Dear 21 Year Old Jen…


I’m linking up today and writing a letter to 21 year old me.. I love this idea. 21 was a rough year, but a year I learned so much.

Dear Jen,

This is going to be quite the year. There are some great times, some not so great times, and some life changing moments this year. Hang on.

You’re walking a fine line sister. Now would be a great time to really start getting healthy and quit making excuses. How about you go ahead and do that, k? Consistently..


Colorado, Dad and I on a trail ride

Spend every moment you can with Grandma. She means more than you can ever tell her, and you don’t have much time left.

IMG957111 (2)

Cell phone camera photo of a photo. Don’t even try to tell me you don’t love the 90’s glamour shot.

Also don’t mind the awkward look on my face. The photographer had just told me my teeth were big, and not to show them.. After my Grandma passed away I was cleaning out drawers and found an old love letter my Grandpa had written her. He wrote that he loved all of her, even her teeth. I asked my Dad about it and he told me she was self conscious of them. I never had a clue.


Don’t mind my gigantic, un-made up, pasty, sleepy self. This was one of our last photos together, and I love how happy she looks.

So you have a summer birthday, so you’ve always been  the baby of the grade. But this is senior year, and there will be a point when you’re so tired and stressed from business school that all you want to do is drop out.

Obviously don’t do that, you’ve worked way too hard for that crap. BUT you get a crazy idea that you’re going to take on a minor. Everyone else may think you’re nuts, but do it anyway! You meet some amazing people, and finally get to take all those “fun” classes you’ve always had your eye on. You meet some characters, and get exposed to stuff you have never thought much about but you’ll love it.


Again excuse the unmade up-ness going on in this photo. I had just picked up my puppy from the airport at 12am. She had also had an accident in her cage, so this was post bath/clothes change.

This is the year you decide you have had enough time to heal after you lost your puppy that you grew up with. You get the adorable little fur ball above, and name her Lily. Spend lots of time with her while she’s adorable, but more importantly SOCIALIZE her with other dogs and strangers so that she doesn’t grow into a BEAST

Quit being sooo shy! Talk to people! Get involved! You really don’t want to leave college without making some lasting friendships.

Trust. Your. Instincts.

You will meet two people that make your really uncomfortable, but the group you hang out with makes it so you are around them often. Trust your instincts. Don’t ignore your instincts and decide X is intriguing. He will tell you all kinds of lies, because he knows it’s what you want to hear. He will hurt you bad. In the worst way. Don’t ever believe someone is “misunderstood” and you can “save” them. That’s crap. And you’ll be an idiot and make terrible decisions, and lose friendships along the way. You’ll risk the most important thing in your life. Lucky for you it all works out, and you walk away stronger, and so do your remaining relationships. But DO learn how to let go, and be done with the toxicity.


Hang on. It’s rough now, but it all turns out amazing in the end. And look what a cutie your monster turns into! She loves nothing more than the pool, and you have many fun pool days ahead with her and the worthwhile people who you find out truly love you.

Insert Group photo of my 25+ closest friends and family members who came to my 22nd birthday (Photo on work computer, coming soon!)


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