Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 4)

Operation Skinny Jeans
Time for quick recap shall we?
1.) Eat Better- Calorie wise I’m doing pretty good- still not eating as much whole non processed food as I should be though
2.) Continue Tracking- Did well on this one.
3.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water- I did okay with this until the weekend..
4.) Walk At Least 20 Minutes 3x This Week- I didn’t walk- but I ran! First run I’ve done in waaay too long. I still have time to “make up” from the last couple weeks I haven’t completed though.
5.) Not Blow it Over the Weekend- Well thanks to a lovely bout of the stomach flu this one went well..
And then on to this weeks goals!
1.) Eat Better- gotta work on the nutrition side of things!
2.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water- This one needs work..
3.) Make up the time I “owe” for the previous three weeks, and get in at least three 20 minute sessions this week.
4.) Find and make a fun AND healthy recipe for Thursday night’s get together
5.) Sleep! This week is going to be a stressful one, and I wanna kick this bug and not let it get any worse!

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