Pretty Strong Medicine
This is my first time participating in this..
If this won’t provide accountability I don’t know what will.
Week 1-
If I put it sideways maybe no one can read it?
This number is about 2 pounds higher than what I have been seeing for the past couple weeks. I attribute that to three things- Going out to eat last night (stayed in calories, but I’m sure there was extra sodium), starting running again (I always see plus a couple pounds when I start again.. weird, and lastly the ever so lovely PMS.
But in good news (as I mentioned) I started running again. I have ran about 13 miles in the past two days.
Pretty much all the running I talk about is inside the air conditioned gym on a dreadmill. I haven’t really mastered outside running(mainly due to lack of practice I think) and its been approximately 115 degrees here during the day so I am not really looking to take that on any time soon. My mile times have actually been pretty fast considering I was always the last one in after running my middle school miles. Right now I am running about a 9:55 mile. Not fast, but I am totally okay with it. Now is just about getting it done, preferably without dying in the process :).
This was thoroughly scary, but now I think I officially have a starting point!
How did everyone else do last week?

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6 thoughts on “Scary..

  1. 13 miles in two days– that’s awesome woman!! It’s a scary thing to put your weight out there, but this community is so helpful and encouraging, it really helps keep you accountable! I don’t know what your goal is, but if you’re running like that, you’ll definitely get there in no time! 🙂

  2. That’s a lot of running! Good job!! And don’t be discouraged by the number–it’s lower than mine!! Haha. Sorry you’re pmsing. Never fun. But overall I think you’re having a good week!!

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