OOTD & Other Randomness

Happy Wednesday! I LOVE short weeks!

Today’s post is going to be a tad heavy on pictures..


Results of this weekend’s shopping trip (pre- evil flu)

These are my first ever “skinny jeans”. I have been petrified of trying this trend out on myself. I’m thinking black isn’t TOO bad.. I could certainly be wrong though. The one bonus that did come out of the flu was an 8lb loss… I know a lot of it was probably water weight- but you better believe I will be trying my darnedest to keep it off!

Also please excuse the headless picture & dirty, un-hung mirror. I have been nagging asking the fiance to hang it every weekend for the last two months…


A closer look at the purse-

I am normally NOT a green fan at all..but I loved the size and style of this one. I have to carry around lots of papers/info for job #2 so the size is pretty perfect. When I bought it I was with a friend who is also not a fan of green- and she liked it too. So I took all that info + the fact it was $25 (and doesn’t look it) + it wasn’t available in any other color as a sign from the Gods that I needed it.


My favorite perk of job #1- I get to bring the pups…

Like my desk? I’m a real executive 😛

That’s all for today folks, happy half way though the week!!


Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 4)

Operation Skinny Jeans
Time for quick recap shall we?
1.) Eat Better- Calorie wise I’m doing pretty good- still not eating as much whole non processed food as I should be though
2.) Continue Tracking- Did well on this one.
3.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water- I did okay with this until the weekend..
4.) Walk At Least 20 Minutes 3x This Week- I didn’t walk- but I ran! First run I’ve done in waaay too long. I still have time to “make up” from the last couple weeks I haven’t completed though.
5.) Not Blow it Over the Weekend- Well thanks to a lovely bout of the stomach flu this one went well..
And then on to this weeks goals!
1.) Eat Better- gotta work on the nutrition side of things!
2.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water- This one needs work..
3.) Make up the time I “owe” for the previous three weeks, and get in at least three 20 minute sessions this week.
4.) Find and make a fun AND healthy recipe for Thursday night’s get together
5.) Sleep! This week is going to be a stressful one, and I wanna kick this bug and not let it get any worse!

The Best Laid Plans….

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!


Thank you to everyone and their families who have served to protect this amazing country of ours.

This was one heck of a weekend to say the least. My parents, the fiance, and I were all supposed to go to our cabin up north. Sadly thanks to one of my other family members deciding last minute that they were going to go out of town we didn’t get to go. (Grandpa hates the cabin and was going to stay with said family member).  Good thing it’s almost summer time though, I can’t wait to start spending time up there!

The fiance knew I was really looking forward to escaping work and surprised me with a staycation since we couldn’t leave town!! This isn’t his typical style and I was so surprised and excited!!

We checked into the hotel Friday night, and then went out and grabbed some dinner. By the time we got back to the room it was pretty late so we hung out and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we were up by 7:30ish so we headed down to the big pool and hung out there. I’m a bad blogger and didn’t take pics, but their main pool is pretty awesome. Picture a huge pool- complete with grotto, water features, beach and slide. Around noon we decided to head to the “adult” pool and get some drinks


This should have been my first clue.. 2 drinks and I already felt the need to be chugging water

So we had 2 drinks each and then decided that we wanted to go grab lunch and hit up the Memorial day sales so that I could get myself a new laptop for work.

We went and ran the errands and then T indulged me and went to a new store I was super excited to go check out (Styles for less- thanks Nicole)!

While we were out we decided to catch a movie  (Epic, pretty cute!) and then we headed back to the hotel to go explore some of the other pools. There was this one that I had been to years before that I wanted to show T, but I couldn’t recall exactly where it was. The resort we were at is this huge, sprawling, massive place on the side of a mountain. Let’s just say I have a terrible memory and sense of direction and we definitely got our daily exercise in by the time we found the pool! haha

Again- I’m a bad blogger- sorry no pictures! But the pool is on top of the mountain and over looks the entire Moon Valley area- it’s so pretty up there!

