Monday Mornings Are A Great Time To Set Goals..

So I thought I’d try this link up. Now we’ll see if I can actually use the button correctly, haha.

I’ve seen this for several weeks running on Crafty Healthy Mommy’s page, and I really like the idea behind it. I think making my goals “public” will make me more accountable to them.

Operation Skinny Jeans
1.) Eat Better- I really want to try to eat more often and smaller quantities. Often times I’m so busy during the day that I don’t eat- then get home and shove as much food in my face as quickly as possible. Ew- I’ve gotta stop that. I also want to focus more on nutrition this week (i.e. less sugar and more fruits and veggies)
2.) Continue “tracking”- writing down really does help keep me accountable.
3.) Continue drinking lots of water. I just got back from vacation, and I quickly learned while I was gone that I really needed to drink a lot of water or I would get terrible headaches. So now I want to keep up with the lots of water habit I had going.
4.) Walk at least 20 minutes 3x this week. Not a hard one, and definitely something I can do physically.. I am the queen of “oversleeping” and missing the gym. I really need to get more activity in my days, and I think starting small will at least help me in the habit of doing more after work- instead of just collapsing on the couch.
5.) Get all my errands done. I have so many little random things to get done that never seem to actually get done. THIS IS THE WEEK!! haha
Wish me luck!



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