Remember That Time We Finally Went to The MIM?

T and I have been living in our current home for approximately 6 months. Prior to that he’s lived in AZ for 13 years, and I’ve lived here.. oh.. my entire life.

Approximately 3 years ago the Musical Instrument Museum opened. T and I drive by it practically everyday, and yet we have never been. The “MIM” is where Phoenix’s “high society” hang out.. probably why we haven’t been.

Saturday night was T’s quarterly awards dinner**- and it was held there so we got to check it out. My favorite exhibit was Toby Keith. I ❤ him.


I always see interviews talking about how massive he is. I was surprised to see the jumpsuit- it actually looked like it would fit, and maybe be small on T. I read online TK is 6′ 3″, I guess he just has a larger than life personality? 6′ 3″ is tall, but not a giant by my standards.


This band organ/ thing was pretty cool. It was massive- as you can see- and it used to be in dance halls. It has all the instruments incorporated into it and weighs over 2 tons.

I always have to laugh a little when I see an accordion. My Grandma used to play one and my Grandpa loves to talk about how she stole his heart by playing it. I don’t think accordions steal many hearts these days.


T pointed out that this totally looks like it is out of Shrek.

Another highlight was the room they had full of instruments that patrons could actually play with. We had that wing to ourselves. Needless to say a group of slightly tipsy adults + Caracas, xylophones, gongs, ect = a good time.


T on the harp. Note the awesome 90’s earphones around his neck. Also note the girl standing behind him looking at him like he’s nuts. Believe it or not this is him after one beer- he’s just a goof.


I obviously couldn’t be out done..

I loved the GONG/Gong stand. It was so ornate and beautiful. There was a random girl (someones date) who was way intoxicated wandering around telling people she “loved the DONG and had they seen the huge BONG?”. Fun times haha

**Award’s night is also know as our quarterly date. T and I never go on formal dates, so I threaten him and his team into doing well at work- because you better believe I’m not going to miss my 4-time a year date thanks to their under preforming butts. Kidding. Kind of. The place they work at springs for some AWESOME awards nights. Think go karts, FANCY ($200/ plate) dinners, random buffalo farms 90 minutes away with chartered buses to get there.. all kinds of cool stuff.


4 thoughts on “Remember That Time We Finally Went to The MIM?

  1. I LOVE TK!! And I think he’s semi-large haha people always look bigger on TV. Which really makes me wonder just how teeny weeny Carrie Underwood actually is haha I’ve only seen her in concert from afar! That looks like a cool museum and it looks like you had a fun weekend!

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