After the pool we went back to the room, hung out, and decided we wanted to order room service. I ordered the chicken sandwich with salad and T ordered the pastrami and fries. Our original plan was to split them, but I ate the salad and half my sandwich and only had a bite or two of the pastrami.  it was pretty late so we went to bed shortly after.

Sunday– OMG. I woke up feeling so sick that I forced myself back to sleep. Then I woke up again a little bit later and heard T in the bathroom.. force self back to sleep.. then 30 or so minutes later I roll over and at the same time T and I both were like “nooo this isn’t happening!!!”

We spent all of Sunday in the room miserable and thanks to a faulty thermometer ended up taking T to urgent care. The doctor at urgent care advised us to go to the ER, because he was worried about pain T was having in the lower left side of his abdomen.

Luckily the ER doctor said that he just thought it was the stomach flu that was going around. Buuut we did get to hang out in the ER until 3 AM, fun fun! haha!

Today was definitely a low key day! How was everyone else’s Memorial day weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Weekly Goals Link Up (Week Three)

Operation Skinny Jeans
Soo.. quick (painful) recap shall we?
1.) Eat Better- Again calories were pretty decent, but not particularly nutritious..
2.) Continue tracking- Good during the week, weekend? Not so much.. I did write everything down, but not “real time” so I don’t think it was all that effective.
3.) Continue drinking lots of water- FAIL. Did well MAYBE 3/7 days.
4.) Walk at least 20 minutes 3x this week- FAIL, FAIL- Didn’t even think about it. It was a hectic week, and it just didn’t happen. But if it’s important to you you’ll make it happen, right? I will be making up the time I have missed and doing this weeks. (5- 20 min sessions, plus this weeks 3- 20 minutes sessions in case anyone is keeping track). This is getting embarrassing.. so even though it’s going to make some long gym sessions I WILL DO IT!
5.) Not blow it over the weekend- As I mentioned I didn’t track “real time” but I didn’t completely blow it like last weekend. Definitely could have been better though. Small steps, anyone?
And some (sorta) fresh goals?
1.) Eat better- Nutrition shouldn’t be this hard! I will do it this week though.
2.) Continue tracking- Hopefully this will be the last time y’all will have to be bored with this one. 21 days for a habit, right??
3.) Continue drinking lots of water- This one needs work sadly. It’s getting hot though, so hopefully that will help.
4.) Walk at least 20 minutes 3x this week- This one has to stay as well. It’s been a total fail- but not this week!
5.) Not blow it over the weekend- I think this one should stay too.. summer is hard..
Do you all have more trouble staying on track over the summer or winter? They are both hard for me! Summer is always so social, but I crave comfort food alllll winter long.

Let Me Introduce You To My Children {Crazy dog woman post ahead }

Did I mention my children have fur? ‘Cause they do… ResizedImage951368464751532-1                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lorelei…In her typical pose

I have had Lori for almost three years now. (Wow, I can’t believe that..) She is literally the smartest dog in the world. I read an article awhile back that said border collies know as many words as a nine year old child… she’s gotta be smarter than that though.

I got her when she was 7.5 weeks old, and the guy I got her from told me she was already housebroken. I pretty much brushed it off and mentally labeled him a salesman. Crazy thing was he wasn’t lying! She was already trained!

This is the dog that you can show/teach a trick to once, then ask her to do it again 2 months later and she still knows it. She’s my baby, I am waaay too attached to this dog. At least I know it?


Lori thinks she’s a human…                          Except when she’s looking like a stoned bush dog

Next up is Lily.. “The Beast”


(Bonus! Grandpa too :))

Lily is 4 years old.. and still behaves like a puppy. She’s a Great Pyrenees, but my mom decided to shave her so she kind of looks like a gigantic white lab. She’s the sweetest, most protective dog ever.

She weighs more than a lot people I know (~120).. When I say she’s protective I really mean she likes barking. A lot.

She currently lives with my parents, because they have a huge lot and only two neighbors.   I tried to bring her with me when I moved out of my parents house, but she was not digging the new place (high density- on top of your neighbor- style living arrangement).


