Weekly Goals Link Up (Week Three)

Operation Skinny Jeans
Soo.. quick (painful) recap shall we?
1.) Eat Better- Again calories were pretty decent, but not particularly nutritious..
2.) Continue tracking- Good during the week, weekend? Not so much.. I did write everything down, but not “real time” so I don’t think it was all that effective.
3.) Continue drinking lots of water- FAIL. Did well MAYBE 3/7 days.
4.) Walk at least 20 minutes 3x this week- FAIL, FAIL- Didn’t even think about it. It was a hectic week, and it just didn’t happen. But if it’s important to you you’ll make it happen, right? I will be making up the time I have missed and doing this weeks. (5- 20 min sessions, plus this weeks 3- 20 minutes sessions in case anyone is keeping track). This is getting embarrassing.. so even though it’s going to make some long gym sessions I WILL DO IT!
5.) Not blow it over the weekend- As I mentioned I didn’t track “real time” but I didn’t completely blow it like last weekend. Definitely could have been better though. Small steps, anyone?
And some (sorta) fresh goals?
1.) Eat better- Nutrition shouldn’t be this hard! I will do it this week though.
2.) Continue tracking- Hopefully this will be the last time y’all will have to be bored with this one. 21 days for a habit, right??
3.) Continue drinking lots of water- This one needs work sadly. It’s getting hot though, so hopefully that will help.
4.) Walk at least 20 minutes 3x this week- This one has to stay as well. It’s been a total fail- but not this week!
5.) Not blow it over the weekend- I think this one should stay too.. summer is hard..
Do you all have more trouble staying on track over the summer or winter? They are both hard for me! Summer is always so social, but I crave comfort food alllll winter long.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Goals Link Up (Week Three)

  1. Great goals for the week! I feel ya on the drinking water thing. Hopefully now that it’s warming up, that will make it easier to get all the water in! For walking, do you have any errands or places that you can walk to instead of driving? I live in a city, so sometimes I’ll skip public transit and just walk in between locations. It’s definitely an easy way to force yourself to walk more!

    • Thanks, Carolyn! That’s an excellent idea, but unfortunately Phoenix isn’t particularly “walk-able”. I just had nice taste of this over the weekend actually- I had a rental car from Friday afternoon though today and I put 250 miles on it!! eek. I just gotta get my butt out the door after work and walk my dog… she will appreciate your encouragement! 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. I think I will join you in your goal to not blow it over the weekend. Weekends are so hard! As you say, so is summer! Everytime I turn around someone wants to go get ice cream. We can do this! 🙂

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