In Other News… I’m offically an “auntie”!


This little girl was finally born! And she is fabulous. She is the sweetest, easiest baby so far. I can only hope to get so lucky some day.

She was a little over a week late, but her mama only pushed twice and she was born. I guess once she was ready to make her debut she was truly ready. I am still amazed though, I never hear about first babies coming so fast. She’s super healthy too, 9/10 on her Apgar scores 🙂

Happy Friday!


Time to Hit Refresh

So.. it’s half way though March. I think it’s time for a progress report as far as my running goals.

I wish I could say I was right on track- but that would be a lie. My dad is out of the hospital, but since the hospital stay I have hardly run at all. I have felt too mentally and emotionally drained, and it just hasn’t happened.

There is good news though- I decided I was just burned out on running (I ran A LOT last year), so I decided to restructure my goals a bit. New goal? 1500 miles before the wedding- This works out to be about the same structure as before- but mentally I feel so much better about it. I started doing way shorter (3-4 mile) runs, and restarted New Rules of Lifting for Women and so far so good. Like I mentioned earlier, I ran a lot last year and reallllly slacked off on lifting weights. I hear over and over that both are important, but now I finally get it. 🙂

I am so thankful that winter is finally over! I know in five minutes I will be whining about the heat, but I really just can’t handle the winter. I would be so royally screwed if I lived back East or in the Midwest. It would be SADD city for sure.. The warmer weather also has to do with my motivation to get back on the bandwagon I think. Produce is getting good again, it’s getting light earlier, and it dawned on me recently that I will be in the Caribbean in the not so distant future..

Happy Monday!