Weekly Goals Link up (Week 7)

Operation Skinny Jeans

Wow, I can’t believe this has been an on going thing for seven weeks already- crazy!

Recap shall we?

Not trying to make excuses for myself, but I can safely say last week was the week from hell. There were more 14 hour days and miles in the car than I’d care to think about.

1.) Eat better- nutrition.. It’s a work in progress…

2.) Water- See above.

3.) Gym- I got in a 5.5 mile run.. I did it in 61 minutes and was pretty proud of that since I haven’t been keeping up with my running. (I also updated my race page!)

4.) Sleep! Did well on one.. I pretty much went into a coma every night as soon as I got home.

5.) Get caught up around the house- Let’s just say I almost wore out my vacuum this weekend. There shall no longer be forecasts of dog hair tornadoes in my living room! Woohoo!

and now for some (semi) new ones:

1.) Eat better- nutrition

2.) Water.

3.) Gym- 3 hours this week. It. Will. Happen.

4.) Start waking up earlier this week. I have been experiences a strange phenomenon- I wake up early on weekends and sleep too late during the week. Turns out maybe you have to actually WANT to wake up to get up.. hmm

5.) Make a fun, substantial appetizer for wine night. Last time J + light apps did not  end well….

Happy Monday Everyone!!


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