Weigh In Wednesday

Pretty Strong Medicine
Woohoo for making it to Wednesday in good shape! Now to make it through the weekend..
No (accurate) scale picture today.
photo-2 (2)
I wish this were correct.
Can you tell this dog is my freaking shadow??
I woke up late this morning, which always seems to put me in a rather rushed, grouchy mood.
So I hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth, washed my face and started to get dressed and then realized that I needed to snap a picture.
Attempt one- 197. something- Okay cool- try to take a pic.. nope, totally illegible.
Attempt two- 195.2- sweet, but I don’t think so..
Attempt three- 198.something. ahg!
At that point I was late and frustrated, so I’m just going to go with 197.something.
197.something is obviously not a number I love, but I will certainly go with it.
I weighed in on Saturday or Sunday and it was TWO OH TWO! UHG!
Definitely backslid from my previous progress over my (2 week) birthday vacation. But I have worked out hard so far this week, ate well, and drank water like it was my job so yay small steps!
Moral of the story? Pretty sure my scale needs new batteries..
How did everyone else’s weigh in go?

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Finally in the Mindspace

and it feels wonderful!

It seems like every year (wow that’s depressing to say..) around this time I get on track and then vacation throws me off.

This year WILL be different though!

For one thing T is on board, for another my mom has had gastric bypass. Needless to say her eating habits are drastically different. This just leaves me to battle with my Dad who wants Pizza everyday for lunch. I don’t blame him, the pizza at the local place in CB is awesome.. just not healthy everyday! haha

Colorado is wonderful in the fact that there are a million and one things to do outside. One of me and T’s favorite thing’s to do it walk from Mt. CB down into town. It’s approximately 3 miles and the views are amazing!

PicMonkey Collage

As far as this week goes- so far so good.

I went to the gym yesterday and ran 6 miles, and plan to go again tomorrow morning before work. I have kept the calories in check and have definitely upped the water and cut back on the processed crap.

My biggest victory so far was probably last night-  Joy came over and wanted to roast s’mores since she had to leave the other weekend before we got to it. I tried to get the fire started, but it was a no go.

She was determined though and wanted to make them inside.. so I helped her but didn’t partake. The chocolate smelled good, but about three minutes after she had one she commented on how she wished she didn’t because all the sugar made her sick.

So yay for skipping the calories and the stomach ache 🙂


Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 9.48.12 PM

A couple nice little reminders, thank you pinterest!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

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Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 11)

It’s officially time to face the music.

I am so not looking forward to weigh in Wednesday…

It’s time to get serious. For real. I am so tired of “getting serious” about this.

THIS WILL BE my last time saying tomorrow. Today, today, today!!

(Why does living a healthy lifestyle have to be so difficult??)

Operation Skinny Jeans

Recap shall we?

1.) Keep Tracking- Focus on nutrition. 19 birthday cakes later.. not so much.

2.) Ask Guy to start going to the gym with me again in the mornings. This should have been my easiest one- but he’s been a little MIA.. I need to find out what’s been up with him.

3.) Wake up early at least three mornings– Success on one of these- FINALLY!

4.) Make time to get by the mall to get the battery replaced in my heart rate monitor. – This should have been another “gimme”, but it also did not get done. Lame, Jen.

5.) Quit justifying eating crappy/too much food. There will always be an “occasion” to indulge. Now I really just need to get serious. – Failed so bad on this one. If I weren’t so upset with myself I’d be laughing :-/.

This week’s goals:

1.) Get up early at last three times this week- get to the gym- and BLOG about it! My workouts aren’t particularly innovative by any means, but yay accountability!

2.) No Sugar- I need a serious detox from all that birthday cake..

3.) Eat at least 80% clean- more veggies and lean meats, less processed junk!

4.) Water!

5.) Track- Be sure I’m being honest with myself.

Bonus # 6.) Get those batteries replaces & catch up with Guy!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you guys do anything fun??

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Who is a terrible blogger?? Meeee! (A Birthday recap)

Wow, it has been a long time. A verrrry long time. Sorry blogland.

Remember that birthday party I may have planned/invited everyone to while I was intoxicated?? Well, it happened.. a week ago. Oops.


My favorite picture from the night. Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.. a bit out of order 🙂

photo-1 (2)

Oh, look- I got J to behave..

The party was soo much fun. (almost) all my favorite people were there and it was a total blast.

