken down but then I got lazy and quit typing it out. Bad me!
2.) Water
3.) Gym- 1 hour minimum- I’m gonna have to get up early to make this happen. I have a million and one things to get done this week and will hopefully be out of town this weekend from Thursday on..
4.) Start Waking Up Earlier- For real this time.. haha!
5.) Stay on track over the (long) weekend- This one is gonna be fun…
6.) Quit being lazy and start posting more! I started this blog as a way to keep myself accountable, but also as an outlet to chronicle T and I’s engagement. So far I haven’t written one freaking post about it. We are finally started to REALLY get the ball rolling (14 months out).
Hope everyone has a wonderful (and short) week!!!   

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