Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 6)

First of all.. I am a BAD blogger. Things were extra crazy, and this was definitely first to go. Sad.

I also just realized that I started this blog as a diary of sorts, so I can really remember this crazy hectic time in my life years down the road. I love weight loss/fitness/healthy living blogs (hello motivation), but I also really wanted this to chronicle our engagement as well. Big fat fail there. Buut times are a changing. ..Tomorrow.. lol

So with out further ado:

Operation Skinny Jeans

Recap of last weeks goals:

1.) Eat Better- Same story, calories are decent- nutrition not so great..

2.) Water- Same story again, good early in the week, later not so much. Gotta step it up for real.

3.) Gym- Ran for an hour- Didn’t get “caught up”

4.) Read- hahahhahahahahhahah. funny. See 3- 14 hour days in a row + commuting and trying to get a little sleep.

5.) Yard work- See above. Also factor in it’s pretty routinely 110-115 degree here now. Planning Fail, big time.

New Goals? (sorta)

1.) Eat better- nutrition

2.) Water.

3.) Gym- 3 hours this week. It. Will. Happen.

4.) Sleep 7-8 hours per night!

5.) Get caught up around the house.

Have a great week everyone!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 6)

  1. You got this! Sometimes when I have trouble hitting my goals, I find that it’s because, as much as I want to hit them mentally, I didn’t plan to hit them. Jess had great advice this week about MAKING sure you have a committed and realistic game plan, so that you KNOW you’ll get to your goals. You’ve got this– good luck this week! 🙂


    • Thanks Carolyn, I need the encouragement this week! Why is life so crazy? haha. I need to work on planning out the evening meal, breakfast and lunch are easy- evening? Not so much!

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