Joy came over at noon and helped me decorate. I definitely couldn’t have pulled it off without her. She was in matching band in high school.. huge bonus when it comes up to blowing up balloons, pool toys, and the beer boat..

PicMonkey Collage

The theme was tiki/redneck chic.. obviously.

Joy was also kind enough to help me with those lights. They came from World Market.. completely un-assembled. While I was madly cleaning the kitchen & prepping food she put together about 100 of those rainbow globes.

photo-6 (2)

Toby helped too. Not.

🙂 Typical cat.

Some pictures from the night

PicMonkey Collage3

I am a terrible blogger.. didn’t even think to take pictures until it was already winding down.. oops again.

And the Border Collie stole the show like usual.

PicMonkey Collage2

She also stole a coffee bean gift card..

photo-14 (2)

The BFF was kind enough to send me this awesomeness

And there was cake. Too much cake. The only downside of many awesome friends, family, 2 jobs (one of which has 2 locations..?) There were no less than nine cakes this week- between me and my Dad’s birthday. I felt bad turning people down, and I think I literally gained 10lbs this week. I know..not trying to turn this into a “poor me” situation- but weigh in Wednesday IS NOT going to be pretty.. 🙂

But I’m officially back on track!

Side note: fiance is working on cleaning up the yard and just brought me this:

photo-15 (2)

We did a mini bonfire at the party- complete with s’mores. Turns out you can’t leave a bag of marshmallows outside in Phoenix in July for a week– who knew??

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Lotto Dreaming (Link Up)

Ok, so I have been a little MIA this week.. I have mentioned before that I love one of my jobs and can’t stand the other. Well, I definitely reached a breaking point this week at work (more on that later, maybe).

I truly have a million and one things to do, but I can’t not do this link up so here goes 🙂


I’m sure you guys will never believe it, but I have fantasized thought about this very topic a time or two before. I’m definitely gonna have to win big to fulfill all this, but we are dreaming right? My luck would be I’d use all my lotto winning mojo on a $200 win though- ha!!

*First of all I would pay off our house.

* Next I would pay off T’s and my parent’s homes.

* I would help T’s parent’s buy the bar/grill they have always wanted.

* I would hire someone super qualified to clean up my Dad’s business. That way he could finally just “be the buyer” like he wants.

* I would buy T this car:


* And then this one for his birthday, just because..


*I would buy myself this beauty..


It would be slate blue though, duh

* I would donate to charities- Animals, women’s causes, cancer research, Veterans

*I would plan our dream wedding! Complete with party buses to get everyone there since it’s a bit of a trek.

PicMonkey Collage

*I would set up a college/trust fund for two hypothetical kids

*I would invest a big chunk of the winnings

*I would buy my BFF a home here, so she would have no excuse not to visit

*I would give some to friends and family.. so be nice to me people 😉

*I would buy a “summer home” in Crested Butte, CO.


*I would buy my parents a huge vacation package- to force them to travel!

*T and I would travel- Spain, Greece, Ireland, Islands.. all over

PicMonkey Collage1

Can you tell I’m craving some beach time today?

*I would charter a personal jet every Christmas so T’s family could come here or we could go there. In style of course.

*I would design and build a dream “forever” home. I want to stay in the area, but we are going to have to build to accommodate what I want.. Land, horse barn (and someone to take care of the horses..), shop, big garage, AMAZING yard- complete with lazy river, swim up pool and BBQ area. Don’t forget plenty of bedrooms,spa bathrooms gym, great kitchen, playroom, craft room… naw I won’t get carried away.

*I’m obviously going to need someone to help me clean/care for all of this. A fitness coach/trainer would be great too..

*I would hire my hair stylist to stop by my house every morning

*I think a boob job and lazer hair removal would be in order, and I’ve always wondered about spray tanning..

*I would definitely round out each afternoon with some shopping too.

Thanks for the fun link up Holly

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

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Weekend Recap.. A Day Late

PicMonkey Collage2

Sleeping in the truck, no shame, begging

These three pictures pretty much summarize our weekend last weekend. It was AMAZING!

T and I joked that when we are old and gray we are going to have a bunch of pictures of our dogs traveling, but none of us. I’m okay with that. 🙂 (At least for now!)

