Pretty Strong Medicine
This is my first time participating in this..
If this won’t provide accountability I don’t know what will.
Week 1-
If I put it sideways maybe no one can read it?
This number is about 2 pounds higher than what I have been seeing for the past couple weeks. I attribute that to three things- Going out to eat last night (stayed in calories, but I’m sure there was extra sodium), starting running again (I always see plus a couple pounds when I start again.. weird, and lastly the ever so lovely PMS.
But in good news (as I mentioned) I started running again. I have ran about 13 miles in the past two days.
Pretty much all the running I talk about is inside the air conditioned gym on a dreadmill. I haven’t really mastered outside running(mainly due to lack of practice I think) and its been approximately 115 degrees here during the day so I am not really looking to take that on any time soon. My mile times have actually been pretty fast considering I was always the last one in after running my middle school miles. Right now I am running about a 9:55 mile. Not fast, but I am totally okay with it. Now is just about getting it done, preferably without dying in the process :).
This was thoroughly scary, but now I think I officially have a starting point!
How did everyone else do last week?

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Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 8) + What Was THAT?

Operation Skinny Jeans

Quick recap shall we?

1.) Eat better- nutrition.. Fail 😦

2.) Water- Success! Finally! Who knew something so simple could be so difficult?

3.) Gym. Let’s not talk about it…

4.) Start waking up earlier- noticing that strange phenomenon again.. easy to wake up on the weekends, but not during the week.. Also I am so, so, so SAD that the days will be getting shorter from here on out 😦 LOVE long summer nights.

5.)Make a more substantial dinner for wine night- J brought dinner..

Newish goals:

1.) Eat better- started using daily plate, I plan to use it and track EVERYTHING on my phone. Good or bad.

2.) Water- Keep it up!

3.) Gym. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!

4.)Start waking up earlier- this one ties in with 3..

5.) Weekly weigh ins + post scale pics online. NOTHING will keep me accountable if this doesn’t..

As far as the what was that half of my blog post?


There was a huge link up over at Holly’s blog and I decided that I better read Every.Single.Post of.. terrible plan. Now I am so incredibly overwhelmed with wedding stuff. I completely ruined my own weekend.

Though I did decide what kind of flowers I want and decided that a receiving line is a great way to make sure you get to talk to/thank each guest for coming.

T and I had a couple venues we were thinking about so I decided I would google them and try to come up with a game plan. I got to our favorite only to discover that they have been served with a cease and desist letter. Wonderful. I mean it’s good we found out before we got too into it, but dang. That was one of the few thing T really wanted and I thought we actually had decided.

On top that (this is going to sound so spoiled princess) I thought that my parents would be able to help out. Things have changed and we are definitely on our own now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to cause any financial strain or anything, it’s just disappointing to have to go from “average” to “budget”. haha. We will make it work, just one of those things. Lucky for me I have some awesome, creative friends who have offered to help out with decorations and stuff like that.

On a more positive note, we got to go see our niece get baptized yesterday so that was awesome. I am a terrible blogger, no pics. Sorry.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

TGIF + The Birthday Dog + Pool Problems


The Birthday Dog.

Thank God it is Friday, I am so over this week.

Nothing drastically bad has happened, it’s just been one of those weeks where absolutely nothing goes according to plan. When T and I were house hunting we agreed no pool. Mainly because they require a lot of care and they are expensive. Of course the house we fell in love with had one, so next thing we know we are now responsible for a pool. We bought our house in November, so we took care of the pool all winter long and now its finally warm enough for us to enjoy it.. so what happens? The pump quits working and the pool quickly turns an awesome shade of green. Wonderful. I really wanted to swim so I asked dragged T to go over to my parents so we could swim there. We get there and their pool is looking less than stellar as well.

This all happened last week, but after two days of going into work late it’s finally fixed, and I am SO READY to go swim this weekend. So this morning I took the dog out to potty and I see our yard is flooded. I look at the pool and the water is down a good 5-6 inches and the auto fill is on. I go look at the “newly fixed” pool equipment and it’s wet over there too, so I flip it on and water starts POURING out of the freshly re-plumbed area near the pump. Arg, our water bill is going to be insane this month!

About 30 seconds after this happens I get a call from my Dad saying that his pool now officially looks like a swamp.

So I call our pool guy and he is stumped why T and I’s pool equipment worked for 2 nights then seemingly exploded.. He told me he was super busy and going to be out of town this weekend for a wedding so it would have to wait until Monday. He did say he was on his way over to my parents though, and he would let me know what was up once he knew. I got a call from him about 45 minutes later saying that there was a decaying prairie dog like animal stuck in the skimmer. EWWWWW. I definitely stuck my feet in there last weekend. I keep telling myself that the animal wasn’t in there with me but it makes me want to gag..

