OOTD & Other Randomness

Happy Wednesday! I LOVE short weeks!

Today’s post is going to be a tad heavy on pictures..


Results of this weekend’s shopping trip (pre- evil flu)

These are my first ever “skinny jeans”. I have been petrified of trying this trend out on myself. I’m thinking black isn’t TOO bad.. I could certainly be wrong though. The one bonus that did come out of the flu was an 8lb loss… I know a lot of it was probably water weight- but you better believe I will be trying my darnedest to keep it off!

Also please excuse the headless picture & dirty, un-hung mirror. I have been nagging asking the fiance to hang it every weekend for the last two months…


A closer look at the purse-

I am normally NOT a green fan at all..but I loved the size and style of this one. I have to carry around lots of papers/info for job #2 so the size is pretty perfect. When I bought it I was with a friend who is also not a fan of green- and she liked it too. So I took all that info + the fact it was $25 (and doesn’t look it) + it wasn’t available in any other color as a sign from the Gods that I needed it.


My favorite perk of job #1- I get to bring the pups…

Like my desk? I’m a real executive 😛

That’s all for today folks, happy half way though the week!!


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