The Best Laid Plans….

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!


Thank you to everyone and their families who have served to protect this amazing country of ours.

This was one heck of a weekend to say the least. My parents, the fiance, and I were all supposed to go to our cabin up north. Sadly thanks to one of my other family members deciding last minute that they were going to go out of town we didn’t get to go. (Grandpa hates the cabin and was going to stay with said family member).  Good thing it’s almost summer time though, I can’t wait to start spending time up there!

The fiance knew I was really looking forward to escaping work and surprised me with a staycation since we couldn’t leave town!! This isn’t his typical style and I was so surprised and excited!!

We checked into the hotel Friday night, and then went out and grabbed some dinner. By the time we got back to the room it was pretty late so we hung out and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we were up by 7:30ish so we headed down to the big pool and hung out there. I’m a bad blogger and didn’t take pics, but their main pool is pretty awesome. Picture a huge pool- complete with grotto, water features, beach and slide. Around noon we decided to head to the “adult” pool and get some drinks


This should have been my first clue.. 2 drinks and I already felt the need to be chugging water

So we had 2 drinks each and then decided that we wanted to go grab lunch and hit up the Memorial day sales so that I could get myself a new laptop for work.

We went and ran the errands and then T indulged me and went to a new store I was super excited to go check out (Styles for less- thanks Nicole)!

While we were out we decided to catch a movie  (Epic, pretty cute!) and then we headed back to the hotel to go explore some of the other pools. There was this one that I had been to years before that I wanted to show T, but I couldn’t recall exactly where it was. The resort we were at is this huge, sprawling, massive place on the side of a mountain. Let’s just say I have a terrible memory and sense of direction and we definitely got our daily exercise in by the time we found the pool! haha

Again- I’m a bad blogger- sorry no pictures! But the pool is on top of the mountain and over looks the entire Moon Valley area- it’s so pretty up there!

After the pool we went back to the room, hung out, and decided we wanted to order room service. I ordered the chicken sandwich with salad and T ordered the pastrami and fries. Our original plan was to split them, but I ate the salad and half my sandwich and only had a bite or two of the pastrami.  it was pretty late so we went to bed shortly after.

Sunday– OMG. I woke up feeling so sick that I forced myself back to sleep. Then I woke up again a little bit later and heard T in the bathroom.. force self back to sleep.. then 30 or so minutes later I roll over and at the same time T and I both were like “nooo this isn’t happening!!!”

We spent all of Sunday in the room miserable and thanks to a faulty thermometer ended up taking T to urgent care. The doctor at urgent care advised us to go to the ER, because he was worried about pain T was having in the lower left side of his abdomen.

Luckily the ER doctor said that he just thought it was the stomach flu that was going around. Buuut we did get to hang out in the ER until 3 AM, fun fun! haha!

Today was definitely a low key day! How was everyone else’s Memorial day weekend? Did you do anything exciting?


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