Enough whining though, how was everyone else’ week? Any exciting weekend plans?

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((A Wild Saturday Night)) A Monster Of A Weekend Recap Post

As usual this post isn’t particularly timely, but I am posting anyway.

Last weekend was definitely the best I have had in a LONG time.

Friday night T and I went and saw this is the end. We had some old gift cards to use up, so we went to dinner and a movie for way cheap. Always a win. This is the end isn’t the typical kind of movie I usually see, but I’ve been in a weird movie mood recently. First Identity Thief, and now this. Anyway, the movie was completely ridiculous, but entertaining. Hint- one of the most beautiful men in the world makes a surprise appearance in it, so that def helped. After the movie we decided to go to the grill for a bit, and hung out with a bunch of friends we don’t get to see much of these days.

Saturday morning T and I got up with the intention of cleaning the house.. We didn’t. We relaxed together, and then ended up going to get shoes for T, Father’s Day cards and sushi in Glendale.

Next up- I met D for coffee. I got a new phone a couple weeks back. EVERYONE and their mother (literally) told me I needed to ditch the Iphone and get the new Galaxy. I hated it. But I did keep it for a week and tried to give it a chance.. While I had it for the week I went on a crazy amazon phone case+accessory buying binge. Lucky for D we have similar taste and she has the galaxy. Most of the cases I bought were cheapies and not even worth paying the return shipping so D gets lots of unexpected sparkly things. haha.

Anyway, I met up with her and we had coffee and talked for 2-3 hours. While we were talking we both mentioned we needed pedicures, bad. We decided to walk over to the place that was next door and they had two chairs next to each other and the prices were decent so we went for it.


The woman who did D’s toes was hilarious. She started to put the color on D’s toes that D picked- but then announced it was too light. So she got up and got a similar, but darker color, tried it and then did the same. So she gets up again and gets a third color, this one is “too dry”. 4th try- she finally picks up the bottle D wanted to begin with- walks half way across the salon- turns around, puts it back and picks up the one seen above. Can’t win them all I guess. lol

I am also still trying to decide if 24 is too old for hot pink?

After we got our toes done we went back to the coffee place and got another coffee and hung out for another 2 hours. D is one of my best friends, but our schedules never seem to line up. It was soo awesome getting to catch up with her. 🙂 I miss being in high school with her and getting to talk everyday.

T and I had plans to go see The Great Gatsby later that evening, so he came and retrieved me around 7. This was going to be “free” again- love those gift certificates. The place were going is actually really cool- it’s dinner theatre. (Still pretty new to PHX). T and I got there 30 minutes before the movie was to start, and they didn’t have any seats together. womp womp.

The Biltmore is across the street so we decided to grab dinner over there and then walk around the shops for a bit. I always forget how beautiful that place is, love it.

After that was when things got really CRAZY...

For father’s day my dad asked me to bake for him so I went over to my parents house and premade the cookie dough for the next day. While I was over there my mom kept telling me about this new “basket” thing she had gotten to help her bring her groceries in.

I saw it and it really only had one use in my mind.. behold:


Sad Border Collie. Smushed Pom.


Irritated Border Collie. Cute Pom.


Nervous Border Collie & Pom. Entertained Pyrenees.


Lily being sweet, Lori being a bia, and Mo trying to bail.


Moose Really can’t believe I’m doing this to him.


Mo bailed, defeated Lori.


Playtime with sister and her baby, Lori decided the world is okay after all.

Sorry animals, I do really love you… hahaha

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Weekly Goals Link up (Week 7)

Operation Skinny Jeans

Wow, I can’t believe this has been an on going thing for seven weeks already- crazy!

Recap shall we?

Not trying to make excuses for myself, but I can safely say last week was the week from hell. There were more 14 hour days and miles in the car than I’d care to think about.

1.) Eat better- nutrition.. It’s a work in progress…

2.) Water- See above.

3.) Gym- I got in a 5.5 mile run.. I did it in 61 minutes and was pretty proud of that since I haven’t been keeping up with my running. (I also updated my race page!)

4.) Sleep! Did well on one.. I pretty much went into a coma every night as soon as I got home.

5.) Get caught up around the house- Let’s just say I almost wore out my vacuum this weekend. There shall no longer be forecasts of dog hair tornadoes in my living room! Woohoo!

and now for some (semi) new ones:

1.) Eat better- nutrition

2.) Water.

3.) Gym- 3 hours this week. It. Will. Happen.

