Weekly Goals Link Up (Week Five)

Operation Skinny Jeans

Recap time, shall we?:

1.) Eat Better- Well.. this flu is still kicking my butt. I can eat about 1/3 of any given any thing before I’m stuffed. I’ve been trying to make smart choices, but for the most part I have kind of been going with whatever doesn’t sound disgusting. (Think soup)

2.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water- I did well throughout the first part of the week.. This one I hard at work. I share a bathroom with about 15 people. ONE bathroom. Most of them are men. Truck drivers and mechanics. Love them all but that bathroom is NASTY. I really don’t like being in their every 20 minutes. I’m not sure how to get around this one..

3.) Make Up the Time I “owe”- Did well with this one. Not completely caught up, but I did get to the gym this week!

4.) Find a Fun AND Healthy Recipe for Thursday Night’s Get Together- Umm It could have been better, could have been worse. I found a fruit dip on pinterest that called for coconut, cream cheese, and cool whip. I got reduced fat cream cheese, and light cool whip and ate it pretty sparingly. The dip sounds kind of terrible, but it was actually good. The fiance doesn’t like coconut and even liked it!

5.) Sleep! Did okay with this one.. lots and lots of bizarre dreams though. Sometimes I dream about stuff and it happens.. kinda hope that’s not the case with these.

New goals!! (hint-boring- you’ve seen most of them)

1.) Eat Better- I want to watch calories, but I REALLY  gotta start getting better Nutrition.

2.) Water- Guess it’s time to suck it up and get used to the nasty bathroom. I used to try to clean it up, but it literally looks like I did nothing 2 minutes later. BUT kidney disease runs in my family, and I’m not gonna let a nasty bathroom contribute to misery later in life.

3.) Gym- I want to get “caught up” on the time I owe from the past several weeks. The 20 mins 3x week is NOT a lofty goal by any means.

4.) READ- I bought three new books for our staycation that wasn’t and I need to make time to actually enjoy them now!

5.) Yard Work- We got the front yard looking nice this weekend. Now I want to get the back looking good too. I want to have a birthday part for the princess pup. I warned you I was nuts about her. (And I want an excuse for a get together!)

IMG_20130206_191413_934 (2)

See she’s a color runner, she deserves a party (..for putting up with me)

IMG_20121202_123200_821 (2)

Who could say no to this face?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals Link Up (Week Five)

  1. I TOTALLY hear you on the bathroom issue. We have only ONE bathroom for probably 20 people on our side of the office, and it’s annoying to have to get up and go every half hour. But if you get a fun cute cup (mine is just orange and has a straw and was $3), it makes it easy to keep drinking. Also, get a cup with and easy amount to calculate (mine is 24oz) and I just know I need to drink AT LEAST 4 full cups a day. No problem!

    • Thanks for the cup idea- I have to go to target tonight so I will def check some out while I’m there! Also- I’m glad I’m not the only one with bathroom woes haha!

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