They love each other. Yes, that is the fiance, minus a head. I was taking a picture of the dogs. Duh. (And I just got a new phone so pictures are a bit limited since I’m not on my desktop at the moment)

Next up: Toby


I have had Toby since I was 12 years old. When he was younger he was refereed to as “devil cat”. He has mellowed a lot and is the best cat ever now. My Grandpa took him in as a stray when he came into his car lot and then gave him to me when I fell in love with him. He acts like a dog now.. which may be why I like him so much.

Next: Tennison


Tennison is the cat that was meant to be a dog. No, I don’t mean he acts like a dog.. I mean I went to go look at a dog and came home with a cat.

2006: I was a senior in high school and little “toy” dogs were so in. I wanted one. (I’m embarrassed to admit that, by the way).

Anyway, I decided that I wanted a Papillon and saw one in the newspaper for a decent price so had the guy hold it and drove out to BFE to go meet it. The dog that I went to go see was already nine months old (older than I wanted), wanted nothing to do with me or anyone else, and walked over to the owners couch and peed on it while we were standing around talking.

Needless to say I felt the need to politely decline the dog. I actually really did feel bad because a bunch of people answered the newspaper ad and he held the dog for 5 days so I could make my way out to meet it. As the boyfriend (now fiance) and I were trying to figure out how to get out of there the owner mentioned that his cat had just had kittens and he needed to find them homes as well. And so Tenny came to be.

tennison 2

Who could say no to this adorable little face?

Bonus, Bonus: Moose

Remember how I said I wanted a Papillon, but left the (newspaper) guy’s house without the dog. After that I decided that the next best thing would be a Pomeranian.

Enter Moose


Teenage Mo- He loves floating on rafts in the pool. Spoiled.   Current day Mo- Trying to pretend he’s angelic.

Moose is another strange case. I got him before I went to college and time didn’t spend the time I should have with him. My mom adopted him, and he’s pretty much her dog now. Except when I come home to visit. (I secretly love that). He’s also one of the smartest little jerks around. He manipulates people (my mom) and its equal parts infuriating and hilarious.

Recently he got into a fight with Lily-it was bad enough that my mom was concerned enough to take him to the vet the same day. I came home not knowing anything about the fight and he was fine. We played for a good 5 minutes. My mom walked in and he started limping/walking on three legs…

Annnd now all three people who read this officially know I’m THE crazy dog woman… 🙂

Weekly Goals Link Up (Week 2)

Operation Skinny Jeans
Sooo… I’m going to start with a quick recap of the progress I made with last weeks goals.
1.) Eat Better
Half credit anyone? I really did pretty well during the week (calorie wise at least, not really nutrition wise)… then weekend care and it all went out the window. I realized when I’m with the boy I am not accountable at all. We have talked about getting healthy together and agreed now is the time, now we just have to DO it.
2.) Continue “Tracking”
Success! Even the terrible weekend..
3.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water
This one was about 75%.. There were 1-2 days I didn’t drink enough.
4.) Walk At Least 20 Minutes 3x This Week
Fail.. I walked 30 minutes one day. Then Friday I started to walk but ran into the boy coming home from work as I was leaving the neighborhood. His car was literally SIZZLING, so I decided to go help him deal with that instead of walk… Planned on walking over the week. Did I mention this weekend was a TOTAL FAIL?!
5.) Get All My Errands Done-
This one was good- I went out after work Monday and Tuesday and had everything done early in the week.
Lets move on, shall we? You will see some repeats. I plan on keeping them on the list until I have done them successfully as many times as I deem necessary.
1.) Eat Better–
and don’t totally blow it come weekend. I plan to work on the nutrition more this week, not just watching calories.
2.) Continue “Tracking”–
I’m keeping this one– I don’t feel like it’s a habit yet. Expect to likely see it next week too.. 21 days for a habit people.
3.) Continue Drinking Lots of Water–
See above^^

4.) Walk At Least 20 Minutes 3x This Week–

Keeping this one too. It is most definitely not a habit yet. I intend to make up the time I “owe” for last week too.
Yes, this one is incorporated into some of the others, but I feel like it needs to be on its own too. Last weekend was TERRIBLE!
What are some of your goals? Do you lose it over the weekend too?
Have a great week everyone!