4.) Start waking up earlier this week. I have been experiences a strange phenomenon- I wake up early on weekends and sleep too late during the week. Turns out maybe you have to actually WANT to wake up to get up.. hmm

5.) Make a fun, substantial appetizer for wine night. Last time J + light apps did not  end well….

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Dear 21 Year Old Jen…


I’m linking up today and writing a letter to 21 year old me.. I love this idea. 21 was a rough year, but a year I learned so much.

Dear Jen,

This is going to be quite the year. There are some great times, some not so great times, and some life changing moments this year. Hang on.

You’re walking a fine line sister. Now would be a great time to really start getting healthy and quit making excuses. How about you go ahead and do that, k? Consistently..


Colorado, Dad and I on a trail ride

Spend every moment you can with Grandma. She means more than you can ever tell her, and you don’t have much time left.

IMG957111 (2)

Cell phone camera photo of a photo. Don’t even try to tell me you don’t love the 90’s glamour shot.

Also don’t mind the awkward look on my face. The photographer had just told me my teeth were big, and not to show them.. After my Grandma passed away I was cleaning out drawers and found an old love letter my Grandpa had written her. He wrote that he loved all of her, even her teeth. I asked my Dad about it and he told me she was self conscious of them. I never had a clue.


Don’t mind my gigantic, un-made up, pasty, sleepy self. This was one of our last photos together, and I love how happy she looks.

So you have a summer birthday, so you’ve always been  the baby of the grade. But this is senior year, and there will be a point when you’re so tired and stressed from business school that all you want to do is drop out.

Obviously don’t do that, you’ve worked way too hard for that crap. BUT you get a crazy idea that you’re going to take on a minor. Everyone else may think you’re nuts, but do it anyway! You meet some amazing people, and finally get to take all those “fun” classes you’ve always had your eye on. You meet some characters, and get exposed to stuff you have never thought much about but you’ll love it.


Again excuse the unmade up-ness going on in this photo. I had just picked up my puppy from the airport at 12am. She had also had an accident in her cage, so this was post bath/clothes change.

This is the year you decide you have had enough time to heal after you lost your puppy that you grew up with. You get the adorable little fur ball above, and name her Lily. Spend lots of time with her while she’s adorable, but more importantly SOCIALIZE her with other dogs and strangers so that she doesn’t grow into a BEAST

Quit being sooo shy! Talk to people! Get involved! You really don’t want to leave college without making some lasting friendships.

Trust. Your. Instincts.

You will meet two people that make your really uncomfortable, but the group you hang out with makes it so you are around them often. Trust your instincts. Don’t ignore your instincts and decide X is intriguing. He will tell you all kinds of lies, because he knows it’s what you want to hear. He will hurt you bad. In the worst way. Don’t ever believe someone is “misunderstood” and you can “save” them. That’s crap. And you’ll be an idiot and make terrible decisions, and lose friendships along the way. You’ll risk the most important thing in your life. Lucky for you it all works out, and you walk away stronger, and so do your remaining relationships. But DO learn how to let go, and be done with the toxicity.


Hang on. It’s rough now, but it all turns out amazing in the end. And look what a cutie your monster turns into! She loves nothing more than the pool, and you have many fun pool days ahead with her and the worthwhile people who you find out truly love you.

Insert Group photo of my 25+ closest friends and family members who came to my 22nd birthday (Photo on work computer, coming soon!)

Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 6)

First of all.. I am a BAD blogger. Things were extra crazy, and this was definitely first to go. Sad.

I also just realized that I started this blog as a diary of sorts, so I can really remember this crazy hectic time in my life years down the road. I love weight loss/fitness/healthy living blogs (hello motivation), but I also really wanted this to chronicle our engagement as well. Big fat fail there. Buut times are a changing. ..Tomorrow.. lol

So with out further ado:

Operation Skinny Jeans

Recap of last weeks goals:

1.) Eat Better- Same story, calories are decent- nutrition not so great..

2.) Water- Same story again, good early in the week, later not so much. Gotta step it up for real.

3.) Gym- Ran for an hour- Didn’t get “caught up”

4.) Read- hahahhahahahahhahah. funny. See 3- 14 hour days in a row + commuting and trying to get a little sleep.

5.) Yard work- See above. Also factor in it’s pretty routinely 110-115 degree here now. Planning Fail, big time.

New Goals? (sorta)

1.) Eat better- nutrition

2.) Water.

3.) Gym- 3 hours this week. It. Will. Happen.

4.) Sleep 7-8 hours per night!

5.) Get caught up around the house.

Have a great week everyone!