Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 2)

Operation Skinny Jeans
Sooo… I’m going to start with a quick recap of the progress I made with last weeks goals.
1.) Eat Better
Half credit anyone? I really did pretty well during the week (calorie wise at least, not really nutrition wise)… then weekend care and it all went out the window. I realized when I’m with the boy I am not accountable at all. We have talked about getting healthy together and agreed now is the time, now we just have to DO it.
2.) Continue “Tracking”
Success! Even the terrible weekend..
3.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water
This one was about 75%.. There were 1-2 days I didn’t drink enough.
4.) Walk At Least 20 Minutes 3x This Week
Fail.. I walked 30 minutes one day. Then Friday I started to walk but ran into the boy coming home from work as I was leaving the neighborhood. His car was literally SIZZLING, so I decided to go help him deal with that instead of walk… Planned on walking over the week. Did I mention this weekend was a TOTAL FAIL?!
5.) Get All My Errands Done-
This one was good- I went out after work Monday and Tuesday and had everything done early in the week.
Lets move on, shall we? You will see some repeats. I plan on keeping them on the list until I have done them successfully as many times as I deem necessary.
1.) Eat Better–
and don’t totally blow it come weekend. I plan to work on the nutrition more this week, not just watching calories.
2.) Continue “Tracking”–
I’m keeping this one– I don’t feel like it’s a habit yet. Expect to likely see it next week too.. 21 days for a habit people.
3.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water–
See above^^

4.) Walk At Least 20 Minutes 3x This Week–

Keeping this one too. It is most definitely not a habit yet. I intend to make up the time I “owe” for last week too.
Yes, this one is incorporated into some of the others, but I feel like it needs to be on its own too. Last weekend was TERRIBLE!
What are some of your goals? Do you lose it over the weekend too?
Have a great week everyone!

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