Wine Night Thursday

This post isn’t timely at all.. I gotta get with it!

Thursday night I had a friend over for wine night. I LOVE entertaining, but never have time to get things prepped the way I’d like them. Sooo we had fruit dip I whipped up and hummus and pita chips. At least my presentation was there?


I am also pretending that this is healthy- wheat pita chips and hummus. Right? Ha!

The dip was coconut based, and definitely sugary and delicious. So much for my weekly link up goal of making something healthy. We win some and we lose some I guess.

J came over and pretty much the first words out his mouth were ” I was going to do my hair, then I remembered you weren’t a guy I’m trying to impress”. Which was fine, I told him I was going to put on make up, but then I decided I didn’t care. Mutual understandings at their best. 🙂

Then things got weird.


We decided we needed wine STAT. I was struggling, so J took over as I sat on the counter and watched. We were joking around, talking and such and I looked out the open window behind him (above the lampshade). I looked up and my 45ish year old neighbor was standing on his kids trampoline in the back yard- AND WE MADE EYE CONTACT!

He was out with his kids thankfully, so at least he’s not a total creeper, but it was so awkward! I told J and he turned around and looked too, and the neighbor totally saw. At that point we were cracking up.. I haven’t seen the neighbor yet, but the whole awkward/ridiculousness of the situation was just weird.

I LOVE my house, but I really do wish it was on a larger lot.

Anyone else have any weird Thursday night stories for me?


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