There was some of this:

PicMonkey Collage1


We packed dog food, and then promptly forgot it at home. So we ended up taking a trip into Winslow. It was everything I have ever heard about it– completely boring! haha! Buuut it was fun to get out for a bit.

And plenty of that:

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see we kept in pretty in check last weekend. There was plenty of eating going on, but we did keep it pretty “clean”. Beer never counts as clean when you’re at the cabin– right??

This was the first 24/7 time T and I spent together in awhile. He sees me eat dinner (usually when I eat the worst), but not breakfast or lunch. The 24/7 time was good- I think he finally gets that I am serious about it. We had  a bit of a “come to Jesus” talk about how I really wanted to work on cleaning up our my dinners.

He was great, and really supported me. Two things make me really believe it this time though:

1.) He went grocery shopping with me when we got home on Sunday

2.) He ate Skinny Taste Buffalo Chicken Wraps with me. Lettuce and all! I got him tortillas for them thinking there was no way he would do lettuce- but he wanted lettuce.. and even said he preferred it!


Thanks to the aforementioned beer I decided last minute that I wanted to have a birthday party. Apparently my new go to thing to do when I am drinking is invite everyone I know  to events.

So between working, commuting, cooking, gyming, and not losing my mind this week I am party planning! woohoo!

I decided it’s going to be tiki theme. I found some cute stuff online- so expect lots of pictures next week 🙂

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Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 10!) + Blog Changes

Hi Lovlies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I certainly did 🙂

Goals first, fun second- k??

Operation Skinny Jeans

Recap of last week’s goals:

1.) Eat Better- Keep Using Daily Plate

Tracked 6/7 days. Not quite sure what happened on the day I didn’t..

2.) Water

Success. I think I’m literally living in Hades.. It has been.so.hot. We have been hovering around 110 minimum- but then you have to take in to account the fact that it’s always hotter around/ on asphalt. Monsoons are on their way as well, so there goes our lovely “But it’s a dry heat..”. I don’t understand how people live with humidity.. ick!

3.) Gym

Success. Oh how I drug my lazy, unmotivated butt through my runs this week though.. But, they did get done!

4.) Start Waking Up Earlier

Fail. Work is killing me.

5.) Stay on Track over the Long Weekend

Half Credit. I was good Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Saturday there was alcohol and peer pressure from the fiance to eat junk food with him. We did have a serious talk though, and he promised to be more supportive in the future. (More on that in tomorrow’s post).

6.) Quit Being Lazy and Start Posting More

Umm.. haha. I did put in a good couple hours on the blog this weekend though- see below!

Newish Goals:

1.) Keep Tracking- Focus on Nutrition

I tried to fight it, but I’ve realized that I just need to make “rules” for myself when it comes to food. I definitely do not eat enough fresh food, and I’ve come to rely too much on packaged food because it’s easy to track. I am asking for a food scale for my birthday to combat the “hardness” of tracking fresh food. As far as making sure that I eat enough fruits and veggies? The new rule is at least one meal a day needs to be a salad and the other two better have a least one fruit or veggie involved.

2.) Ask Guy to start going to the gym with me again in the mornings.

When my best friend got married last September (and I was maid of honor) I got serious about weight lifting thanks to my Uncle. He met me at the gym 3-4 days a week and acted as my very own personal trainer. It was awesome! When I’m left to my own devices I pretty much entirely do cardio- bad I know. It’s easy though- no planning. When I was lifting weights (and not doing much cardio) I didn’t lose any weight, but I had people telling me left and right how good I was looking. I miss that. Hopefully Guy will be so generous with his time again!


Same weight, but consistently lifting weights.

3.) Wake up early at least three mornings.

Like it or not I’m going to have to convince myself to start getting up earlier. I am just way too rushed in the morning and I get my best work outs in the morning.. which hasn’t happened in forever.

4.) Make time to get by the mall to get the battery replaced in my heart rate monitor.

5.) Quit justifying eating crappy/too much food. There will always be an “occasion” to indulge. Now I really just need to get serious.


So.. as you can probably see I made some changes around these parts.

I decided I wanted a cleaner layout, what do you think of it?

I also made a signature and added a button to follow me via blog lovin’. Lastly, and I think best of all I also made a button! I feel legit now! haha

Thanks to my lack of blog skills I spent about 2 hours figuring it all out and then finally ended up recruiting the fiance. Whatever though- it got done, right??

Check everything out and let me know what you think!!

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