Back on track?

Sooo when I started this blog I started by writing an ‘about me’ page. It was harder than I thought it would be.  A lot harder. As you’ve probably figured this blog is primarily about getting healthy, and the truth hurts I guess. Ha! The fact that I try not to talk about myself definitely didn’t make things any easier either.

But with that being said- writing the ‘about me’ was beneficial because it really FORCED me to think about actual goals. Instead of the typical  “I want to get healthy and lose weight” I actually really thought about why I wanted to and how I was going to do it. Saying I want to be healthy is all well and good, but I need to get my arse in gear and actually STICK WITH IT! In the past I’ve had a lot of false starts. It’s easy to stick with something in the beginning.. but then I become flaky about it. Uhg. I can’t stand flakiness in others (and I even dislike the word- eww) so why in the world would I accept it from MYSELF!?

Life has changed a bit since I wrote my ‘about me’ page. I am still balancing a lot (and pretend planning a wedding, I should really start working on that….), but the 4 vacations I mentioned have become 3 vacations. I didn’t go into a lot of detail about them, but one of them was a girls trip to the Bahamas!

photo-2 (2)1

(Focus on the clear, pretty water- not the awkward stance or roots..)

Well..that trip was 2 weeks ago, and I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to. (SEE: False Starts). I was super insecure about the whole thing. I LOVE the islands, needed a vacation, and wanted to push myself outside my normal boundaries. BUT all the women I was going with are tiny, petite little things and I didn’t really know any of them all that well. Unfortunately, everyone but the person that planned the trip and I cancelled.. We still had fun, and had lots of relaxing time. But the major bonus was the big “breakthrough” I had.

The woman I went with is probably 5′ 3″ (7 inches shorter than me) and weights 110lbs on a “bad” day.  (Not ready to publicly discuss my weight- HA!) We were together 24/7 for the entire week and it was really interesting to see how she ate. She did eat, and not particularly well (ie junk, probably because we were on vacation), but she ate what I thought were tiny portions. I decided that I was going to eat the same way she did, and I wrote down every bite that went into my mouth. What I found was scary.. I was really eating 1700-1800 calories and I felt like I was hardly eating at all. WOAH- telling much?

photo (2)

To be in full disclosure there was a fair amount of rum involved most days- hello empty calories.

Also everything on that dang island is super expensive ($15 for a crappy burger, forget salads as even an option) so we went to the grocery store there on our second day and pretty much just ate in the room. We really bought a lot of processed garbage, but when we were buying it she was looking at it’s vitamin and mineral content. Me? I’m looking at calories- and I try to avoid overly processed stuff. It was interesting to me to see our different views, and how it was working for us. I still feel that as far as “health” goes whole foods are the way to go.. but it seems unfair she eats teddy grahams and ramen and gets to be skinny. Life’s unfair, I know. lol. I did feel pretty good when she was having trouble walking through the water and on the sand and I wasn’t having any trouble. (That sounds terrible, but I don’t mean it like that!)

Honestly I was/am mad at myself for not sticking with it and being able to feel at least moderately comfortable in a swim suit on vacation. Even though I’m upset with myself I know life’s a journey, and I feel like I’ve got the kick I needed to stick with it. Now I just need to keep up the will power– 3 other good things did come out of the trip as well.

1)While I was gone I got in the habit of drinking a ton of water, so I am trying to keep up with it.

2.) I managed to lose approx 2.5 lbs while on vacation, and that was weighing in right when I got home at the end of the day.

3.) An acquaintance became a friend 🙂

It’s dawned on me that the 1.5 year engagement is down to 14 months and haven’t made (hardly) ANY progress at all.

So with that being said I am off to take Lori on a walk 🙂

photo-1 (2)1

Can you tell who runs the animal kingdom here? Poor Lori..