((A Wild Saturday Night)) A Monster Of A Weekend Recap Post

As usual this post isn’t particularly timely, but I am posting anyway.

Last weekend was definitely the best I have had in a LONG time.

Friday night T and I went and saw this is the end. We had some old gift cards to use up, so we went to dinner and a movie for way cheap. Always a win. This is the end isn’t the typical kind of movie I usually see, but I’ve been in a weird movie mood recently. First Identity Thief, and now this. Anyway, the movie was completely ridiculous, but entertaining. Hint- one of the most beautiful men in the world makes a surprise appearance in it, so that def helped. After the movie we decided to go to the grill for a bit, and hung out with a bunch of friends we don’t get to see much of these days.

Saturday morning T and I got up with the intention of cleaning the house.. We didn’t. We relaxed together, and then ended up going to get shoes for T, Father’s Day cards and sushi in Glendale.

Next up- I met D for coffee. I got a new phone a couple weeks back. EVERYONE and their mother (literally) told me I needed to ditch the Iphone and get the new Galaxy. I hated it. But I did keep it for a week and tried to give it a chance.. While I had it for the week I went on a crazy amazon phone case+accessory buying binge. Lucky for D we have similar taste and she has the galaxy. Most of the cases I bought were cheapies and not even worth paying the return shipping so D gets lots of unexpected sparkly things. haha.

Anyway, I met up with her and we had coffee and talked for 2-3 hours. While we were talking we both mentioned we needed pedicures, bad. We decided to walk over to the place that was next door and they had two chairs next to each other and the prices were decent so we went for it.


The woman who did D’s toes was hilarious. She started to put the color on D’s toes that D picked- but then announced it was too light. So she got up and got a similar, but darker color, tried it and then did the same. So she gets up again and gets a third color, this one is “too dry”. 4th try- she finally picks up the bottle D wanted to begin with- walks half way across the salon- turns around, puts it back and picks up the one seen above. Can’t win them all I guess. lol

I am also still trying to decide if 24 is too old for hot pink?

After we got our toes done we went back to the coffee place and got another coffee and hung out for another 2 hours. D is one of my best friends, but our schedules never seem to line up. It was soo awesome getting to catch up with her. 🙂 I miss being in high school with her and getting to talk everyday.

T and I had plans to go see The Great Gatsby later that evening, so he came and retrieved me around 7. This was going to be “free” again- love those gift certificates. The place were going is actually really cool- it’s dinner theatre. (Still pretty new to PHX). T and I got there 30 minutes before the movie was to start, and they didn’t have any seats together. womp womp.

The Biltmore is across the street so we decided to grab dinner over there and then walk around the shops for a bit. I always forget how beautiful that place is, love it.

After that was when things got really CRAZY...

For father’s day my dad asked me to bake for him so I went over to my parents house and premade the cookie dough for the next day. While I was over there my mom kept telling me about this new “basket” thing she had gotten to help her bring her groceries in.

I saw it and it really only had one use in my mind.. behold:


Sad Border Collie. Smushed Pom.


Irritated Border Collie. Cute Pom.


Nervous Border Collie & Pom. Entertained Pyrenees.


Lily being sweet, Lori being a bia, and Mo trying to bail.


Moose Really can’t believe I’m doing this to him.


Mo bailed, defeated Lori.


Playtime with sister and her baby, Lori decided the world is okay after all.

Sorry animals, I do really love you… hahaha

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