Let Me Introduce You To My Children {Crazy dog woman post ahead }

Did I mention my children have fur? ‘Cause they do… ResizedImage951368464751532-1                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lorelei…In her typical pose

I have had Lori for almost three years now. (Wow, I can’t believe that..) She is literally the smartest dog in the world. I read an article awhile back that said border collies know as many words as a nine year old child… she’s gotta be smarter than that though.

I got her when she was 7.5 weeks old, and the guy I got her from told me she was already housebroken. I pretty much brushed it off and mentally labeled him a salesman. Crazy thing was he wasn’t lying! She was already trained!

This is the dog that you can show/teach a trick to once, then ask her to do it again 2 months later and she still knows it. She’s my baby, I am waaay too attached to this dog. At least I know it?


Lori thinks she’s a human…                          Except when she’s looking like a stoned bush dog

Next up is Lily.. “The Beast”


(Bonus! Grandpa too :))

Lily is 4 years old.. and still behaves like a puppy. She’s a Great Pyrenees, but my mom decided to shave her so she kind of looks like a gigantic white lab. She’s the sweetest, most protective dog ever.

She weighs more than a lot people I know (~120).. When I say she’s protective I really mean she likes barking. A lot.

She currently lives with my parents, because they have a huge lot and only two neighbors.   I tried to bring her with me when I moved out of my parents house, but she was not digging the new place (high density- on top of your neighbor- style living arrangement).


They love each other. Yes, that is the fiance, minus a head. I was taking a picture of the dogs. Duh. (And I just got a new phone so pictures are a bit limited since I’m not on my desktop at the moment)

Next up: Toby


I have had Toby since I was 12 years old. When he was younger he was refereed to as “devil cat”. He has mellowed a lot and is the best cat ever now. My Grandpa took him in as a stray when he came into his car lot and then gave him to me when I fell in love with him. He acts like a dog now.. which may be why I like him so much.

Next: Tennison


Tennison is the cat that was meant to be a dog. No, I don’t mean he acts like a dog.. I mean I went to go look at a dog and came home with a cat.

2006: I was a senior in high school and little “toy” dogs were so in. I wanted one. (I’m embarrassed to admit that, by the way).

Anyway, I decided that I wanted a Papillon and saw one in the newspaper for a decent price so had the guy hold it and drove out to BFE to go meet it. The dog that I went to go see was already nine months old (older than I wanted), wanted nothing to do with me or anyone else, and walked over to the owners couch and peed on it while we were standing around talking.

Needless to say I felt the need to politely decline the dog. I actually really did feel bad because a bunch of people answered the newspaper ad and he held the dog for 5 days so I could make my way out to meet it. As the boyfriend (now fiance) and I were trying to figure out how to get out of there the owner mentioned that his cat had just had kittens and he needed to find them homes as well. And so Tenny came to be.

tennison 2

Who could say no to this adorable little face?

Bonus, Bonus: Moose

Remember how I said I wanted a Papillon, but left the (newspaper) guy’s house without the dog. After that I decided that the next best thing would be a Pomeranian.

Enter Moose


Teenage Mo- He loves floating on rafts in the pool. Spoiled.   Current day Mo- Trying to pretend he’s angelic.

Moose is another strange case. I got him before I went to college and time didn’t spend the time I should have with him. My mom adopted him, and he’s pretty much her dog now. Except when I come home to visit. (I secretly love that). He’s also one of the smartest little jerks around. He manipulates people (my mom) and its equal parts infuriating and hilarious.

Recently he got into a fight with Lily-it was bad enough that my mom was concerned enough to take him to the vet the same day. I came home not knowing anything about the fight and he was fine. We played for a good 5 minutes. My mom walked in and he started limping/walking on three legs…

Annnd now all three people who read this officially know I’m THE crazy dog woman… 🙂


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